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Setting Up a Home Office

A computer with internet access became a natural part of a home, however it requires creating a home office, or at least a work area, in your apartment. How can you equip your home office so that it served you well?

Home office is a phenomenon you can encounter quite frequently nowadays. Many of us do our business, study or prepare ourselves for the work here.


Individual Requirements

A home office should be equipped with regard to how much time you are going to spend there and what you actually expect from it. A person, who works at home only occasionally or partially, will have different requirements for his or her office than e.g. a student or a self-employed person who does his or her business directly from home and who spends in the home office eight or more hours a day.


Choosing  The Room

The choice of the location in your apartment plays a very important role. It is ideal to reserve a separate room in a house for your home office, if it is possible. If you do not have this option, you should choose a quiet place in your apartment where you will be able to work undisturbed without anyone or anything bothering you. You can separate the work area, which is situated e.g. in the living room, from the rest of the room by a screen.



The basic piece of furniture you need in your home office is undoubtedly a work desk. Nowadays, we naturally allow for the space for a computer, however it is important to consider what type of computer you will have: a classic desktop or a laptop?

The position of the desk is important so that it was oriented according to the daylight. The right-handers should have light coming from the left and the left-handers vice versa. The desk should be positioned sideways to the window. The location facing the window is not advisable, since the person would be dazzled. And as to the position with your back to the window, the reflected light would disturb your vision on the screen.

According to the standards, the height of the worktop should be 72-75 cm. However, a workplace should be flexible, so the height of the desktop should better be adjusted to the height of the person.



How you feel at work very much depends on the correct choice of a working chair. Again, it depends on how much time you intend to spend on it. Definitely it is not worth to skimp on it, you need to realize that it is an investment in our health basically. The seating should be natural and comfortable to prevent incorrect spine postures and subsequent health problems.

You should definitely purchase a reclining chair with adjustable height. Proper adjustment of the chair is a precondition for healthy sitting. It is also advisable to try the chair when buying it. And when you are working, it is essential to change positions often and not to sit in one position stiffly.


Storage Space

Storage space is another essential part of a home office. The choice depends on what activity you do and what materials need to be stored, whether they are electronic media or a collection of laws. For storage, you can use the drawer containers with different interior equipment; they should be set for hanging folders, as well as there should be the classic drawers with a variety of partitions.

Furthermore, you can get open racks, cabinets with sliding or classic doors, cabinets with fitted roller blinds, as well as hanging cabinets or shelves. According to your needs, you can choose lockers to store electronic media, binders or books. There is also a variety of table extensions available, as well as additional cabinets to attach to the table.

The basic office equipment can be further extended by a range of office accessories, such as monitor stands, keyboard drawers, terminal holders (either hanging or stationary ones), cabinet card boxes for storing of documents; also hangers, wall hangers, CD racks and many others.


Receiving Clients

If you want to receive your clients in your office, you can have get an additional table besides the classic coffee table. The solution depends mainly on what kind of space you have and how many people you want to receive in your office at the same time.