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Things You Can Put Into A Dishwasher

Nowadays, many people cannot imagine their lives without a dishwasher. Apparently, everyday struggle with dirty dishes tires anyone. But did you know that you can use your dishwasher for other purposes, as well?

Some of the following tips may seem surprising, while others logic, but you can be certain, that it is really possible to wash all these things successfully in a dishwasher.



If you are not among the few people who use a metal dustpan, you can put the plastic tool in your dishwasher without hesitation. It is natural, that you should better wash other similar cleaning utensils at the same time, instead of the dishes.


Rubber Boots (Wellingtons)

If your boots do not have a textile insole, or if it is a removable one, you cannot go wrong when you put the boots in a dishwasher to wash them.


PetsĀ“ Bowls

You can naturally wash plastic bowls for dog or cat (or other similar animals) food or water bowls in a dishwasher.


Vacuum Attachments

These extensions are usually plastic, or they have only small textile strips. Anyway, it should be safe to wash them in the machine.


Soap Holders

Do you also dislike scrubbing the soap deposits from a ceramic or plastic soap holder in your bathroom? It is no problem, just add the holder into the next batch, when you wash the dishes.


Sports Equipment

Most of sports equipment is made of plastic or it is plastic-coated completely. So if your sports equipment can fit into your dishwasher, you can clean it this way.


Microwave Turntable

How often do you clean the glass turntable, which is a part of your microwave? And have you ever thought that you do not need to scrub it, but just insert it into the dishwasher?


Plastic Brushes

It quite hard to get these tools rid of dirt and it is easy to entrust them to a dishwasher; water jets do the thorough cleaning for you.


Small Containers And Waste Bins

Do you have a small plastic container with a lid placed next to a bathroom sink to discard small waste, or do you use plastic containers for storing the toiletries? From time to time, do not forget to put the containers in the dishwasher.


Hanging Bathroom Racks

Wire bathroom racks are hung on hooks on a wall and they are manufactured to withstand moisture and direct contact with water. Therefore, they should easily stand one washing cycle in a dishwasher.