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Radiators are integral parts of a heating system in many homes, commercial buildings and in various institutions. What should you keep in mind, when you need to replace an old radiator?


Ribbed Or Panel Radiator?

Naturally, when choosing a heating system, there are a number of factors to consider. First of all, it is necessary to choose the right type. As to this, you have a wide choice of both panel and ribbed radiators. In most homes, quality panel radiators are preferred nowadays: they are more efficient, aesthetically interesting, as well as more dimensionally compact, which are the qualities appreciated by most people. On the other hand, for bathrooms, special bathroom radiators (“ladders”) are the most suitable.

When choosing a radiator, you need to take the external conditions, building insulation, size of the rooms, as well as the correct location into account (it certainly should be under the windows, but not behind curtains or furniture). However, the performance is the key factor, which must be sufficient to heat the entire interior space, and to do it as cheaply as possible. Secondary are features such as the design, although you have to remember that the ribbed or panel radiator will also be an aesthetic part of the room.

a traditional ribbed radiator

Get Experts Advice

Finally, there is an important tip for you. There is a really huge choice of radiators on the market, which is difficult to orient in for most people. However, the proper selection can save you a lot of money. Fortunately, there is a multitude of online shops where you can buy cheaper than in a store, while you can get some advice there, too.


The sun begins to show its strength again, and although you may greet it enthusiastically, there are moments when you want to hide from the light. In this case, you need a kind of shielding system. Do you know which one you should choose?

There are several different types of shading systems. In addition to their primary function, they satisfy additional demands placed on them, too. That is why it is necessary to choose the right system.


Horizontal Blinds

They are definitely the most common type of interior shielding. The slats are usually made of lightweight and highly durable aluminium. The material allows virtually unlimited adjustment of length according to the individual needs. These blinds are often installed between window panes and together with curtains, they provide complementary shielding. There is a wide range of colours to match the interior.


Vertical Blinds

You will definitely notice them in an interior. Their advantages are their versatility, their perfect capability to control the light and their noise reduction. They can be made of virtually all modern materials: cotton, polyester, fibreglass, PVC, and also the exclusive wooden fabric. Their advantage is the ability to shield even a very large area, which may be angled, rounded, or even inclined.


Slightly Different Blinds

The blinds are experiencing their renaissance nowadays. They require less maintenance than the traditional curtains, they easily tame the dangerous sun rays while protecting your privacy from unwanted eyes from the outside. The large surface of the blinds allows using of creative designs. There is an interesting combination of blinds and shutters; you can regulate the light transmittance by lifting or lowering them.


Attractive Pleating

The pleated fabric blinds with various level of light transmittance are a perfect, variable and mainly functional supplement in a flat, an office or even in a conservatory. The intensity of shading can be set by lowering or lifting the upper or lower profile. This creates shielding exactly on locations where you need it.


Sliding Panels

Modern interior is characterized by the use of light and by large glazed surfaces. To avoid large windows from losing their charm, complement them with a corresponding shading technique, such as the Japanese fabric walls made of curtain-type fabric, which transmits a large amount of light, while still providing enough privacy.


The Touch Of Nature

The wooden shutters are an elegant addition to a classical or a modern interior. The natural material allows matching with the furnishing as well as with the floor. The practical characteristics of wooden shutters are also advantageous: they are relatively highly moisture resistant and, thanks to the surface treatment, resistant to the UV radiation. The slats are made of soft wood of linden tree, bamboo or exotic ramin wood. The daylight passing through the wooden slats brings soft golden tones into the interior.


Indulge In Comfort

You can enjoy the advantages of interior shielding every day only if it is motorized and if it uses a remote control. It’s simple – just press a button and any type of interior shading will do what you want. Thanks to the motorization, you can control the natural light and the intensity of sunlight quickly and easily. Likewise, you can effectively protect your privacy. The motorization thus brings comfort and saves time which you can spend e.g. with your family.


Children And Shielding

You do not need to be afraid of using obvious children’s motives on the pleats – they look nice and fresh in children rooms and moreover, kids tend to love them. However, caution should be exercised when choosing several striking materials, so that the room did not look fussy (with a combination of multiple bold patterns and colours).

sliding panels



Each type of shielding technology has its own specifics – the use, shading, control etc. That is why you cannot get a universal guide for all types of shielding. It is recommended to follow the instructions for use and maintenance, which is provided by the manufacturer of each specific type.

In general, the textile systems are made of a fabric which can be washed by hand at 30 °C only, and the slat blinds, which can be cleaned mechanically by wiping with a damp cloth.



Children learn consideration and responsibility by taking care of a pet, however a dog brings many everyday duties. It is important to realize that he needed to be walked, fed, cared for his hair and above all, he needs to be given enough attention, so that he did not invest his energy e.g. into the destruction of shoes.

If you want buy a dog for your children, you should follow the characteristics of particular breeds. Look for dogs, which are less active. You also need to ensure in advance, if your kid is not allergic to dog hair.

You need to remember that it is a commitment for many years – 8 to 15 or more.

Keep also in mind that you go to work and your children go to school. You can preferably get a dog outside, or even a different pet, which will not feel lonely at home.



A cat is less demanding on your time. When kids are at school and you are at work, a cat can stay at home contentedly. He will not make much mess, as he can learn to use the cat toilet easily. Cats live an average of 12 years.

As to the care, cats need regular feeding. You do not need to worry about their hair, as cats can clean it well themselves.

When you teach the cat to use a carrier, he can even go on holiday with you. Do not forget regular deworming and visits to the vet.


Dwarf Rabbit

A dwarf rabbit can be trained to cleanliness well. It will even rush on call and it will like to cuddle. Although it does not required full-time care, the keeper must give it some time every day and let it run outside its housing for at least 4 hours a day.

A rabbit can learn certain principles and customs. Each dwarf rabbit is a unique personality. There are nice and clean individuals as well as lifelong “pigs” and naughty ones.

In most cases, they are relatively sensitive to disease. The standard dwarf rabbit has a weight of 1 to 1.5 kg. But it is not guaranteed that it will not grow bigger.

Remember that it is necessary to change the bedding and water often and to buy goodies for it to have vitamins. Do not forget the hay and twigs, as rabbits need to gnaw with their teeth. To begin with, you need to buy a special housing (a cage, a plastic box), a drinking fountain, a bowl, food and bedding. A rabbit lives on average 6-8 years.



They are perfect for beginners. If your kid wants a pet, you can start with goldfish. Although the kid will not be able to cuddle with them, he or she will learn to take care of them, and you will see whether the enthusiasm lasts.

You need to get a sufficiently large fish tank, some plants, stones, the filters for water purification, air bubble maker, light and warmer. After this, the care is simple: the goldfish need just to be fed once a day. There are many different species of goldfish, some of them are demanding on the water purity and some can even do without the filter and heater, if you change the water daily and if you bubble fresh air through a straw. They can live up to 16 years.



It is one of popular pets. It usually does not bite, so it is suitable for kids. A guinea-pig can reach the weight up to 1.2 kg. Guinea-pigs are very active and they reproduce very quickly. It is not recommended to keep two or more males at the same time.

The cage must have a minimum of 80×50 cm. It should be placed in a bright and not overheated room, without draft and noise. There are terrariums and plastic boxes available. The diet should be varied and regular, twice a day at the same time. The fresh food needs to be at room temperature. The improper foods include leek, potatoes, onion and garlic.

Guinea-pig´s teeth grow constantly, so it needs hay, stems and twigs from fruit trees to gnaw on. Use a water fountain, as water intake is very important for them. Be prepared for the sounds a guinea-pig makes: squeaking, bubbling, clicking its teeth or “singing”. The life expectancy is 5-8 years.


Ferrets have a sweet and playful character like cats. You can walk it on a leash and you can keep in an apartment similarly to a dog. A ferret needs a large cage or aviary, where it sleeps most of the day. Place a ferret toilet in every room, in which your ferret has access. As to toys, a tube from TP or plush toys are sufficient, however an ordinary plastic bag is probably its favourite.

The ideal food is high quality meat granules designed specifically for ferrets. Ferrets like fruit or vegetables, too. Do not forget to allow your ferret a constant access to drinking water.

A ferret is a social creature, so it suffers much when it feels alone and neglected. If you do not have enough time for it, you would better not to acquire it. When a ferret suffers, it starts to bite or becomes ill. A ferret lives up to 6-8 years.



If you take good care of it, a rat can become a great pet. It is intelligent, playful, clean, docile, and it does not require much space for living.

Its cage or glass tank should be placed in a room with a constant temperature up to 22 °C. A rat must be protected from drafts, but it also needs a sufficient air circulation. That is why a cage is better than a glass tank. Before you let the rat out of it, it is necessary to remove all poisonous plants (such as cyclamen, agave, azalea, ivy, hyacinth and others) from the room/s.

You also need to secure all gaps between the furniture and walls, from where you would not be able to get a rat out. Do not forget to close the window. Allow the rat to return into its cage to drink or eat whenever it needs. A rat can live up to 3-4 years.



Although tortoises are herbivores, they should not be fed only with herbs. Apart from the fresh leaves from trees and other plants (clover, dandelions, kohlrabi), they should occasionally get hay, egg yolks and some raw meat. Granulated food is suitable, too.

Correct breeding requires a supply of UV light. In a terrarium, an artificial source of UV light is necessary.

Tortoises require a constant and adequate humidity. It is questionable, whether hibernation is necessary for them. Some breeders claim that winterizing is significant, but also very risky. Therefore, if you do not want to risk it, let the turtle find its daily rhythm and composure itself.

Tortoises require less care than turtles which need changing of fresh water regularly. Anyway, keep in mind that a tortoise can live up to 80 years! In a pet shop, you can buy one provided with a chip and its number from a database.



Tarantula is a very popular pet. It is quiet and needs a little space for living. There are many kinds, sizes and colours of them.

A tarantula likes to eat crickets, cockroaches and little mice or rodents. In addition to food, it needs a constant access to water. Use a loose bedding in its terrarium so that it can burrow. Various holes and hiding places are ideal for tarantulas. Be careful about sharp edges where it can get injured. The ideal temperature is 25-35 °C.

The tarantulas regularly leave their old skin which remains intact. They live up to 25 years.

Warning: It should be noted that it is not recommended to acquire a tarantula if you are an amateur keeper, who has no experience with keeping spiders and similar creatures. You always need to practice extreme caution when handling tarantulas. Their bite should not be fatal, however it is very painful!


African Giant Snail

Breeding of a giant snail needs some courage. Not everyone has the desire to cuddle with such a creature, however it is quite undemanding. It grows up the length of 30 cm and when adult, it weighs 300 grams.

Snails eat fruit, Chinese cabbage, chunks of cheese, boiled pasta, lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, moss or cuttings from apples and cucumbers.

They need air humidity of 90% and a temperature of about 27 °C. They can also be kept in a plastic box with holes, however make sure you get a glass terrarium with a minimum size of 50×40 cm. The bedding should be made of coconut substrate. Occasionally they can be given a cuttlebone or crushed egg shells – their shell will be hard and shiny then. Do not forget a large water pool, where the snail can bathe. In captivity, it can live up to 7 years.


One of the natural materials which experiences its comeback (after the era of various artificial substitutes) is wood. It is soft, elastic, natural and fragrant, it is a subject to ambient influences, a material with which a skilful craftsman can do real wonders.

Recently, natural materials are increasingly returning into architecture. They remind us of our origins and our “roots”, as people have been using wood to build their homes since time immemorial.

You can achieve many interesting effects by finishing the wood. When working with it, you have to keep in mind that you need only good quality and well-dried wood, otherwise it will warp and cause a number of difficulties.

Wood has been having a wide use in our homes. It feels warm, so it makes even a very austere apartment feel cosy.  It is traditionally used for making furniture, musical instruments and window and door frames. Increasingly, it becomes used even in other fields, in which you would not expect before, such as in kitchens (kitchen worktops) or in bathrooms.

If you wish to have a wooden countertop in your kitchen, it is no problem. It is good to choose beech, oak or exclusive teak wood. Teak wood is non-absorbent itself (due to the high content of natural oils), that is why it can be used without any surface treatment, which is to guarantee impermeability. This determines its use in kitchens and even in bathrooms. Other kinds of wood must be impregnated by epoxy resins which prevent water absorption.


Teak wood is a hard, dimensionally stable and resistant to parasites and pests. It is also resistant to the effects of sunlight, rain and even snow, although it is very easy to maintain. It is much appreciated for these properties and it is used for making both interior and exterior furniture (and even in shipbuilding). If you have teak garden furniture, you do not need to store it indoors during winters. You just need to check if all screws and joints are carefully tightened, otherwise water could leak in and as a result of frost, ice can cause cracking of the wood. If you decide to store the furniture inside during the winter, it is not advisable to put in a hot room; a garage is ideal.

Teak wood exposed to sun, wind, rain and frost becomes covered by a gray patina which gives the impression of antiquity and elegance. If you like the warm, golden colour of teak wood, you should impregnate the garden furniture with the teak oil 2 or 3 times a year. This treatment is not necessary, however if you decide to do it, you have to follow a few rules:

– remove any impurities with soapy water, then brush any stains (a scourer is not suitable)

– before applying the oil, the item must be completely dry

– the oil must be applied BEFORE the item goes gray

– only high quality oil may be used, applied by a clean brush evenly over the entire surface

– the first treatment should be done in two layers; the following treatments may include only one layer

– given to the fact that the teak oil detains dirt, the item begins to darken over time, that is why it is necessary to sand the old coat with an abrasive sponge off before applying a new coat.


In recent years, an interest in wooden floors has been growing significantly. This kind of floor has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is that wood as a natural material absorbs water, that is why it should never exposed to excessive moisture; it could possibly change it shape (by swelling or turning gray). This is especially true for the tree species which react to moisture extraordinarily fast, such as beech wood. Therefore, you must be careful e.g. during doing the cleaning.

It is best to use the “dry method”, i.e. sweeping and vacuuming. Nevertheless, washing cannot be avoided completely. In this case, it is necessary to ensure consistently that the mop or the cloth being used has been wrung out very well not to make any “puddles” on the floor. According to experts, freshly laid wooden floors should be only dry cleaned for at least 14 days after installation.

You should also keep in mind, that wood is a natural material, which reacts sensitively to ambient conditions, particularly to the relative air humidity, which causes any changes in humidity of the wood. When the moisture level is high, the wood swells – and vice versa. This can create e.g. large gaps in the floor. That is why in rooms with a wooden floor, the relative humidity should range between 55 and 65% at 20 °C all year round. These conditions are beneficial not only for the floors, furniture, and musical instruments in your apartment, but for you, as well.

Since wood is a relatively soft material, it can be mechanically damaged. For this reason it is good to protect it against abrasion and to provide furniture, especially chairs, armchairs and tables, with felt pads. If a damage of the floor surface happens, the floor needs to be sanded and re-finished. However, it is quite a dusty and professional work, so it is better to hire an expert to do it.


A mole or a mouse may look cute and cuddly in an animated film, however meeting them in your garden or your house is not so pleasant.

There can be a whole array of unwelcome guests in your house, farmhouse, barn and garden. Anyway, you can get rid of them in different ways, thus preventing many difficulties.


Mice, Rats And Moles

Rodents are probably the least welcome ones in your garden or in the surroundings of your property. They are often rats, which do not seek clean environment.

Rats transmit many diseases, but they are regarded to be very intelligent animals. Their resilience is striking as they can adapt even to the radioactive environment. They are resistant to many poisons and their teeth can gnaw even on reinforced concrete. To avoid rats and other rodents, the prevention is principal, i.e. keeping a place clean. Rats do not like cleanliness, so they would prefer to move to your neighbours´ where they can enjoy e.g. a dirty barn full of old hay. It is very hard to rid of rodents, and even though it does not seem too stylish, it is best to use traps to catch and kill them.


Dangerous Diseases

Rodents can also be driven away by cats or dogs. However, a cat may not be always able to oust a big rat out and after a match with rat, the cat can get infected by various diseases transmissible to humans. If there is a large amount of rodents, it is recommended to clean the environment up properly first including removing all remnants of grain or other food. If this does not work, call a specialized pest controlling firm.

Although it is popular with kids, a mole can wreak a real havoc. The small blind creature that feeds on insects in its tunnels is very unpopular among golfers as well as among gardeners who want to keep their lawn in the best condition achievable. Even one mole can wreak havoc, and the sooner you catch it, the less frightening its work will be.



Even the songbirds can be unpleasant visitors, if they feed on cherries or strawberries in your garden. Especially during the harvest season of fruits (cherries, raspberries, strawberries, currants), every gardener can notice an increased number of birds on his or her property. The otherwise useful creatures fighting against insects upset gardeners not only by the damage they cause by improper harvesting, but also by their faeces. Anyway, you can defend against birds in an unethical manner, when you remove their nests from the trees (before hatching the chicks).

Starlings, blackbirds and other flying creatures can be intimidated by a stooge in the middle of a meadow or by a propeller made from pet bottle. Old CDs hanging on trees or near beds can be successfully used, too. The CDs frighten the birds with their glint, as birds see them as a predator attacking and take off immediately. Anyone who wants to fight insects should appreciate every swallow over his or her garden.


Martens And Weasels

The forest animals, who are increasingly migrating into cities in search of food, feed on just anything. Both weasels and martens cannot resist eggs that is why they find their favourite refuge is in gardens, where chickens are kept.

A polecat even does not refuse a chicken therefore it must be eliminated as soon as possible. For these pests, traps are used. They can also be put to sleep with a tranquilizer gun and then transferred to forest – although it is not recommended.


Useful Hedgehog

If you have hedgehogs in your garden, you have great helpers; a hedgehog is a menace to snakes, insects and small rodents. However, is not advisable to catch the cute animal with your hands, as it has fleas.


Common, run-of-the-mill furniture cannot be manufactured from bamboo or seagrass. The furniture made of these materials is mostly handmade, and even if not, every product is different from others, at least because of different look of the material.

You cannot see bamboo or teak furniture in European apartments and houses frequently. Europeans are conservative and continue to believe in their furniture made of beech, oak or spruce.


bamboo furniture


Unmatched Quality

The classical European furniture, which is currently popular, can hardly match the quality of bamboo furniture. This material is nearly indestructible and it can withstand far more than the traditional wood species. The bamboo scaffolding hundreds of meters high on Japanese or Chinese skyscrapers has its good purpose.

The price of bamboo is still relatively high, but given that bamboo is the fastest growing woody plant in the world, it certainly will not continue to be so in the future. Similar to Asian textiles which are flooding Europe, it is just a question of time when the market will become swamped by Asian furniture.


Bamboo Furniture Is Unexpectedly Resistant

You can buy chairs, tables, armchairs, shelves and even beds or cabinets made from bamboo. Split bamboo can be a great decoration in the form of screens or shades. Bamboo furniture is always treated with clear varnish, which creates a resistant surface. Customers can design the upholstery for their furniture themselves according to their wishes. In the event of unexpected floods, you can be certain that you will not have to throw the bamboo furniture away; you will just need to replace the upholstery, as moisture does no harm to the wood species. That is why you can use bamboo furniture in your garden, too.


bamboo furniture


Expensive But High Quality Furniture Made From Teak

If you decide to buy furniture made from teak, do not expect it to be produced run-of-the-mill. Teak is a rare wood with outstanding qualities. Its abnormal hardness, medium heavy weight, long durability, resistance to rot, mildew and termites are good reward for its relatively high price. Furniture companies like working with this kind wood since they produce goods that will acquire additional beauty with aging.


Teak Wood Is Elegant Both For Homes And For Offices

The cabinets or tables made from this kind of wood are very nice to the touch. Its golden brown colour with occasional black stripes adorns every office. You can have not only furniture made from teak, but shutters, window frames or a robust entrance door, as well. If you have enough means, it is also possible to have flooring made from teak. This costly investment is very likely to survive you without any problems.


teak furniture


Rattan Has Its Own Club

The furniture made from rattan is handmade, too. In Europe, this material is becoming much more popular then teak or bamboo. The rattan boom is the cause of formation of the Rattan Club and websites offering rattan goods. Unlike teak, rattan furniture is very lightweight, so it is suitable in homes, where elderly people live, who may otherwise have problems with moving a couch or an armchair. The weight of rattan products is half compared to the classic wooden furniture.


Rattan Furniture Maintenance

Rattan furniture can have various hues after staining. For cleaning, dusters, vacuum or damp cloth are recommended.


rattan furniture


Who was actually the first one to have the idea, that sauna is good for your body? And which rules you should follow when using it, not have any harm?

Saunas and steam baths are used to flush toxins out of the body already for millennia. Modern medicine, especially in the second half of the 20th century, studied heat and perspiration treatment intensively. They confirmed that the feeling of cleansing is not just apparent, superficial, but completely objective. The heat allows the passage of toxins from the body’s cells into the lymph from which sweat is released, and toxic heavy metals (e.g. mercury), pesticides and other pollutants are excreted from the body. During this excretion of toxins, liver and kidneys are not vital, so even these internal organs are relieved here, and the toxins can leave the body even by their malfunction. This may help to some chronically ill people.


home sauna

The Ancestor – Steam Bath

A sweat lodge or tent of an American Indian shaman had the same purpose and principle as a Siberian banya, Greek laconium, Roman terma or today´s Turkish bath. Whether it is built by a primitive technique or by modern technology, there are always hot stones to pour water over. Steam bath is older than sauna, which apparently appeared in today’s Finland at the beginning of our era.

Steam baths´ walls are covered with ceramic or plastic panels and hot steam is led into the bath. The temperatures of about 50 ° C are at the limit of tolerability and they are considerably lower compared to a dry sauna, however the moisture is 100%, which increases the heat capacity of the air – water conducts heat more than twenty times faster than air.

The air temperature is higher than the body temperature that is why the vapour condenses on the skin. High humidity prevents sweating and thereby cooling the body; the purifying effect does good both to body and soul.


Effects Of Sauna

In the sauna, the effects are caused primarily by heating with dry air and by the temperatures of around 100 ° C. The mode can be sometimes enriched by sudden evaporation of water, which humidifies air in the short term and acts as a thermal shock on the skin. The thermal effect is complemented with massaging the skin by various means. The dry system or the alternate system, which are different in sauna and steam room, are both provided by ventilation and by the kind installation of timber in the interior.

The conditions in sauna trigger the “alarm reaction” in the body, which is the first stage of the response to stress (in this case, it is heat stress). The adrenals start to wash dopamine, adrenaline and noradrenaline out. These substances increase the heart beat and blood sugar levels and support the decomposition of fat. They also release the tension of airways, which means a relief to asthma sufferers.

The secretion of the hormone ACTH and cortisol also increases, and they boost the heart performance, mobilize energy reserves of the body, reduce pain and counteract inflammation and allergies. The growth hormone is activated and insulin levels increased, too. The level of sex hormones raises both in men and women, particularly if it is reduced by a common everyday stress (such as mental overload, anger, sadness or lack of sleep). The amount of beta-endorphins, which is the brain´s “bliss hormone”, is slightly increased.

All of these beneficial effects are manifested if you observe a reasonable length of stay in the sauna, i.e. about 15 minutes of heat and a adequate time of cooling. Longer time of intense effect of heat stress leads to high levels of cortisol in blood, which can cause a drop in blood pressure, a thermal shock and a heart failure.


steam bath


Therapeutic Effects Of Heat

Stretching of collagen – a series stretching at high temperatures may result in an extension of collagen tissues by 10-18%; if you undergo the cure quietly, you can even hear “groaning” of your joints, tendons, ligaments enveloping the muscles, connecting muscles as well as bones themselves; the joint stiffness caused by rheumatism decreases; the heat helps to treat osteoarthritis, sprains, muscle spasms and nerve pain.

Muscle tension is released by heat.

Pain relief is due partly to the release of muscle tension and partly due to the pain relieving substances produced by the body itself.

The support the bloodstream – a modest increase in cardiac output and heart rate; the possibility of passive cardiovascular training and improving the physical condition for those who cannot do sports actively.

Increased blood flow to peripheral tissues – washing waste substances away by sweating and by internal paths, thus reducing the risk of swellings and inflammation and accelerating healing; at the same time, the immune system is strengthened; deep cleansing improves the appearance of skin, heals acne, eczema, minor wounds and minimizes scars.

Cellulite reduction is due to depth heating, increased metabolic activity in the subcutaneous layers and the subsequent sweating.



home sauna


Wood For Saunas

Nordic spruce – good quality, with knots, it is used on walls and ceiling of saunas; the most frequently used

Nordic pine – good quality, mostly knot-free material used on walls and ceiling of saunas

Tsuga – exclusive, knot-free material used on walls and ceiling of saunas in higher price categories

Poplar – the most frequently used, knot-free and not pungent material for interiors of saunas

Abachi (African willow) – knot-free, not pungent material suitable for interiors of saunas


Construction Preparations

For standardized sauna and steam rooms (modular) you need:

  • even ceramic or stone tiles in the location of the sauna
  • outlet of electric cable, fused separately through the RCD
  • ventilated room


Built-In Saunas And Steam Baths

In this case, it is wise to choose a contractor first and then discuss everything you need, from the layout to electrical wiring, with them.

The built-in wardrobes can have a major influence on the visual impression of the room. They are suitable both in a bedroom and in a children´s room and, in combination with sliding doors, they save a lot of space.

The built-in wardrobes became widely known in the 1920´s already and they enjoy constant popularity since then. The people having experience with them cannot speak highly enough of them.

Compared to classical furniture, the wardrobes have a big advantage: their individuality. You can build them even in locations where no other cabinet could be squeezed in and moreover, their inner space will be arranged directly according to your wishes.


Storage Space Is Priceless

Experts have calculated that a wardrobe, compared to traditional cabinets, can save you up to half the space (which means several m²). The deep wardrobes are the most useful, the ideal depth is around 65 cm. You can place e.g. coat hangers and large items inside conveniently, which are hard to store elsewhere. A narrow wardrobe is chosen in areas with limited space, such as in hallways and foyers. Each additional storage space is good, you can use narrow cabinets e.g. for storing small items in baskets, containers and boxes. Wardrobes are built from the floor to the ceiling, so their height may be up to 3 m. However you can utilize even the highest places by using pantographs. You can pull the suspension system up to the waist level by a rod, which certainly makes the process of choosing clothes easier and more pleasant. Wardrobes can also serve as practical partitions dividing rooms.


Internal Arrangement

The internal arrangement of a wardrobe depends solely on its owners, as they can choose what extras they would like to use. Among the practical gadgets, there is a variety of sliding mechanisms used for clothes hangers, for pants, skirts or ties, there are sliding shoe racks, clamps for hoses or for a whole vacuum cleaner, iron holder or even a sliding ironing board. Especially in children bedrooms, sophisticated systems are often used, which can hide a whole bed in the wardrobe. The fold-down single beds and double beds are practical also in small apartments, where the living room and the bedroom are one and the constant presence of beds is not desirable.


Beware Of Shards

Mirrors are popular on doors of built-in wardrobes. Ensure your safety and insist on the use of safety film which prevents shattering the glass into dangerous shards.

What is the ideal refrigerator? It should be neither too small, nor too big, it should be energy-saving, ergonomic, efficient and quiet … It’s not an easy selection.

It is evident that a refrigerator is one of the most useful appliances at home. When choosing, you have to decide these questions: do you want a freestanding refrigerator, a built-in refrigerator or an “American” refrigerator? Should the refrigerator have one or two compressors? What size and what energy efficiency?



A classic refrigerator may still stand in some kitchens, but it is no longer manufactured.  It is an electrical appliance which maintains the set temperature at a minimum tolerance, but the essential factor is, that it does not defrost continuously.

However, new refrigerators have a substantially greater thermal tolerance because they use the function of automatic defrost.


Freestanding Refrigerator

You can simply place this refrigerator on a location of your choice. The advantage is that it can be moved easily and it also has an easier access in case of a breakdown and a necessary repair. Today´s products are often highly aesthetical so they become a tasteful supplement of your kitchen. Moreover, the selection of freestanding appliances is generally much larger than the selection of built-in appliances.


Built-In Refrigerators

If the look of appliances disrupts your overall feel of the interior, there are built-in appliances available for you. They are designed to be built into our kitchen cabinets, so their doors will be made of the same material and in the same colour as the other cabinet doors. Do not forget, a freestanding appliance should never be used as a built-in one!


American Refrigerators

The American two-door refrigerators “side-by-side” are slowly getting to the market in the CR. They offer great comfort and a lot of storage, as well as features for cooling drinks or for making ice. They often include a glass wine cooler.


refrigerator “side-by-side” with wine cooler


One Or Two Compressors?

One compressor refrigerators tend to be cheaper and their energy consumption is lower. Two compressors will provide you with temperature control both for the freezing part and for the cooling part of your appliance. You can even shut down one part completely without disturbing the operation of the second part.


Refrigerator Size

When choosing the size of the refrigerator, consider the number of members of your family, in particular. There should be 50 to 90 l of cooling compartment and at least 25 l of freezer compartment for each person. The way of your shopping plays an important role, too. If you are accustomed to do shopping less frequently but in larger quantities, a large refrigerator will be suitable.


Energy Saving

When choosing energy efficiency, you do not need to hesitate, if it is a refrigerator that runs continuously throughout its lifetime: the cheaper the refrigerator, the higher the class of energy consumption. Some old refrigerators could even be included in Class G, but most today’s refrigerators are in classes between Class A ++ and Class B. You can affect the consumption yourselves e.g. by placing the appliance away from heat sources (radiators, oven etc.).

A computer with internet access became a natural part of a home, however it requires creating a home office, or at least a work area, in your apartment. How can you equip your home office so that it served you well?

Home office is a phenomenon you can encounter quite frequently nowadays. Many of us do our business, study or prepare ourselves for the work here.


Individual Requirements

A home office should be equipped with regard to how much time you are going to spend there and what you actually expect from it. A person, who works at home only occasionally or partially, will have different requirements for his or her office than e.g. a student or a self-employed person who does his or her business directly from home and who spends in the home office eight or more hours a day.


Choosing  The Room

The choice of the location in your apartment plays a very important role. It is ideal to reserve a separate room in a house for your home office, if it is possible. If you do not have this option, you should choose a quiet place in your apartment where you will be able to work undisturbed without anyone or anything bothering you. You can separate the work area, which is situated e.g. in the living room, from the rest of the room by a screen.



The basic piece of furniture you need in your home office is undoubtedly a work desk. Nowadays, we naturally allow for the space for a computer, however it is important to consider what type of computer you will have: a classic desktop or a laptop?

The position of the desk is important so that it was oriented according to the daylight. The right-handers should have light coming from the left and the left-handers vice versa. The desk should be positioned sideways to the window. The location facing the window is not advisable, since the person would be dazzled. And as to the position with your back to the window, the reflected light would disturb your vision on the screen.

According to the standards, the height of the worktop should be 72-75 cm. However, a workplace should be flexible, so the height of the desktop should better be adjusted to the height of the person.



How you feel at work very much depends on the correct choice of a working chair. Again, it depends on how much time you intend to spend on it. Definitely it is not worth to skimp on it, you need to realize that it is an investment in our health basically. The seating should be natural and comfortable to prevent incorrect spine postures and subsequent health problems.

You should definitely purchase a reclining chair with adjustable height. Proper adjustment of the chair is a precondition for healthy sitting. It is also advisable to try the chair when buying it. And when you are working, it is essential to change positions often and not to sit in one position stiffly.


Storage Space

Storage space is another essential part of a home office. The choice depends on what activity you do and what materials need to be stored, whether they are electronic media or a collection of laws. For storage, you can use the drawer containers with different interior equipment; they should be set for hanging folders, as well as there should be the classic drawers with a variety of partitions.

Furthermore, you can get open racks, cabinets with sliding or classic doors, cabinets with fitted roller blinds, as well as hanging cabinets or shelves. According to your needs, you can choose lockers to store electronic media, binders or books. There is also a variety of table extensions available, as well as additional cabinets to attach to the table.

The basic office equipment can be further extended by a range of office accessories, such as monitor stands, keyboard drawers, terminal holders (either hanging or stationary ones), cabinet card boxes for storing of documents; also hangers, wall hangers, CD racks and many others.


Receiving Clients

If you want to receive your clients in your office, you can have get an additional table besides the classic coffee table. The solution depends mainly on what kind of space you have and how many people you want to receive in your office at the same time.