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Undoubtedly, furniture is basic in any interior, lamps follow it and finally, there are fabrics such as curtains. They can be smooth, light and translucent and they do more than just decorate the room.

However, they are not a must and many people can do without them. Curtains are not ideal for allergy sufferers, too, as they constitute a kind of filter, which catches almost all dust and pollen particles floating in the air.

Yet there are many people, who swear on curtains, and the investment in them is not so staggering, so you can afford to get new ones from time to time.

What are the current trends?


White Classic

Forget the garish curtains reaching barely to the half of the window and trying to look like embroidered, or even lace ones. In a modern interior, additional elegance can be achieved by smooth and simply flowing curtains reaching to the ground (you can afford them in summer, and in the heating season you replace them with curtains reaching to the window sills only). Patterns are not particularly striking, as well, and stylized nature motifs or simple geometric shapes are the best choice.


Do Not Be Afraid Of Colours

Try to get away from stereotypes and purchase coloured curtains. They not only revive the interior in an interesting way, you can also appreciate their practical side, as coloured curtains do not show visible signs of getting yellow or gray.

However, if your taste is more conservative, we can recommend you ivory or creamy curtains; these delicate colours transmit pleasant and soft light into the room. Each colour of curtains affects the space in its own way. In the kitchen, you can place bright yellow curtains to brighten the room, and in the bedroom, blue is suitable as it has calming effect.


Curtain As a Separating Element

Curtains are not used only for decorating the windows and shading the rooms. If you install tracks on the ceiling according to a planned scheme, you can transform the interior gracefully by simply shifting the curtains, e.g. to separate the place for sleeping. These “light partitions” do not burden the space and they are practically invisible, when folded.


Japanese Sliding Panels

Despite their long history, they are truly modern and sophisticated alternative of window shielding. The large flat surface brings out interesting patterns and by choosing the material, you can set the amount of shading, from the simple transparent ones to completely blackout ones.

This type of window shading dominates the interior. Choose the ideal width of bands according to the dimensions of the window or the wall, so that after full stretching, at least two-thirds of the window remains uncovered. The parts move in their tracks, each one in its own groove. On the underside of the belt, there is framework or a weight, which ensures perfect stretching of the material.


As White As Snow

Are your curtains gray because of dust or yellowed by cigarette smoke? They can be white again.

Soak them in water with crystal soda or common salt (10 l: 500 g) at least for one hour, preferably overnight.

Rinse the curtains well with clean water and repeat it until the water is completely clear.

Add some baking soda to the washing detergent.

Add a teaspoon of blue ink into the last rinsing bath which will brighten blue curtains up.

Do not wring the curtains, just let them drain.

Hang the curtains still wet, the folds will sag and the curtains will remain neatly straight.

Looking for a perfect shading element for your windows? You can choose the Roman blinds. These are a special type of fabric blinds, on which the fabric is divided horizontally into equal strips by a framework. There are loops sewn on each strip through which woven string is threaded; the string is used for controlling the blinds.


What Makes The Roman Blinds Different From Other Types Of Blinds?

During the production of Roman blinds, strong emphasis is put on the selection of high quality materials and a perfect workmanship. High quality of implementation is characteristic also for the Roman blinds of large sizes.


Wide Range Of Use

Roman blinds are suitable both in a classical and modern interior. They can be recommended not only into a living room, where they will amaze your visitors with their elegant appearance, but also into a kitchen, where you will appreciate their functionality. Roman blinds can be installed in vertical windows as well as in windows of atypical shapes.


No More Rolling

Horizontal folds are typical for the Roman blinds. The surface of the blind is divided into several horizontal stripes that are equally wide. When you pull the blind up, it remains folded in the upper part of the window.


You Can Become The Designers Of Your Home

By selecting a suitable pattern and colour combinations, it is possible to adapt the Roman blinds to the smallest details of your interior. The fabrics are high quality ones, with excellent colour and shape fastness.


Like A New One Even After Years

The main advantage of Roman blinds is their easy maintenance. You can remove and wash the fabric very easily, or you can replace it with another fabric with a different design.

“We believe that the Roman blinds will convince you that beauty is in simplicity,” the producer says.