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The sun begins to show its strength again, and although you may greet it enthusiastically, there are moments when you want to hide from the light. In this case, you need a kind of shielding system. Do you know which one you should choose?

There are several different types of shading systems. In addition to their primary function, they satisfy additional demands placed on them, too. That is why it is necessary to choose the right system.


Horizontal Blinds

They are definitely the most common type of interior shielding. The slats are usually made of lightweight and highly durable aluminium. The material allows virtually unlimited adjustment of length according to the individual needs. These blinds are often installed between window panes and together with curtains, they provide complementary shielding. There is a wide range of colours to match the interior.


Vertical Blinds

You will definitely notice them in an interior. Their advantages are their versatility, their perfect capability to control the light and their noise reduction. They can be made of virtually all modern materials: cotton, polyester, fibreglass, PVC, and also the exclusive wooden fabric. Their advantage is the ability to shield even a very large area, which may be angled, rounded, or even inclined.


Slightly Different Blinds

The blinds are experiencing their renaissance nowadays. They require less maintenance than the traditional curtains, they easily tame the dangerous sun rays while protecting your privacy from unwanted eyes from the outside. The large surface of the blinds allows using of creative designs. There is an interesting combination of blinds and shutters; you can regulate the light transmittance by lifting or lowering them.


Attractive Pleating

The pleated fabric blinds with various level of light transmittance are a perfect, variable and mainly functional supplement in a flat, an office or even in a conservatory. The intensity of shading can be set by lowering or lifting the upper or lower profile. This creates shielding exactly on locations where you need it.


Sliding Panels

Modern interior is characterized by the use of light and by large glazed surfaces. To avoid large windows from losing their charm, complement them with a corresponding shading technique, such as the Japanese fabric walls made of curtain-type fabric, which transmits a large amount of light, while still providing enough privacy.


The Touch Of Nature

The wooden shutters are an elegant addition to a classical or a modern interior. The natural material allows matching with the furnishing as well as with the floor. The practical characteristics of wooden shutters are also advantageous: they are relatively highly moisture resistant and, thanks to the surface treatment, resistant to the UV radiation. The slats are made of soft wood of linden tree, bamboo or exotic ramin wood. The daylight passing through the wooden slats brings soft golden tones into the interior.


Indulge In Comfort

You can enjoy the advantages of interior shielding every day only if it is motorized and if it uses a remote control. It’s simple – just press a button and any type of interior shading will do what you want. Thanks to the motorization, you can control the natural light and the intensity of sunlight quickly and easily. Likewise, you can effectively protect your privacy. The motorization thus brings comfort and saves time which you can spend e.g. with your family.


Children And Shielding

You do not need to be afraid of using obvious children’s motives on the pleats – they look nice and fresh in children rooms and moreover, kids tend to love them. However, caution should be exercised when choosing several striking materials, so that the room did not look fussy (with a combination of multiple bold patterns and colours).

sliding panels



Each type of shielding technology has its own specifics – the use, shading, control etc. That is why you cannot get a universal guide for all types of shielding. It is recommended to follow the instructions for use and maintenance, which is provided by the manufacturer of each specific type.

In general, the textile systems are made of a fabric which can be washed by hand at 30 °C only, and the slat blinds, which can be cleaned mechanically by wiping with a damp cloth.


Lamps can do wonders with any room. You can use them as additional or main source of light in any corner of your house.

In the past, lamps were rather used as decorative elements, since they could not serve as the primary source of light, and they often stood in the darkest area of a room. It was relatively recently, when the floor lamps became adapted to the needs of their users, and now some of them can be used as the main source of light.

Other floor lamps can serve as a reading light or only for completing the interior. Various features of floor lamps give you the opportunity to use them in many ways, maybe only as way to balance the light level in your room, or as a source of light to your desk and PC.


A Reading Lamp With A Movable Arm

Natural light is the best light for reading, however you do not get much of it in wintertime. Ceiling chandeliers as well as table lamps are not suitable for reading, as they typically scatter light in all directions. For this activity, a floor lamp with an arm is the best, and you can freely move it all directions.

There are also lamps made of flexible materials, so you can bend them effortlessly to the desired height. However, they usually do just their practical function, and the aesthetic function is secondary.


A Lamp Instead Of  A Hanging Chandelier

Hanging chandeliers and other ceiling lights are particularly suitable in rooms with high ceilings. If the ceiling is low, a floor lamp with diffused light is more effective. However when choosing it, make sure that it is designed for a powerful light bulb, fluorescent or LEDs. If using a weak source (e.g. 60W or less), the room will be dark and gloomy.

Alternatively, you can use the combination of a floor lamp, decorative lamp and/or table lamp. The design of floor lamps should be stable and maybe heavier, because they do not need be moved from place to place. Some lamps are even equipped with casters, so handling them is easy.

A Lamp As Decoration

The function of a decorative lamp involves normally just decoration, and it can be used neither as the main light, nor for reading. The lampshades are made of opaque or less transparent materials, thus producing subdued light. They are mostly white (milk) glass or otherwise coloured glass, artificial pearl, rattan, bamboo fibre and other natural materials (resins, shells, etc.).

The decorative lamps are manufactured in various shapes, the shape of a column is very popular, as well as lamps decorated diversely. A suitable place for a decorative lamp can be e.g. in a living room or a bedroom, where the romantic illumination has its significance.


How To Choose A Floor Lamp

Even lamps are subjects to fashion trends and the style of the interior furnishings. If you have the furniture complemented with glass or metal, a lamp with a wooden stand will not be suitable – and vice versa. Before choosing it, you need to make sure the purpose for using the lamp, and whether the lampshade will be sufficient, or if it will not interfere with you.

You also need to plan in advance, where the lamp will be placed. If it serves as the main light, prepare a strategic location for it close to the centre of the room. In some shops, you can find collections of lamps, which include at least two elements, a floor lamp and a table lamp, both in the same design.


What is the ideal refrigerator? It should be neither too small, nor too big, it should be energy-saving, ergonomic, efficient and quiet … It’s not an easy selection.

It is evident that a refrigerator is one of the most useful appliances at home. When choosing, you have to decide these questions: do you want a freestanding refrigerator, a built-in refrigerator or an “American” refrigerator? Should the refrigerator have one or two compressors? What size and what energy efficiency?



A classic refrigerator may still stand in some kitchens, but it is no longer manufactured.  It is an electrical appliance which maintains the set temperature at a minimum tolerance, but the essential factor is, that it does not defrost continuously.

However, new refrigerators have a substantially greater thermal tolerance because they use the function of automatic defrost.


Freestanding Refrigerator

You can simply place this refrigerator on a location of your choice. The advantage is that it can be moved easily and it also has an easier access in case of a breakdown and a necessary repair. Today´s products are often highly aesthetical so they become a tasteful supplement of your kitchen. Moreover, the selection of freestanding appliances is generally much larger than the selection of built-in appliances.


Built-In Refrigerators

If the look of appliances disrupts your overall feel of the interior, there are built-in appliances available for you. They are designed to be built into our kitchen cabinets, so their doors will be made of the same material and in the same colour as the other cabinet doors. Do not forget, a freestanding appliance should never be used as a built-in one!


American Refrigerators

The American two-door refrigerators “side-by-side” are slowly getting to the market in the CR. They offer great comfort and a lot of storage, as well as features for cooling drinks or for making ice. They often include a glass wine cooler.


refrigerator “side-by-side” with wine cooler


One Or Two Compressors?

One compressor refrigerators tend to be cheaper and their energy consumption is lower. Two compressors will provide you with temperature control both for the freezing part and for the cooling part of your appliance. You can even shut down one part completely without disturbing the operation of the second part.


Refrigerator Size

When choosing the size of the refrigerator, consider the number of members of your family, in particular. There should be 50 to 90 l of cooling compartment and at least 25 l of freezer compartment for each person. The way of your shopping plays an important role, too. If you are accustomed to do shopping less frequently but in larger quantities, a large refrigerator will be suitable.


Energy Saving

When choosing energy efficiency, you do not need to hesitate, if it is a refrigerator that runs continuously throughout its lifetime: the cheaper the refrigerator, the higher the class of energy consumption. Some old refrigerators could even be included in Class G, but most today’s refrigerators are in classes between Class A ++ and Class B. You can affect the consumption yourselves e.g. by placing the appliance away from heat sources (radiators, oven etc.).

Whether it is fresh or cooked, food needs to be stored properly. Good quality containers will help you to increase its shelf life significantly. You can prevent an unnecessary wastage by proper storing of foods. Thanks to various sophisticated ventilation systems and seals, this kind of container retains optimal atmosphere for a specific ingredient. Choose the containers according to your needs and you will be satisfied.


Reliable Vacuum

It is not new that removing of air extends the shelf life of foodstuffs significantly. You can appreciate vacuum containers not only at home but also when you are travelling. If you prepare an airtight snack with ham and cheese in the morning, it will be still edible and tasty in the evening.

In vacuum, foods do not get dry, odours are not transferred between them and they do not lose their colour, nor taste. The vacuum also avoids the loss of nutrients and vitamins, and especially it prevents fungal infestation and propagation of other microorganisms in the food. This kind of protection of food is worthy not only in the summer months.


Ventilation For Freshness

Certain foods, such as herbs, do well when they get fresh air. That is why some food containers have valves in their lids. However, similar openings are fitted on containers you use for microwaving food. You always need to check the use, because some plastics do not stand high, or vice versa low temperatures.


Colours And Organization

A variety of colour options of lids and containers does not serve only the aesthetics of the product, but it also helps to distinguish them quickly. If you decide e.g. that a box with a white lid is used for dairy products, with red lid for meats and with green lid for herbs and vegetables, you will always be sure to reach for the right one. The transparent containers serve for quick orientation, too. Visual inspection is the easiest and fastest method. That is why even some tin boxes have a “window”, which allows you to check the content, as well as the quantity remaining inside quickly.


Glss Containers

The indisputable advantage of plastics is their lightweight, however glass has different advantages. For example, a glass bowl (made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass) can be put in the oven for baking. Glass is inert, it does not transmit odours and does not get discoloured and a glass container looks like a new one after thorough washing. Advanced systems of closing with seals enhance the comfort of glass containers further. Glass also impress the fans of traditions and it is especially suitable e.g. for kitchens in the traditional or vintage designs, where plastic would not look inappropriate.


Tin Containers

Metal, and particularly stainless steel, is a frequently used material. Large metal containers are great for storing, e.g. bread and pastries. Tin containers can easily be decorated with high quality powder, health and environmentally friendly, paints. You can choose from countless colours and patterns. Everyone will certainly find the best one according to his or her taste. Additionally, beautiful boxes and jars for food may brighten the kitchen up in an interesting way.


Save Food

Nearly 60 percent of Czech households discard unused food at least once a month, and 20 per cent of them do this every week. However, according to the surveys, there is a new positive trend meaning that 83 percent of Czechs currently pay attention to the proper storage of food in their refrigerators.

Every year, countless useful products come to the market, which make our everyday life easier. Beside them, you can also buy cute useless things. Would you buy one of the following curiosities?

These are things you did not know you need them. Or you do not need them? Consider it yourself.


Shining Ending On A Water Tap

kuriozity (2)_-1x250


Have you ever had the idea, you could wash your hands in the dark, only with a neon light from the water tap, which changes colour according to the water temperature? Then you have a similar imagination as the creator of the gimmick.


Artificial Garden Stone

kuriozity (8)_-1x400

It is not a conventional artificial stone, but a real dummy, aimed to hide something that looks unsightly in your garden. However, it is questionable, what can hide the unsightly dummy…


Saucer On Your Finger

kuriozity (4)_-1x380

The essence of it comes from the English term “finger food” used for canapés. With this saucer, it will be “finger dining” indeed. Distribute the saucer to your guests and you will have a lot of fun.


Shower Step For Shaving

kuriozity (6)_-1x380

A gimmick specially aimed for ladies (although actually, who knows?). It may be difficult to shave your legs comfortably in the shower, unless you have this special step, which can be used to support your leg elegantly.


Mirror In The Shape Of A Water Drop

kuriozity (1)_-1x300

Do you know the annoyance when you cannot keep the bathroom mirror clean and free from water drops? And how about a mirror that looks like one big drop?


Bowl For An Apple And An Apple Core

kuriozity (7)_-1x225

A small piece of cookware designed specially to fit an uneaten apple, as well as an apple core.


Notepad Into The Shower

kuriozity (3)_-1x400

It would be a shame to lose a brilliant idea just because you came up to it in the shower and you did not have a chance to put it down. A waterproof notepad is not built for writing long texts, but it can easily cope with writing down notes.


Pizza Scissors

kuriozity (10)_-1x350

Proper pizza is thin and therefore somewhat difficult to cut up. Many people have already had the idea to cut it with scissors. If you are one of them, you can finally put your kitchen scissors away and take this special tool.


Bathplug With A Toy Boat

kuriozity (5)_-1x256

If a bath itself is not sufficient enough for you to unwind and relax, you can watch a small toy boat floating on the surface (from the bathplug) at the same time. Could there be anything more poetic?


Banana Case

kuriozity (9)_-1x390

No more crumpled bananas! You can pack your morning snack without the fear that you would come to work with a banana puree in your briefcase.

Choose According To Its Benefits

Wood is likely to be the favourite material for furniture making. But what are the exact differences between solid wood and veneer, and which option will be better for you?

When listing the advantages of wood, you cannot ignore the fact that wood can be disposed of easily and ecologically. In addition to the structural elements (ceilings, roofs, boards, beams), wood is also used in interiors (windows, doors, stairs) and for manufacturing of furniture. As to furniture, two terms are used: solid wood and veneer. What is the difference between the two forms of wood?


What Is The Difference Between Solid Wood And Veneer?

In the past, only solid wood furniture, not veneered, was produced in the country, as many people did not trust the soundness of furniture veneer. Due to its properties, solid wood is a material with multiple application. It can be used (with regard to the quality and type of raw material) virtually everywhere, no matter whether it is in a form of glued board or layered board (i.e. bio-board). In interior, it is used especially for furniture, but for doors, windows, floors and panelling, as well.

On the other hand, veneer is a thin strip of wood, generally of high quality. It is used for coating furniture parts, floors, doors and wall panels, for manufacturing of plywood etc. Veneer sheets are made 0.2 – 3 mm thick.


Where Is The Best Location For Solid Wood Furniture?

The purpose, i.e. the use and the location of the furniture, is important, above all. Solid wood furniture made of softwood (spruce, pine) is more suitable into a children’s or student’s room. However, if you are furnishing a representative interior, veneered furniture is preferable; it may be in combination with solid wood (cherry, walnut), metal or glass. In accordance with a related directive, veneered furniture must be just as resilient as solid wood furniture, made of hardwood. Veneer is used for enhancing the value of a lower quality material, natural or industrial, such as particle board, batten and MDF board (Medium Density Fibreboard ). At present, veneer is used on PD, DVD, DTD boards and on batten. In all cases, veneered furniture is heavier than solid wood one. The disadvantage of veneer is the risk of peeling of individual plies from the base as well as the risk of sanding through during repairs. The advantage is that veneer components are dimensionally stable.



Although it is a pure natural material, prices of solid wood and veneered furniture are comparable. Furniture made of laminated chipboard, and from similar materials imitating wood grain, is cheaper, especially if it comes from the east. However, in case of some really cheap products, the material used may be questionable, which is related to the consequent issue of health safety (contents of biphenyl, dioxin and formaldehyde).


How About Their Maintenance?

Maintenance of solid wood furniture is simple – as little water as possible. A damp cloth soaked in soapy water is sufficient. It is ideal to use a special product for the wood/timber care. With a proper maintenance, furniture can serve you well for decades.

Veneer is maintained within the appropriate care for furniture. However, you should not expose veneer to direct sunlight, to the effects of alcohol and to large fluctuations of temperature. In a case of damage, veneer is repaired by by gluing the back, in the case of breaking a ply of veneer, by inserting a new piece, and in case of damage to the finish, by sanding it.


Some Advice From The Practice

At the beginning, you select the wooden furniture in a store. Every customer should decide a few basic things before shopping for solid wood furniture: the first one is the choice of a supplier. Unfortunately, it becomes common that some wholesalers offer imitations of products of established companies on the market, however the quality is incomparable; anyway, a customer cannot see these facts on a promotional flyer.

That is why you need to see and literary touch the furniture first. Further it is important to ask a salesperson, if the furniture has certificates for health and for product safety. If a manufacturer skimps here, it is very likely that they save elsewhere, too.


Secure Packaging

If the furniture it is supplied in a disassembled form, a durable carton packaging is important, and it also must be provided with a good assembly instructions. Because if you bring a pile of boards wrapped in plastic home and try to assemble e.g. a dresser without any logical instructions, it could be quite a task even for a pro.


Final Advice

Because you do not buy furniture every day, the orientation at the lowest price, unlimited shop hours or an over-sized parking area in front of the store only could backfire. These indicators may be tempting, however secondary and often confusing for selecting of quality furniture.

Do you need one set of cutlery or do you need a second, more festive one, too? Does it make sense to buy special cutlery? And what style should you prefer?

You do not think above certain utensils until it is time to buy new ones. A spoon is simply a spoon and a fork simply a fork.

A motley collection of silverware gathered during several generations certainly has its charm, however a nice new set looks better. How to choose it?


What Size Of A Set?

Cutlery sets can be usually found in version for the minimum of 6 people, so that a whole family could comfortably eat their dinner. If you are 2 or 3 and you have a cutlery set for 8 people, it is certainly no fault, at any time you do not have to wash the dishes over and over again.

Double the number of people in a household is considered to be the practical minimum. It means that if you are 2, you need a set of cutlery for at least 4 people, so that one lost teaspoon did not cause a problem.


Pay Attention To Good Quality

Can you remember the aluminium cutlery, which was once commonly used at homes and later taken on travels, because it was so lightweight? You can still buy similar or even worse goods today. These are metal stampings that can be bent with the slightest pressure and they can even be cheap imitations of more expensive brands.

So how can the price guide you, when you buy a cutlery? The price range is very wide and it roughly corresponds to the quality of the goods.


Both For Weekdays And For Holidays

You can avoid the need to purchase a special set of cutlery for special occasions, if you buy a set that is stylish enough, for everyday use. In any case, the cutlery should match festive dishes otherwise you lose the desired effect.

And in which case you should really get a set of cutlery for festive occasions? The frequency of use does not matter so much, as the formality of your festive events. There is no sense in buying silver cutlery for Christmas, if you sit at the Christmas table wearing jeans. Contrariwise, a suit and an evening dress look for more expensive cutlery.

When purchasing a festive cutlery, make sure that the number is sufficient enough for all the guests who are going to participate in such an event. It does not look good at festive table, if 4 people use silver forks and the other 2 have to do with stainless steel ones.


Glossy Or Matte?

The pros and cons are clear: a cutlery with a glossy surface looks particularly impressive on a table, but every touch is seen on its surface. On the other hand, you never need to polish a matte cutlery, but it will not shine on your Christmas photos.

We recommend you to buy a matte cutlery set, and to pay more for a good design. The difference is clearly recognized. You should prefer the glossy ones only in the case, you want to use them along with the festive set of dishes. You can simply polish the cutlery few times a year and rest of the time, a dishcloth will be enough.

Cutlery with wooden handles is especially suitable for children or for elderly family members, because they are better hold. They naturally have their aesthetic function, too. Keep in mind, that the combination with wood often looks rustic, which should correspond to the dishes and to other features.


Special Cutlery

You need a soup spoon, a fork, a knife and a teaspoon as the basic utensils. Further decisions depend on the meals you like or the food you would like to try. For instance, do not refuse the snail tongs just because you have never eaten this delicacy. Get a pair of cutlery and then try to incorporate something new into your diet.

Do not forget the details that can otherwise be easily overseen: your cutlery should match e.g. the soup ladle or the serving utensils for meat.


How To Take Care Of Them?

If you use a dishwasher, always put the cutlery in it with its tips facing up, and not in contact with other utensils and dishes. You can wash all the cutlery with a mild dishwashing soap, a thorough cleaning can be done with a product intended for the specific material.

Silver and silver plated cutleries should not be cleaned in a dishwasher and rather be washed by hand, instead. They do not tolerate many other materials, e.g. they should not be washed with aluminium utensils at the same time, and additionally, they can be scratched relatively easily.

A cooker hood, even though it may not seem so, is a very important household appliance. Someone choose it as a distinctive feature of their kitchen, while others hide the whole apparatus in the upper cabinet instead.

Cooker/fume hoods are used in the kitchens to exhaust fumes and odours caused by cooking. The types include the suspended hood, built-in hood, fireplace hood, chimney hood to the wall or chimney hood into the interior (i.e. islet hood). In this case, the term “chimney” does not mean that the hood must be connected to a chimney, but rather that looks like a chimney. The suspended (overhead) hood is mounted directly below the upper cabinet, the built-in (recessed) hood is built in the cabinet and the chimney hood is inserted between the upper cabinets.


Cooker hoods are manufactured in various colours, black and white are the most often, as well as of various materials, such as aluminium and stainless steel. At present, the hoods made of combination of stainless steel and glass are undoubtedly prevailing. It is also possible to have the whole hood, or its part, sprayed with paint from the RAL colour range. The width of the hood should correspond to the width of the cook top and it should not be narrower, but it is possible and appropriate that the hood is wider than the cook top. Most frequently, a hood 60 or 90 cm wide is used.

The most important parameter of a cooker hood is the suction power. This should correspond to ten times the volume of the room, but if you get a fume hood with a more significant reserve, it will sufficiently extract even at lower power levels and it will be quieter. The exhaust air should be conducted out of the room and of the building, so the hood can be connected to a chimney (be careful not to connect it to the chimney from a boiler or a fireplace!), or the exhaust can be diverted through the wall out. There is a wide range of special accessories on the market, that allow conducting fumes almost invisibly out to a flue outlet located a few meters away.


If there is not the option to divert the vapour out, it is also possible to put an activated carbon filter into the fume hood using recirculation. The filter must be replaced every 6 months. The re-circulating hood has a slightly lower output and increased noise. Each cooker hood is equipped with a grease filter, which is used to capture grease from the fumes. A metal filter that can be cleaned in a dishwasher is a better choice than a fabric filter that cannot be washed and must be replaced regularly. The built-in light is a matter of course.

When choosing a fume hood, it is good to get some advice from an expert. However, you have to pick up the design yourself according to your own taste. Fortunately, manufacturers keep this in mind and offer you various, often somewhat extravagant, design types.

The biggest fashion of bread makers is gone, it however does not mean that their utility value has dropped. The option to make your own bread at home, according to your taste and your needs, is still welcome by many families.

Imagine the smell of freshly baked bread that embraces you in the morning when you enter the kitchen. And it may be every day – you do not have to get up early and to go to the nearest bakery. You can enjoy this pleasure with the help of an ordinary household appliance – the bread maker.

Bread is a staple food for humans for centuries already, and the process of its production has not changed much during the time. In this respect, the bread makers represent a certain revolution, how to obtain a sweet-smelling soft loaf of bread, without much effort baking skill or mess, at home and in about 2 hours. No wonder that their global sales are increasing every year. However, the bread makers first appeared on the market in Japan in 1986, and 10 years later, consumers in Britain and in the United States began to buy the machines.


How To Choose One

The offer on bread machines is really wide. How to choose the right one, then? Search on the Internet, compare the parameters as well as the prices. You can find interesting discussions there with people who already have experience with bread machines; their insights can be interesting and valuable guide for you.

Definitely ask yourself the basic question: why do you actually want a bread machine? Have you seen it in your neighbours´ home? Or do you love the smell of freshly baked bread? Alternatively, do you want to have control over the ingredients that come into the dough?

Also, keep in mind the fact, that even though it is a small appliance, it will require some space in the kitchen. Anyway, the most important thing is to choosing an appliance that will suit to the size and consumption of a particular family. However, the current consumption of bread is not necessarily determinative – when you have the warm and fragrant bread, its consumption will certainly increase substantially. So, it depends on whether a loaf of less than 2 pounds will be enough for you, or whether you will need something bigger.


Bread Or Jam

Most bread machines work on the same principle. A bread machine consists of a baking tray with powerful kneading beaters or whisks that mix and combine the dough; it is followed by a process of fermentation and baking. At all stages, the appropriate temperature is automatically set. The only thing the consumer is expected to do, is inserting the ingredients in the required order. However, you can make your work easier even here by using some of the dry bread mixes which can be purchased commonly in stores. Just add water then.

The cheapest bread makers are sufficient for an ordinary household operation, but a guaranteed quality and a proven brand are more expensive. So it depends on how often the appliance will be in operation and what you expect from it. The more expensive types offer a number of additional features, such as the option of preservation fruit and vegetables and production of jams and preserves.


Baking As Easy As a Breeze

Interesting features include the delayed start function and the acoustic signal. In the first case, the appliance allows you to choose the cooking time, even though you put all ingredients in advance. Specifically, it can be in the evening, while the process of bread making will take place early in the morning, so that the bread will be ready just for your breakfast. The acoustic signal is appropriate in the cases when raisins, dried fruit or nuts are added.

Generally, bread makers offer about 13 baking programs. Among others, it is a program for baking only (provided that rising is not necessary), a program for toast bread, programs for classic bread, whole wheat bread or multigrain bread, or a program for rising itself, if you want to make dough for buns, French bread or pizza  in the machine. You can also set the degree of browning of the upper crust.

If you are a beginner in baking, let yourself be guided by the advice of the manufacturer, who usually attaches some recipes to the appliance. Once you gain some confidence, you can find inspiration elsewhere. It may be on the Internet or in a bookstore, where you can currently get a wide selection of literature with recipes and tips for bread maker users.

Nowadays, many people cannot imagine their lives without a dishwasher. Apparently, everyday struggle with dirty dishes tires anyone. But did you know that you can use your dishwasher for other purposes, as well?

Some of the following tips may seem surprising, while others logic, but you can be certain, that it is really possible to wash all these things successfully in a dishwasher.



If you are not among the few people who use a metal dustpan, you can put the plastic tool in your dishwasher without hesitation. It is natural, that you should better wash other similar cleaning utensils at the same time, instead of the dishes.


Rubber Boots (Wellingtons)

If your boots do not have a textile insole, or if it is a removable one, you cannot go wrong when you put the boots in a dishwasher to wash them.


Pets´ Bowls

You can naturally wash plastic bowls for dog or cat (or other similar animals) food or water bowls in a dishwasher.


Vacuum Attachments

These extensions are usually plastic, or they have only small textile strips. Anyway, it should be safe to wash them in the machine.


Soap Holders

Do you also dislike scrubbing the soap deposits from a ceramic or plastic soap holder in your bathroom? It is no problem, just add the holder into the next batch, when you wash the dishes.


Sports Equipment

Most of sports equipment is made of plastic or it is plastic-coated completely. So if your sports equipment can fit into your dishwasher, you can clean it this way.


Microwave Turntable

How often do you clean the glass turntable, which is a part of your microwave? And have you ever thought that you do not need to scrub it, but just insert it into the dishwasher?


Plastic Brushes

It quite hard to get these tools rid of dirt and it is easy to entrust them to a dishwasher; water jets do the thorough cleaning for you.


Small Containers And Waste Bins

Do you have a small plastic container with a lid placed next to a bathroom sink to discard small waste, or do you use plastic containers for storing the toiletries? From time to time, do not forget to put the containers in the dishwasher.


Hanging Bathroom Racks

Wire bathroom racks are hung on hooks on a wall and they are manufactured to withstand moisture and direct contact with water. Therefore, they should easily stand one washing cycle in a dishwasher.