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Choosing The Best Mattress For Your Good Sleep

We all spend one third of each day in our beds. Whether you sleep peacefully or toss and turn from side to side, it depends a lot on the mattress you are sleeping on. The mattress has a great influence on your sleep.

So if you plan to replace your old mattress with a new one, you should not underestimate its choice.


How Does A Mattress Affect Your Sleep?

One of the ways in which the mattress affects your sleep is related the fine blood vessels (capillaries) lying under your skin. When you lie on any part of the body for longer time, your weight decreases the blood flow through the blood vessels here and thereby deprives the skin of oxygen and the nutrients. On that basis, the nerve cells give the brain information to turn the body over. The turning restores the blood flow to the area, but also briefly interrupts your sleep.

Therefore, it is necessary to choose a mattress that perfectly adopts to your body. This avoids the decrease in blood flow and prevents the constant turning over. The mattresses able to adapt further provide a sufficient support to our body. It means that the spine is in a horizontal position and the body weight is distributed evenly.


Which Mattress Is The Best?

The selection of the right mattress is not about finding the best and the most expensive brand. A much more expensive mattress does not necessarily mean, it is better than the cheaper ones. You should concentrate on what you require from the mattress, rather than on the price and the brand. Some people prefer harder mattresses, the other prefer a softer style.

The hardness of the mattress plays an important role. It is necessary to choose a mattress, on which you do not to sink too much (too soft mattress), or where your knees, shoulders, head and buttocks are not under too much pressure (too hard mattress). For the sake of your comfort and good sleep it is necessary to choose a mattress that keeps your spine straight and provides the body with a sufficient support and cushioning.


The Medical Mattresses

These are special mattresses, which can alleviate some health problems, due to its properties and parameters, as well as to improve your sleep in general and to support a better regeneration. The “health mattresses” are mainly suitable for people who suffer from back pain, spinal problems, disorders of blood circulation or the ones, who are confined in bed for long periods of time.


How To Recognize A Medical Mattress?

Nowadays, with such a wide range of products, is very difficult to discern whether it is a good medical mattress or just one of the marketing tricks. However, there are a number of clues that will tell you whether it is a good medical mattress or not:

  • The Certificate – Every health mattress must possess an appropriate certificate. If it does not, it is not a true medical mattress, and there are many of them in the market. Therefore, when selecting a mattress, always ask for a certificate of the particular mattress. It is the only way to make sure that the term “medical mattress” is used correctly here.
  • The Reduced VAT (in the CR) – The health mattresses can also be recognized by the reduced VAT rate (in the CR it is 15%). This is how they differ from the conventional mattresses on the market.
  • The Renowned Brand – If you are still unsure whether it is a medical mattress or not, buy from renowned brands and companies. Thus you can be sure that the company, which operates in the market for a longer period of time, will not risk its reputation by selling poor quality mattresses.

Among the guides, how to recognize a quality health mattress, is the symbol “CE”; it means, that the mattress meets the requirements for a safe product or is equipped with the (Czech) instructions regarding the maintenance and the use.


How To Choose The Height And The Size Of The Mattress?

In general, the higher the mattress, the more convenient and comfortable it is. When choosing the size, it depends a lot on the purposes the mattress will serve for, whether it is intended for everyday sleeping or just for an occasional sleep. However, each mattress should have the minimum thickness of 10-14 cm. These mattresses are suitable for an occasional sleep. If the mattress is intended for everyday use, you should better choose a height of about 16-20 cm.

The size of the mattress is important, too. However, if you do not buy a new bed at the same time, you cannot choose the size of the mattress. The mattress dimensions of 90 x 200 cm or 180 x 200 cm are common and used the most. The mattress of 160 x 200 cm is used in smaller beds.


The Life Of A Mattress

Whether a classic or a medical mattress, all have two service lives: the mechanical and the hygienic one. Although the mechanical life is longer than the hygienic, it is necessary to change the mattress because of the hygienic reasons every 8 years.