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Floor Lamps For Any Room

Lamps can do wonders with any room. You can use them as additional or main source of light in any corner of your house.

In the past, lamps were rather used as decorative elements, since they could not serve as the primary source of light, and they often stood in the darkest area of a room. It was relatively recently, when the floor lamps became adapted to the needs of their users, and now some of them can be used as the main source of light.

Other floor lamps can serve as a reading light or only for completing the interior. Various features of floor lamps give you the opportunity to use them in many ways, maybe only as way to balance the light level in your room, or as a source of light to your desk and PC.


A Reading Lamp With A Movable Arm

Natural light is the best light for reading, however you do not get much of it in wintertime. Ceiling chandeliers as well as table lamps are not suitable for reading, as they typically scatter light in all directions. For this activity, a floor lamp with an arm is the best, and you can freely move it all directions.

There are also lamps made of flexible materials, so you can bend them effortlessly to the desired height. However, they usually do just their practical function, and the aesthetic function is secondary.


A Lamp Instead Of  A Hanging Chandelier

Hanging chandeliers and other ceiling lights are particularly suitable in rooms with high ceilings. If the ceiling is low, a floor lamp with diffused light is more effective. However when choosing it, make sure that it is designed for a powerful light bulb, fluorescent or LEDs. If using a weak source (e.g. 60W or less), the room will be dark and gloomy.

Alternatively, you can use the combination of a floor lamp, decorative lamp and/or table lamp. The design of floor lamps should be stable and maybe heavier, because they do not need be moved from place to place. Some lamps are even equipped with casters, so handling them is easy.

A Lamp As Decoration

The function of a decorative lamp involves normally just decoration, and it can be used neither as the main light, nor for reading. The lampshades are made of opaque or less transparent materials, thus producing subdued light. They are mostly white (milk) glass or otherwise coloured glass, artificial pearl, rattan, bamboo fibre and other natural materials (resins, shells, etc.).

The decorative lamps are manufactured in various shapes, the shape of a column is very popular, as well as lamps decorated diversely. A suitable place for a decorative lamp can be e.g. in a living room or a bedroom, where the romantic illumination has its significance.


How To Choose A Floor Lamp

Even lamps are subjects to fashion trends and the style of the interior furnishings. If you have the furniture complemented with glass or metal, a lamp with a wooden stand will not be suitable – and vice versa. Before choosing it, you need to make sure the purpose for using the lamp, and whether the lampshade will be sufficient, or if it will not interfere with you.

You also need to plan in advance, where the lamp will be placed. If it serves as the main light, prepare a strategic location for it close to the centre of the room. In some shops, you can find collections of lamps, which include at least two elements, a floor lamp and a table lamp, both in the same design.