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Antique Furniture – Original Pieces Or Replicas?

Whether you purchase authentic antique furniture or just replicas, both options have their advantages and disadvantages. In any case, be careful about the quality of material and the purity of stylish design.

Furniture has a crucial role in creating an interior. A stylish interior will stand out especially if you equip it with antique furniture. You can have an original, or you can buy a brand new piece, which is almost indistinguishable from an original.

The essential difference between anoriginal and a replica is the price. Not everyone has such financial options to get a valued original. On the other hand, investing money in antique furniture is a clever step. The commodities, such as antiques, do not lose their value during the time, and their owners can enjoy the fact that while using their beautiful historic pieces, their investment increases its value at the same time.


Ergonomics Of Antique Furniture

The disadvantage of historical originals may be their practical use. Not every piece of historic furniture will suit us the same way, as it serves to our ancestors a few centuries ago. People have changed anthropologically during the last few centuries, and some pieces, even just 100 years old, or older, may not suit to its present owner dimensionally. You can notice this especially on antique chairs, desks, wardrobes, sofas and beds.


Past Of Antique Furniture

The past is another circumstance which co-decides when you hesitate if you purchase an original or a quality historical replica. Many people are discouraged by the idea of surrounding themselves with furniture with a vague, often tragic history. You accept your furniture as your own, as a part of our home and your family, so it is quite natural that the sanitary issues play a role. However, if the furniture has safe history, an authentic piece, which might have even belonged to a notability, can reach absolutely astronomical prices.


Replicas Are Cheaper

If you are looking for a way to bypass the negatives of antique furniture, and yet enjoy furnishing your interior in a historical design, you can get replicas of historic furniture. Especially in the last few decades, the industry of historical replicas is booming. These products combine the perfection of craft and historical accuracy with modern techniques. There are hundreds of renowned producers of quality historical replicas all over the world.


Choose A Century

The most popular and most desired replicas are mainly derived from the Northern Italian Renaissance, European Baroque, English sober styles of the 18th century, from flaring styles of French Kings Louis XIV., XV. and XVI., and from the elegant French Empire Style (18th-19th century). In recent years, there is also a great demand for replicas of antique furniture from U.S. history, such as U.S.-British furniture from the late colonial period (1750 – 1770), furniture from the U.S. Revolutionary period (1776 – 1783), as well as the “Federal Style” from the first decades of the U.S.A. (around 1825).


Quality Products from The Philippines

A large number of replicas are produced in the Philippines. The products show high quality craftsmanship and precision, they are made of high quality wood and primarily, in such price levels, which can hardly be competed with. They supply markets all over the world. Another thriving industry is production of replicas, which are imitations only seemingly. These replicas incorporate several historical styles, so they basically cannot be historically classified. However, their popularity is high, so their sales are going well. Everyone can opt for what he or she likes the most.