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Unwelcome Guests In Your Home

A mole or a mouse may look cute and cuddly in an animated film, however meeting them in your garden or your house is not so pleasant.

There can be a whole array of unwelcome guests in your house, farmhouse, barn and garden. Anyway, you can get rid of them in different ways, thus preventing many difficulties.


Mice, Rats And Moles

Rodents are probably the least welcome ones in your garden or in the surroundings of your property. They are often rats, which do not seek clean environment.

Rats transmit many diseases, but they are regarded to be very intelligent animals. Their resilience is striking as they can adapt even to the radioactive environment. They are resistant to many poisons and their teeth can gnaw even on reinforced concrete. To avoid rats and other rodents, the prevention is principal, i.e. keeping a place clean. Rats do not like cleanliness, so they would prefer to move to your neighbours´ where they can enjoy e.g. a dirty barn full of old hay. It is very hard to rid of rodents, and even though it does not seem too stylish, it is best to use traps to catch and kill them.


Dangerous Diseases

Rodents can also be driven away by cats or dogs. However, a cat may not be always able to oust a big rat out and after a match with rat, the cat can get infected by various diseases transmissible to humans. If there is a large amount of rodents, it is recommended to clean the environment up properly first including removing all remnants of grain or other food. If this does not work, call a specialized pest controlling firm.

Although it is popular with kids, a mole can wreak a real havoc. The small blind creature that feeds on insects in its tunnels is very unpopular among golfers as well as among gardeners who want to keep their lawn in the best condition achievable. Even one mole can wreak havoc, and the sooner you catch it, the less frightening its work will be.



Even the songbirds can be unpleasant visitors, if they feed on cherries or strawberries in your garden. Especially during the harvest season of fruits (cherries, raspberries, strawberries, currants), every gardener can notice an increased number of birds on his or her property. The otherwise useful creatures fighting against insects upset gardeners not only by the damage they cause by improper harvesting, but also by their faeces. Anyway, you can defend against birds in an unethical manner, when you remove their nests from the trees (before hatching the chicks).

Starlings, blackbirds and other flying creatures can be intimidated by a stooge in the middle of a meadow or by a propeller made from pet bottle. Old CDs hanging on trees or near beds can be successfully used, too. The CDs frighten the birds with their glint, as birds see them as a predator attacking and take off immediately. Anyone who wants to fight insects should appreciate every swallow over his or her garden.


Martens And Weasels

The forest animals, who are increasingly migrating into cities in search of food, feed on just anything. Both weasels and martens cannot resist eggs that is why they find their favourite refuge is in gardens, where chickens are kept.

A polecat even does not refuse a chicken therefore it must be eliminated as soon as possible. For these pests, traps are used. They can also be put to sleep with a tranquilizer gun and then transferred to forest – although it is not recommended.


Useful Hedgehog

If you have hedgehogs in your garden, you have great helpers; a hedgehog is a menace to snakes, insects and small rodents. However, is not advisable to catch the cute animal with your hands, as it has fleas.