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Radiators are integral parts of a heating system in many homes, commercial buildings and in various institutions. What should you keep in mind, when you need to replace an old radiator?


Ribbed Or Panel Radiator?

Naturally, when choosing a heating system, there are a number of factors to consider. First of all, it is necessary to choose the right type. As to this, you have a wide choice of both panel and ribbed radiators. In most homes, quality panel radiators are preferred nowadays: they are more efficient, aesthetically interesting, as well as more dimensionally compact, which are the qualities appreciated by most people. On the other hand, for bathrooms, special bathroom radiators (“ladders”) are the most suitable.

When choosing a radiator, you need to take the external conditions, building insulation, size of the rooms, as well as the correct location into account (it certainly should be under the windows, but not behind curtains or furniture). However, the performance is the key factor, which must be sufficient to heat the entire interior space, and to do it as cheaply as possible. Secondary are features such as the design, although you have to remember that the ribbed or panel radiator will also be an aesthetic part of the room.

a traditional ribbed radiator

Get Experts Advice

Finally, there is an important tip for you. There is a really huge choice of radiators on the market, which is difficult to orient in for most people. However, the proper selection can save you a lot of money. Fortunately, there is a multitude of online shops where you can buy cheaper than in a store, while you can get some advice there, too.


The sun begins to show its strength again, and although you may greet it enthusiastically, there are moments when you want to hide from the light. In this case, you need a kind of shielding system. Do you know which one you should choose?

There are several different types of shading systems. In addition to their primary function, they satisfy additional demands placed on them, too. That is why it is necessary to choose the right system.


Horizontal Blinds

They are definitely the most common type of interior shielding. The slats are usually made of lightweight and highly durable aluminium. The material allows virtually unlimited adjustment of length according to the individual needs. These blinds are often installed between window panes and together with curtains, they provide complementary shielding. There is a wide range of colours to match the interior.


Vertical Blinds

You will definitely notice them in an interior. Their advantages are their versatility, their perfect capability to control the light and their noise reduction. They can be made of virtually all modern materials: cotton, polyester, fibreglass, PVC, and also the exclusive wooden fabric. Their advantage is the ability to shield even a very large area, which may be angled, rounded, or even inclined.


Slightly Different Blinds

The blinds are experiencing their renaissance nowadays. They require less maintenance than the traditional curtains, they easily tame the dangerous sun rays while protecting your privacy from unwanted eyes from the outside. The large surface of the blinds allows using of creative designs. There is an interesting combination of blinds and shutters; you can regulate the light transmittance by lifting or lowering them.


Attractive Pleating

The pleated fabric blinds with various level of light transmittance are a perfect, variable and mainly functional supplement in a flat, an office or even in a conservatory. The intensity of shading can be set by lowering or lifting the upper or lower profile. This creates shielding exactly on locations where you need it.


Sliding Panels

Modern interior is characterized by the use of light and by large glazed surfaces. To avoid large windows from losing their charm, complement them with a corresponding shading technique, such as the Japanese fabric walls made of curtain-type fabric, which transmits a large amount of light, while still providing enough privacy.


The Touch Of Nature

The wooden shutters are an elegant addition to a classical or a modern interior. The natural material allows matching with the furnishing as well as with the floor. The practical characteristics of wooden shutters are also advantageous: they are relatively highly moisture resistant and, thanks to the surface treatment, resistant to the UV radiation. The slats are made of soft wood of linden tree, bamboo or exotic ramin wood. The daylight passing through the wooden slats brings soft golden tones into the interior.


Indulge In Comfort

You can enjoy the advantages of interior shielding every day only if it is motorized and if it uses a remote control. It’s simple – just press a button and any type of interior shading will do what you want. Thanks to the motorization, you can control the natural light and the intensity of sunlight quickly and easily. Likewise, you can effectively protect your privacy. The motorization thus brings comfort and saves time which you can spend e.g. with your family.


Children And Shielding

You do not need to be afraid of using obvious children’s motives on the pleats – they look nice and fresh in children rooms and moreover, kids tend to love them. However, caution should be exercised when choosing several striking materials, so that the room did not look fussy (with a combination of multiple bold patterns and colours).

sliding panels



Each type of shielding technology has its own specifics – the use, shading, control etc. That is why you cannot get a universal guide for all types of shielding. It is recommended to follow the instructions for use and maintenance, which is provided by the manufacturer of each specific type.

In general, the textile systems are made of a fabric which can be washed by hand at 30 °C only, and the slat blinds, which can be cleaned mechanically by wiping with a damp cloth.


Lamps can do wonders with any room. You can use them as additional or main source of light in any corner of your house.

In the past, lamps were rather used as decorative elements, since they could not serve as the primary source of light, and they often stood in the darkest area of a room. It was relatively recently, when the floor lamps became adapted to the needs of their users, and now some of them can be used as the main source of light.

Other floor lamps can serve as a reading light or only for completing the interior. Various features of floor lamps give you the opportunity to use them in many ways, maybe only as way to balance the light level in your room, or as a source of light to your desk and PC.


A Reading Lamp With A Movable Arm

Natural light is the best light for reading, however you do not get much of it in wintertime. Ceiling chandeliers as well as table lamps are not suitable for reading, as they typically scatter light in all directions. For this activity, a floor lamp with an arm is the best, and you can freely move it all directions.

There are also lamps made of flexible materials, so you can bend them effortlessly to the desired height. However, they usually do just their practical function, and the aesthetic function is secondary.


A Lamp Instead Of  A Hanging Chandelier

Hanging chandeliers and other ceiling lights are particularly suitable in rooms with high ceilings. If the ceiling is low, a floor lamp with diffused light is more effective. However when choosing it, make sure that it is designed for a powerful light bulb, fluorescent or LEDs. If using a weak source (e.g. 60W or less), the room will be dark and gloomy.

Alternatively, you can use the combination of a floor lamp, decorative lamp and/or table lamp. The design of floor lamps should be stable and maybe heavier, because they do not need be moved from place to place. Some lamps are even equipped with casters, so handling them is easy.

A Lamp As Decoration

The function of a decorative lamp involves normally just decoration, and it can be used neither as the main light, nor for reading. The lampshades are made of opaque or less transparent materials, thus producing subdued light. They are mostly white (milk) glass or otherwise coloured glass, artificial pearl, rattan, bamboo fibre and other natural materials (resins, shells, etc.).

The decorative lamps are manufactured in various shapes, the shape of a column is very popular, as well as lamps decorated diversely. A suitable place for a decorative lamp can be e.g. in a living room or a bedroom, where the romantic illumination has its significance.


How To Choose A Floor Lamp

Even lamps are subjects to fashion trends and the style of the interior furnishings. If you have the furniture complemented with glass or metal, a lamp with a wooden stand will not be suitable – and vice versa. Before choosing it, you need to make sure the purpose for using the lamp, and whether the lampshade will be sufficient, or if it will not interfere with you.

You also need to plan in advance, where the lamp will be placed. If it serves as the main light, prepare a strategic location for it close to the centre of the room. In some shops, you can find collections of lamps, which include at least two elements, a floor lamp and a table lamp, both in the same design.


The built-in wardrobes can have a major influence on the visual impression of the room. They are suitable both in a bedroom and in a children´s room and, in combination with sliding doors, they save a lot of space.

The built-in wardrobes became widely known in the 1920´s already and they enjoy constant popularity since then. The people having experience with them cannot speak highly enough of them.

Compared to classical furniture, the wardrobes have a big advantage: their individuality. You can build them even in locations where no other cabinet could be squeezed in and moreover, their inner space will be arranged directly according to your wishes.


Storage Space Is Priceless

Experts have calculated that a wardrobe, compared to traditional cabinets, can save you up to half the space (which means several m²). The deep wardrobes are the most useful, the ideal depth is around 65 cm. You can place e.g. coat hangers and large items inside conveniently, which are hard to store elsewhere. A narrow wardrobe is chosen in areas with limited space, such as in hallways and foyers. Each additional storage space is good, you can use narrow cabinets e.g. for storing small items in baskets, containers and boxes. Wardrobes are built from the floor to the ceiling, so their height may be up to 3 m. However you can utilize even the highest places by using pantographs. You can pull the suspension system up to the waist level by a rod, which certainly makes the process of choosing clothes easier and more pleasant. Wardrobes can also serve as practical partitions dividing rooms.


Internal Arrangement

The internal arrangement of a wardrobe depends solely on its owners, as they can choose what extras they would like to use. Among the practical gadgets, there is a variety of sliding mechanisms used for clothes hangers, for pants, skirts or ties, there are sliding shoe racks, clamps for hoses or for a whole vacuum cleaner, iron holder or even a sliding ironing board. Especially in children bedrooms, sophisticated systems are often used, which can hide a whole bed in the wardrobe. The fold-down single beds and double beds are practical also in small apartments, where the living room and the bedroom are one and the constant presence of beds is not desirable.


Beware Of Shards

Mirrors are popular on doors of built-in wardrobes. Ensure your safety and insist on the use of safety film which prevents shattering the glass into dangerous shards.

How do you choose new furniture for your interior? You should not look on the design and colour or decor only, which are eye-catching, however it is necessary to consider other parameters, so that the furniture could serve you well.

Interior furniture can be made of many materials, although wood-based boards prevail. But that is not all you need to know before you buy a beautiful new chest of drawers, a wardrobe or maybe a desk.


The Thickness Is An advantage

You can see different thicknesses of the base. A thicker base, optimally 18 mm, is stronger and better because the furniture will be more stable, strong and it will last longer. The thickness of the doors or fronts of drawers is important, because you handle with them frequently. The stronger ones are preferable also from the decorative point of view, if you wish decorative milling on the doors or on their edges.


How To Assemble It

There are several ways to put individual parts together. The connecting screws are better than wood screws because if you needed to disassemble and re-assemble the furniture, you can do it without destroying it. Anyway, both types of connections are visible. So if you wish an “invisible” connection, e.g. on the faces, there is another solution: the wooden pegs.


If An Angle, Then The Right Angle

Examine the furniture very carefully: are there all the angles perpendicular and all the joints straight? Any gaps or inequalities can become an issue later. If you find this shortage on your furniture after you brought it home, do not hesitate and claim it, if you have a warranty for the product.


Can It Stand Free?

The furniture that will not stand by the wall must be visually resolved from all sides and stable enough, above all. It is expectable on the furniture made of solid wood, but not on the furniture made of engineered wood boards. If a producer or a vendor encourages you to attach it to the wall, do obey them. This is not a purposeless remark, as some consumers can confirm; they have experienced the weight of their dresser themselves, when they opened the top full drawer and the whole piece of furniture fell on them…


Glass Panels Or Surfaces

Ask the salesperson, if the glass is tempered or toughened, as it is considered virtually unbreakable for normal household use. And it does not matter whether a bookcase has the doors with partial glass panels or if the doors are fully glazed. The hardened glass in larger formats is stronger, it does neither bend, nor vibrate.


Finishes – Can They Be Repaired?

The common types of finishes are films or varnishes. The varnishes can stand minor scratches or abrasions the best. Acrylic finishes are often used and any abrasions can be polished – although there are several repair methods available. Any damage to the film is irreversible.


The Edges And Gluing

The paper edges are gone, nowadays the ABS edges made of special thermoplastic are used. When gluing them, both the technological progress and the type of glue are important.  The PUR glue is preferred, as you do not needs it in such an amount, the edge sits tightly against the front surface and the joint is almost invisible. Moreover, it is waterproof and heat-resistant. Other adhesives must be used in large quantities and the joints are more evident.

Let us have a look on the furniture fittings. You can probably guess that the plastic ones do not last long, while the metal ones do. In this case, you can follow a simple guide: the length of the warranty. If it is a lifetime warranty, there is probably no problem.


Wooden Pegs Assembly

A special machine drills holes into individual parts first. Then glue is injected into the holes and wooden pegs are inserted. On their protruding ends a counterpart is placed, which is a part with drilled holes.


Lacquered Furniture

The furniture with lacquer finish, especially in high gloss, is trendy nowadays. The quality of the lacquered surface is affected by these factors: a smooth base material (if it is sanded badly, the surface is uneven), respecting the drying time of each layer (when applied hastily, bubbles are formed in the finish) and the cleanliness in the workplace, to avoid covering dirt and dust with the laquer.

Undoubtedly, furniture is basic in any interior, lamps follow it and finally, there are fabrics such as curtains. They can be smooth, light and translucent and they do more than just decorate the room.

However, they are not a must and many people can do without them. Curtains are not ideal for allergy sufferers, too, as they constitute a kind of filter, which catches almost all dust and pollen particles floating in the air.

Yet there are many people, who swear on curtains, and the investment in them is not so staggering, so you can afford to get new ones from time to time.

What are the current trends?


White Classic

Forget the garish curtains reaching barely to the half of the window and trying to look like embroidered, or even lace ones. In a modern interior, additional elegance can be achieved by smooth and simply flowing curtains reaching to the ground (you can afford them in summer, and in the heating season you replace them with curtains reaching to the window sills only). Patterns are not particularly striking, as well, and stylized nature motifs or simple geometric shapes are the best choice.


Do Not Be Afraid Of Colours

Try to get away from stereotypes and purchase coloured curtains. They not only revive the interior in an interesting way, you can also appreciate their practical side, as coloured curtains do not show visible signs of getting yellow or gray.

However, if your taste is more conservative, we can recommend you ivory or creamy curtains; these delicate colours transmit pleasant and soft light into the room. Each colour of curtains affects the space in its own way. In the kitchen, you can place bright yellow curtains to brighten the room, and in the bedroom, blue is suitable as it has calming effect.


Curtain As a Separating Element

Curtains are not used only for decorating the windows and shading the rooms. If you install tracks on the ceiling according to a planned scheme, you can transform the interior gracefully by simply shifting the curtains, e.g. to separate the place for sleeping. These “light partitions” do not burden the space and they are practically invisible, when folded.


Japanese Sliding Panels

Despite their long history, they are truly modern and sophisticated alternative of window shielding. The large flat surface brings out interesting patterns and by choosing the material, you can set the amount of shading, from the simple transparent ones to completely blackout ones.

This type of window shading dominates the interior. Choose the ideal width of bands according to the dimensions of the window or the wall, so that after full stretching, at least two-thirds of the window remains uncovered. The parts move in their tracks, each one in its own groove. On the underside of the belt, there is framework or a weight, which ensures perfect stretching of the material.


As White As Snow

Are your curtains gray because of dust or yellowed by cigarette smoke? They can be white again.

Soak them in water with crystal soda or common salt (10 l: 500 g) at least for one hour, preferably overnight.

Rinse the curtains well with clean water and repeat it until the water is completely clear.

Add some baking soda to the washing detergent.

Add a teaspoon of blue ink into the last rinsing bath which will brighten blue curtains up.

Do not wring the curtains, just let them drain.

Hang the curtains still wet, the folds will sag and the curtains will remain neatly straight.

You certainly know it: you buy a new expensive sofa, but kids, pets and frequent visitors take their toll on it quickly. Originally a luxury sofa looks like an ordinary couch after a few months and you are upset by a bad investment. How can you avoid this kind of problem?


A ‘New’ Sofa In A Few Seconds

If you do not intend to invest sums to reupholstering the sofa regularly, you have only one option: buy a cover/spread. It is relatively cheap, it will prevent damage and contamination of the sofa, and additionally, it will give a new chic look to your sofa – all this in a few seconds. There is still one question remaining: what spread should you choose?


Synthetic Fibres Are Prevail

Even though you can see covers and spreads for sofas made of 100% cotton on the market, they are not entirely appropriate due to their shorter life and higher maintenance requirements. It is much better to get a spread made of synthetic fibres (e.g. fleece of 100% polyester) or made of synthetic fibres blended with natural fibres (e.g. 90% polyester or acrylic and 10% cotton). These spreads are very warm, pleasant to the touch and moreover, easy to launder – you can clean most of them thoroughly by washing at 40 ° C. Unlike the purely natural fibres, they are much more durable.


Choose A Colour And Style According To Your Interior

Once you know the type of material, you need to choose a colour and style of the spread. Follow your aesthetic taste; the spread should not “stand up” against the rest of the interior. It must match to furniture and walls, above all. There is a rule: if you have plain one-colour walls, you can buy a more vivid spread with bold patterns. Contrariwise, if the walls of your living room or bedroom are decorated with pictures and paintings, select a simple pattern spread.

Then all you need to do is to visit the nearest store or a reliable e-commerce and go shopping. Your sofa will change substantially in a moment and most importantly, it will look like a new one much longer.

Bean bags are stylish and practical decorations of an interior, they are very versatile and suitable in almost any type of interior. You can even make the exterior of your home special with an original bean bag, if you place it on a balcony, a terrace or in a garden.

The next and perhaps the most important advantage of this type of furniture is the health effect. During a long sitting on a classic chair or armchair, a back-ache, neck pain or headache may occur. Compared to that, thanks to the unique infill of bean bags, they adhere to each inequality your body and make your muscles pleasantly relaxed.


There Are Various Bean Bags

It is good to think a bit before buying a bean bag, although you cannot make a major mistake by a spontaneous purchase. However, there are several kinds of them on the market and they correspond to different needs and preferences of customers. That is why it is worth paying attention to the following lines, so that you will be able to choose the best one for you which will meet all your requirements.



Purely from the practical point of view, the material from which the bean bag is made is the key characteristic. Individual materials differ significantly in terms of ease of cleaning, pleasantness to the touch as well as overall resilience.

The most common material is eco-leather, i.e. artificial leatherette. Bean bags made of eco-leather are very pleasant to the touch, extremely easy to clean (just wipe them with a damp cloth), but they are suitable in an interior only. The cotton bean bags are also suitable in an interior. They are very pleasant to the touch, their cleaning is however slightly more demanding. Some of the cotton covers can be removed and washed in a machine.

On the other hand, the bean bags made of nylon and polyester are specially designed for outdoor use. Both materials are highly resistant to physical stress and dirt. They are also very easy to maintain, however nylon is not so pleasant to the touch.



Colour is probably the first characteristic which attracts our attention on a bean bag. That is why this kind of furniture is so popular in nursery and primary schools. Bright colours inspire good mood and they are able to make an otherwise dull interior special and to liven it up. However, if you are not furnishing a nursery school, children’s department of a library or a children’s room (where there the rule is: the more colours, the better), try to consider the choice of colour carefully. If you already have a dominant colour in your interior, select a bean bag in the same colour or in a colour that matches to the existing one. However, if you have a monotonous interior in a pale colour (white, gray, black, brown or beige), you can afford to experiment and you can choose a more vivid colour of a bean bag. In this case, an original bean bag can make wonders in your interior.

If you are furnishing children´s room, you can really unleash your imagination. All kids love playful colours, fun motifs and shapes. For example, if you are looking for a bean bag in a shade of green, you can choose from a single colour bags, multicoloured bags, as well as from bags with special themes.


Shape And Size

Now it is time to decide the design, whether it should be a chair shaped or a pillow shaped bag. However, there are also special seat bags available, e.g. in the form of a footstool and with a different level of softness.

The armchair shaped bags work as conventional seating furniture, but they are more convenient and healthier for your back. They are suitable both for work and for pleasant relaxation. You can also choose high armchair shapes which provide you with a backrest for your back, neck and head. On the other hand, lower chair shapes allow deeper seating, and thus more comfortable relaxing or curling up.

The classic pillow shapes are designed mainly for relaxation. Nowadays, pillows equipped with straps are a specific variant and a hot tip; they allow you to shape the bag to any position easily.

In addition to the above mentioned, there are completely original beans bags, which are designed for both small and big sport lovers, and they are in the shape of various sports balls. The most popular are footballs, of course; however, you can please a tennis player, a volleyball player or a basketball player, too.

Whether you purchase authentic antique furniture or just replicas, both options have their advantages and disadvantages. In any case, be careful about the quality of material and the purity of stylish design.

Furniture has a crucial role in creating an interior. A stylish interior will stand out especially if you equip it with antique furniture. You can have an original, or you can buy a brand new piece, which is almost indistinguishable from an original.

The essential difference between anoriginal and a replica is the price. Not everyone has such financial options to get a valued original. On the other hand, investing money in antique furniture is a clever step. The commodities, such as antiques, do not lose their value during the time, and their owners can enjoy the fact that while using their beautiful historic pieces, their investment increases its value at the same time.


Ergonomics Of Antique Furniture

The disadvantage of historical originals may be their practical use. Not every piece of historic furniture will suit us the same way, as it serves to our ancestors a few centuries ago. People have changed anthropologically during the last few centuries, and some pieces, even just 100 years old, or older, may not suit to its present owner dimensionally. You can notice this especially on antique chairs, desks, wardrobes, sofas and beds.


Past Of Antique Furniture

The past is another circumstance which co-decides when you hesitate if you purchase an original or a quality historical replica. Many people are discouraged by the idea of surrounding themselves with furniture with a vague, often tragic history. You accept your furniture as your own, as a part of our home and your family, so it is quite natural that the sanitary issues play a role. However, if the furniture has safe history, an authentic piece, which might have even belonged to a notability, can reach absolutely astronomical prices.


Replicas Are Cheaper

If you are looking for a way to bypass the negatives of antique furniture, and yet enjoy furnishing your interior in a historical design, you can get replicas of historic furniture. Especially in the last few decades, the industry of historical replicas is booming. These products combine the perfection of craft and historical accuracy with modern techniques. There are hundreds of renowned producers of quality historical replicas all over the world.


Choose A Century

The most popular and most desired replicas are mainly derived from the Northern Italian Renaissance, European Baroque, English sober styles of the 18th century, from flaring styles of French Kings Louis XIV., XV. and XVI., and from the elegant French Empire Style (18th-19th century). In recent years, there is also a great demand for replicas of antique furniture from U.S. history, such as U.S.-British furniture from the late colonial period (1750 – 1770), furniture from the U.S. Revolutionary period (1776 – 1783), as well as the “Federal Style” from the first decades of the U.S.A. (around 1825).


Quality Products from The Philippines

A large number of replicas are produced in the Philippines. The products show high quality craftsmanship and precision, they are made of high quality wood and primarily, in such price levels, which can hardly be competed with. They supply markets all over the world. Another thriving industry is production of replicas, which are imitations only seemingly. These replicas incorporate several historical styles, so they basically cannot be historically classified. However, their popularity is high, so their sales are going well. Everyone can opt for what he or she likes the most.

Choose According To Its Benefits

Wood is likely to be the favourite material for furniture making. But what are the exact differences between solid wood and veneer, and which option will be better for you?

When listing the advantages of wood, you cannot ignore the fact that wood can be disposed of easily and ecologically. In addition to the structural elements (ceilings, roofs, boards, beams), wood is also used in interiors (windows, doors, stairs) and for manufacturing of furniture. As to furniture, two terms are used: solid wood and veneer. What is the difference between the two forms of wood?


What Is The Difference Between Solid Wood And Veneer?

In the past, only solid wood furniture, not veneered, was produced in the country, as many people did not trust the soundness of furniture veneer. Due to its properties, solid wood is a material with multiple application. It can be used (with regard to the quality and type of raw material) virtually everywhere, no matter whether it is in a form of glued board or layered board (i.e. bio-board). In interior, it is used especially for furniture, but for doors, windows, floors and panelling, as well.

On the other hand, veneer is a thin strip of wood, generally of high quality. It is used for coating furniture parts, floors, doors and wall panels, for manufacturing of plywood etc. Veneer sheets are made 0.2 – 3 mm thick.


Where Is The Best Location For Solid Wood Furniture?

The purpose, i.e. the use and the location of the furniture, is important, above all. Solid wood furniture made of softwood (spruce, pine) is more suitable into a children’s or student’s room. However, if you are furnishing a representative interior, veneered furniture is preferable; it may be in combination with solid wood (cherry, walnut), metal or glass. In accordance with a related directive, veneered furniture must be just as resilient as solid wood furniture, made of hardwood. Veneer is used for enhancing the value of a lower quality material, natural or industrial, such as particle board, batten and MDF board (Medium Density Fibreboard ). At present, veneer is used on PD, DVD, DTD boards and on batten. In all cases, veneered furniture is heavier than solid wood one. The disadvantage of veneer is the risk of peeling of individual plies from the base as well as the risk of sanding through during repairs. The advantage is that veneer components are dimensionally stable.



Although it is a pure natural material, prices of solid wood and veneered furniture are comparable. Furniture made of laminated chipboard, and from similar materials imitating wood grain, is cheaper, especially if it comes from the east. However, in case of some really cheap products, the material used may be questionable, which is related to the consequent issue of health safety (contents of biphenyl, dioxin and formaldehyde).


How About Their Maintenance?

Maintenance of solid wood furniture is simple – as little water as possible. A damp cloth soaked in soapy water is sufficient. It is ideal to use a special product for the wood/timber care. With a proper maintenance, furniture can serve you well for decades.

Veneer is maintained within the appropriate care for furniture. However, you should not expose veneer to direct sunlight, to the effects of alcohol and to large fluctuations of temperature. In a case of damage, veneer is repaired by by gluing the back, in the case of breaking a ply of veneer, by inserting a new piece, and in case of damage to the finish, by sanding it.


Some Advice From The Practice

At the beginning, you select the wooden furniture in a store. Every customer should decide a few basic things before shopping for solid wood furniture: the first one is the choice of a supplier. Unfortunately, it becomes common that some wholesalers offer imitations of products of established companies on the market, however the quality is incomparable; anyway, a customer cannot see these facts on a promotional flyer.

That is why you need to see and literary touch the furniture first. Further it is important to ask a salesperson, if the furniture has certificates for health and for product safety. If a manufacturer skimps here, it is very likely that they save elsewhere, too.


Secure Packaging

If the furniture it is supplied in a disassembled form, a durable carton packaging is important, and it also must be provided with a good assembly instructions. Because if you bring a pile of boards wrapped in plastic home and try to assemble e.g. a dresser without any logical instructions, it could be quite a task even for a pro.


Final Advice

Because you do not buy furniture every day, the orientation at the lowest price, unlimited shop hours or an over-sized parking area in front of the store only could backfire. These indicators may be tempting, however secondary and often confusing for selecting of quality furniture.