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A Disposer Helps You Too Keep Your Home Clean

Is the installation of a disposer in your kitchen worth the investment? These devices are already available on the market.

We can easily end the storage of food waste in the kitchen, which is improper from the health aspect, by buying a kitchen waste disposer.

Thanks to the disposer, the kitchen will remain a clean and odourless part of your apartment. The stored food scraps can be a hatchery of various bacteria and the unremoved garbage can attract insects or rodents.


The Material Is Important

The modern types of waste disposers are characterized by high performance, which allows an easily handling of things such as egg shells, nut shells and small bones. We also have to mention its easy maintenance and long lifespan. When choosing the disposer, you should not follow only the price but the type of the material, too. The experts recommend the solid lightweight materials, in particular. An anticorrosive coating is important, because the corroded material is a common cause of failure of older disposer types.


Crush It And Flush It

A really good garbage disposer easily disposes food waste, such as fruit and vegetable peels, bone fragments, nutshells, crumbs, even fish scales and remnants of paper napkins. All the waste is crushed to particles as small as grains of rice which are then easily flushed down the pipelines into the sewerage. Thanks to the fine milling, the waste does not attract rodents in sewers and it decomposes very quickly in a sewage treatment plant. Therefore, the crushing of food waste is hygienic and environmentally friendly, at the same time.


How To Choose A Disposer

When buying a disposal we must also consider the amount of waste it will be used for. In a usual household, a device with optimum cost and minimum dimensions will be appropriate; its performance will not be limited. The standard is 2,500 RPM, 475 W and a partial noise isolation.

For larger families, a higher category disposer will be suitable; it features a stainless steel grinding chamber and the increased sound insulation. The speed is around 2500 RPM, but the contents of the grinding chamber is about ½ l larger (i.e. 2 l); the power is usually 490 W. Their price is slightly higher.

The industrial disposers, i.e. those with the highest engine power, are useful in catering establishments mainly, but their application may be found in large households, as well. They are suitable for disposal of large volumes of waste and they can crush it very quickly. The long lifespan is a matter of course. These devices are the most expensive.


The Fuses And Certificates

All appliances should have a certificate from national authorities. The product includes the information about thermal fuse of the appliance, which protects it and ensures its durability. There is one more advantage in a removable protective sleeve, which allows quick and easy cleaning of the disposer.

The offers on various kinds of disposers are very diverse. They give you an easy way to get rid of the odours in the kitchen and to dispose waste in environmentally friendly way at the same time.