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For Perfect Water In Your Swimming Pool

Keeping water in your swimming pool in a perfect condition is extremely important, especially if the pool is used by kids. If you have a swimming pool in your garden, it is necessary to get reliable pool chemicals.


What Products Should You Choose From?

In the area of ​​swimming pool chemicals, you can choose from several categories. For example, the chemicals based on active chlorine are very effective for water sanitation, and you can even choose from different products and purification tablets. However, this option is not suitable for kids or people sensitive to the increased chlorine content.  Fortunately, there are also chlorine free chemicals which contain active oxygen and they are very effective, too.

Further, there is also the combined chemistry available. In this area you will find many effective products which guarantee a good quality of water in your swimming pool. For example, the disinfectant tablets do not only sanitize water, but also cause flaking of dirt in cloudy water and killing the algae. So as you can see, there is currently a wide range of very effective products of pool chemistry available which allow you to swim in your swimming pool without health risks.


The Agents For Regulation Of The Water pH And Water Hardness

The pH of water in a pool should be between 6.8 and 7.4 (max. 7.6). You should monitor the value by pH testers, as if it is out of this range, the water is too acidic, or vice versa, too alkaline. Potential solutions include the agents for increasing or decreasing the water pH. And naturally, it is appropriate to use water hardness stabilizers, too; you will not have problems with sediments and turbidity then.