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The sun begins to show its strength again, and although you may greet it enthusiastically, there are moments when you want to hide from the light. In this case, you need a kind of shielding system. Do you know which one you should choose?

There are several different types of shading systems. In addition to their primary function, they satisfy additional demands placed on them, too. That is why it is necessary to choose the right system.


Horizontal Blinds

They are definitely the most common type of interior shielding. The slats are usually made of lightweight and highly durable aluminium. The material allows virtually unlimited adjustment of length according to the individual needs. These blinds are often installed between window panes and together with curtains, they provide complementary shielding. There is a wide range of colours to match the interior.


Vertical Blinds

You will definitely notice them in an interior. Their advantages are their versatility, their perfect capability to control the light and their noise reduction. They can be made of virtually all modern materials: cotton, polyester, fibreglass, PVC, and also the exclusive wooden fabric. Their advantage is the ability to shield even a very large area, which may be angled, rounded, or even inclined.


Slightly Different Blinds

The blinds are experiencing their renaissance nowadays. They require less maintenance than the traditional curtains, they easily tame the dangerous sun rays while protecting your privacy from unwanted eyes from the outside. The large surface of the blinds allows using of creative designs. There is an interesting combination of blinds and shutters; you can regulate the light transmittance by lifting or lowering them.


Attractive Pleating

The pleated fabric blinds with various level of light transmittance are a perfect, variable and mainly functional supplement in a flat, an office or even in a conservatory. The intensity of shading can be set by lowering or lifting the upper or lower profile. This creates shielding exactly on locations where you need it.


Sliding Panels

Modern interior is characterized by the use of light and by large glazed surfaces. To avoid large windows from losing their charm, complement them with a corresponding shading technique, such as the Japanese fabric walls made of curtain-type fabric, which transmits a large amount of light, while still providing enough privacy.


The Touch Of Nature

The wooden shutters are an elegant addition to a classical or a modern interior. The natural material allows matching with the furnishing as well as with the floor. The practical characteristics of wooden shutters are also advantageous: they are relatively highly moisture resistant and, thanks to the surface treatment, resistant to the UV radiation. The slats are made of soft wood of linden tree, bamboo or exotic ramin wood. The daylight passing through the wooden slats brings soft golden tones into the interior.


Indulge In Comfort

You can enjoy the advantages of interior shielding every day only if it is motorized and if it uses a remote control. It’s simple – just press a button and any type of interior shading will do what you want. Thanks to the motorization, you can control the natural light and the intensity of sunlight quickly and easily. Likewise, you can effectively protect your privacy. The motorization thus brings comfort and saves time which you can spend e.g. with your family.


Children And Shielding

You do not need to be afraid of using obvious children’s motives on the pleats – they look nice and fresh in children rooms and moreover, kids tend to love them. However, caution should be exercised when choosing several striking materials, so that the room did not look fussy (with a combination of multiple bold patterns and colours).

sliding panels



Each type of shielding technology has its own specifics – the use, shading, control etc. That is why you cannot get a universal guide for all types of shielding. It is recommended to follow the instructions for use and maintenance, which is provided by the manufacturer of each specific type.

In general, the textile systems are made of a fabric which can be washed by hand at 30 °C only, and the slat blinds, which can be cleaned mechanically by wiping with a damp cloth.


A computer with internet access became a natural part of a home, however it requires creating a home office, or at least a work area, in your apartment. How can you equip your home office so that it served you well?

Home office is a phenomenon you can encounter quite frequently nowadays. Many of us do our business, study or prepare ourselves for the work here.


Individual Requirements

A home office should be equipped with regard to how much time you are going to spend there and what you actually expect from it. A person, who works at home only occasionally or partially, will have different requirements for his or her office than e.g. a student or a self-employed person who does his or her business directly from home and who spends in the home office eight or more hours a day.


Choosing  The Room

The choice of the location in your apartment plays a very important role. It is ideal to reserve a separate room in a house for your home office, if it is possible. If you do not have this option, you should choose a quiet place in your apartment where you will be able to work undisturbed without anyone or anything bothering you. You can separate the work area, which is situated e.g. in the living room, from the rest of the room by a screen.



The basic piece of furniture you need in your home office is undoubtedly a work desk. Nowadays, we naturally allow for the space for a computer, however it is important to consider what type of computer you will have: a classic desktop or a laptop?

The position of the desk is important so that it was oriented according to the daylight. The right-handers should have light coming from the left and the left-handers vice versa. The desk should be positioned sideways to the window. The location facing the window is not advisable, since the person would be dazzled. And as to the position with your back to the window, the reflected light would disturb your vision on the screen.

According to the standards, the height of the worktop should be 72-75 cm. However, a workplace should be flexible, so the height of the desktop should better be adjusted to the height of the person.



How you feel at work very much depends on the correct choice of a working chair. Again, it depends on how much time you intend to spend on it. Definitely it is not worth to skimp on it, you need to realize that it is an investment in our health basically. The seating should be natural and comfortable to prevent incorrect spine postures and subsequent health problems.

You should definitely purchase a reclining chair with adjustable height. Proper adjustment of the chair is a precondition for healthy sitting. It is also advisable to try the chair when buying it. And when you are working, it is essential to change positions often and not to sit in one position stiffly.


Storage Space

Storage space is another essential part of a home office. The choice depends on what activity you do and what materials need to be stored, whether they are electronic media or a collection of laws. For storage, you can use the drawer containers with different interior equipment; they should be set for hanging folders, as well as there should be the classic drawers with a variety of partitions.

Furthermore, you can get open racks, cabinets with sliding or classic doors, cabinets with fitted roller blinds, as well as hanging cabinets or shelves. According to your needs, you can choose lockers to store electronic media, binders or books. There is also a variety of table extensions available, as well as additional cabinets to attach to the table.

The basic office equipment can be further extended by a range of office accessories, such as monitor stands, keyboard drawers, terminal holders (either hanging or stationary ones), cabinet card boxes for storing of documents; also hangers, wall hangers, CD racks and many others.


Receiving Clients

If you want to receive your clients in your office, you can have get an additional table besides the classic coffee table. The solution depends mainly on what kind of space you have and how many people you want to receive in your office at the same time.

How do you choose new furniture for your interior? You should not look on the design and colour or decor only, which are eye-catching, however it is necessary to consider other parameters, so that the furniture could serve you well.

Interior furniture can be made of many materials, although wood-based boards prevail. But that is not all you need to know before you buy a beautiful new chest of drawers, a wardrobe or maybe a desk.


The Thickness Is An advantage

You can see different thicknesses of the base. A thicker base, optimally 18 mm, is stronger and better because the furniture will be more stable, strong and it will last longer. The thickness of the doors or fronts of drawers is important, because you handle with them frequently. The stronger ones are preferable also from the decorative point of view, if you wish decorative milling on the doors or on their edges.


How To Assemble It

There are several ways to put individual parts together. The connecting screws are better than wood screws because if you needed to disassemble and re-assemble the furniture, you can do it without destroying it. Anyway, both types of connections are visible. So if you wish an “invisible” connection, e.g. on the faces, there is another solution: the wooden pegs.


If An Angle, Then The Right Angle

Examine the furniture very carefully: are there all the angles perpendicular and all the joints straight? Any gaps or inequalities can become an issue later. If you find this shortage on your furniture after you brought it home, do not hesitate and claim it, if you have a warranty for the product.


Can It Stand Free?

The furniture that will not stand by the wall must be visually resolved from all sides and stable enough, above all. It is expectable on the furniture made of solid wood, but not on the furniture made of engineered wood boards. If a producer or a vendor encourages you to attach it to the wall, do obey them. This is not a purposeless remark, as some consumers can confirm; they have experienced the weight of their dresser themselves, when they opened the top full drawer and the whole piece of furniture fell on them…


Glass Panels Or Surfaces

Ask the salesperson, if the glass is tempered or toughened, as it is considered virtually unbreakable for normal household use. And it does not matter whether a bookcase has the doors with partial glass panels or if the doors are fully glazed. The hardened glass in larger formats is stronger, it does neither bend, nor vibrate.


Finishes – Can They Be Repaired?

The common types of finishes are films or varnishes. The varnishes can stand minor scratches or abrasions the best. Acrylic finishes are often used and any abrasions can be polished – although there are several repair methods available. Any damage to the film is irreversible.


The Edges And Gluing

The paper edges are gone, nowadays the ABS edges made of special thermoplastic are used. When gluing them, both the technological progress and the type of glue are important.  The PUR glue is preferred, as you do not needs it in such an amount, the edge sits tightly against the front surface and the joint is almost invisible. Moreover, it is waterproof and heat-resistant. Other adhesives must be used in large quantities and the joints are more evident.

Let us have a look on the furniture fittings. You can probably guess that the plastic ones do not last long, while the metal ones do. In this case, you can follow a simple guide: the length of the warranty. If it is a lifetime warranty, there is probably no problem.


Wooden Pegs Assembly

A special machine drills holes into individual parts first. Then glue is injected into the holes and wooden pegs are inserted. On their protruding ends a counterpart is placed, which is a part with drilled holes.


Lacquered Furniture

The furniture with lacquer finish, especially in high gloss, is trendy nowadays. The quality of the lacquered surface is affected by these factors: a smooth base material (if it is sanded badly, the surface is uneven), respecting the drying time of each layer (when applied hastily, bubbles are formed in the finish) and the cleanliness in the workplace, to avoid covering dirt and dust with the laquer.

Choose According To Its Benefits

Wood is likely to be the favourite material for furniture making. But what are the exact differences between solid wood and veneer, and which option will be better for you?

When listing the advantages of wood, you cannot ignore the fact that wood can be disposed of easily and ecologically. In addition to the structural elements (ceilings, roofs, boards, beams), wood is also used in interiors (windows, doors, stairs) and for manufacturing of furniture. As to furniture, two terms are used: solid wood and veneer. What is the difference between the two forms of wood?


What Is The Difference Between Solid Wood And Veneer?

In the past, only solid wood furniture, not veneered, was produced in the country, as many people did not trust the soundness of furniture veneer. Due to its properties, solid wood is a material with multiple application. It can be used (with regard to the quality and type of raw material) virtually everywhere, no matter whether it is in a form of glued board or layered board (i.e. bio-board). In interior, it is used especially for furniture, but for doors, windows, floors and panelling, as well.

On the other hand, veneer is a thin strip of wood, generally of high quality. It is used for coating furniture parts, floors, doors and wall panels, for manufacturing of plywood etc. Veneer sheets are made 0.2 – 3 mm thick.


Where Is The Best Location For Solid Wood Furniture?

The purpose, i.e. the use and the location of the furniture, is important, above all. Solid wood furniture made of softwood (spruce, pine) is more suitable into a children’s or student’s room. However, if you are furnishing a representative interior, veneered furniture is preferable; it may be in combination with solid wood (cherry, walnut), metal or glass. In accordance with a related directive, veneered furniture must be just as resilient as solid wood furniture, made of hardwood. Veneer is used for enhancing the value of a lower quality material, natural or industrial, such as particle board, batten and MDF board (Medium Density Fibreboard ). At present, veneer is used on PD, DVD, DTD boards and on batten. In all cases, veneered furniture is heavier than solid wood one. The disadvantage of veneer is the risk of peeling of individual plies from the base as well as the risk of sanding through during repairs. The advantage is that veneer components are dimensionally stable.



Although it is a pure natural material, prices of solid wood and veneered furniture are comparable. Furniture made of laminated chipboard, and from similar materials imitating wood grain, is cheaper, especially if it comes from the east. However, in case of some really cheap products, the material used may be questionable, which is related to the consequent issue of health safety (contents of biphenyl, dioxin and formaldehyde).


How About Their Maintenance?

Maintenance of solid wood furniture is simple – as little water as possible. A damp cloth soaked in soapy water is sufficient. It is ideal to use a special product for the wood/timber care. With a proper maintenance, furniture can serve you well for decades.

Veneer is maintained within the appropriate care for furniture. However, you should not expose veneer to direct sunlight, to the effects of alcohol and to large fluctuations of temperature. In a case of damage, veneer is repaired by by gluing the back, in the case of breaking a ply of veneer, by inserting a new piece, and in case of damage to the finish, by sanding it.


Some Advice From The Practice

At the beginning, you select the wooden furniture in a store. Every customer should decide a few basic things before shopping for solid wood furniture: the first one is the choice of a supplier. Unfortunately, it becomes common that some wholesalers offer imitations of products of established companies on the market, however the quality is incomparable; anyway, a customer cannot see these facts on a promotional flyer.

That is why you need to see and literary touch the furniture first. Further it is important to ask a salesperson, if the furniture has certificates for health and for product safety. If a manufacturer skimps here, it is very likely that they save elsewhere, too.


Secure Packaging

If the furniture it is supplied in a disassembled form, a durable carton packaging is important, and it also must be provided with a good assembly instructions. Because if you bring a pile of boards wrapped in plastic home and try to assemble e.g. a dresser without any logical instructions, it could be quite a task even for a pro.


Final Advice

Because you do not buy furniture every day, the orientation at the lowest price, unlimited shop hours or an over-sized parking area in front of the store only could backfire. These indicators may be tempting, however secondary and often confusing for selecting of quality furniture.

One of the advantages of a home office is that it can be used as a refuge.

Nowadays, many people bring their work home. In this case, you can customize your apartment or your house so that it was a pleasant place for working.

It is often the pleasant home environment, what inspires many people to bring their work home. Then, they do not have to solve their complex and often complicated tasks in an impersonal office in the evenings. A home office can have various forms.


Working Corner

A working corner should be an area of your home which is accessible only for you. Neither your partner nor the person who cleans your home should have an access to your table. It is important not to allow the kids in this area. Although they are harmless and playful otherwise, they are able to paint an important contract or project, so that you could start from the very beginning. Can you imagine they could even throw an all-important contact away which was written on a piece of paper on your table?


Table Is The Basis

The basis of every work place is a good table. It may not be the unsightly office furniture as you can choose a modern, historical or a luxury table for your home. You are going to choose according to your financial possibilities, anyway you should always make sure it is large enough and is has lockable drawers; the most important things should be placed in them.


Laptop Or Full-Size PC?

It is a very difficult question, even more difficult to answer. In most homes, there is a classic full-size PC. However, it is not impracticable to use a work laptop on your desk. Its advantage is that it is not accessible to kids who are able to observe your personal code and they can break into your folders.


Light Is Important

Most experts recommend that the home working corner should be near a large window. It may happen that you become ill and you would like to work at home. Even if you have flu or just a weekend off, the light energy will be “charging” you throughout the day. Additionally, you can look outside during the day and in the evening, preferably at green trees or a forest. It is definitely not recommended to have a home office overlooking a parking lot.

Supplement your table with a good lamp that will not only allow you an easy orientation on your table, but also prevent you from spoiling your vision when reading or writing.


The Psychological Effect Of Suitable Accessories

After reading the lines above, you have probably lowered your head sadly and said that you cannot have an office then, because you look out the window to the neighbour’s balcony. It is wrong – you can find a place in your apartment that is bright, although not placed directly at the window. Use your imagination and next to your wall calendar, you can stick also some pictures of nature, motorbikes or other beautiful photos which look calming or even better, which motivate you.

If you cannot look out the window, you can get an aquarium or terrarium and light it up in the evening twilight. In the moment you will be have a headache from your work, you can watch the graceful movement of goldfish or the prudent movement of a chameleon.

It is worth to place a hi-fi system next to your working corner, so that you could listen to some pleasant and relaxing melodies. The work is much easier done then.