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The Furniture With Built-In Wireless Mobile Charging

A new collection of furniture and lamps with an integrated wireless charging system for cell phones and tablets was introduced on the mobile technology exhibition in Barcelona. The white and simply shaped tables and lamps are complemented with a separate charging base and a charger, which can be built in to any table.

“From a number of surveys, as well as from our visits to our customers´ homes, we have found out that the people do not like a tangle of cables. They are also worried they will not be able to find the right charger at the moment they need it and thus their cell phone will get discharged. Our innovative solution, when the wireless chargers are directly built-in the furniture, makes the home life much easier,” a manager says.


The collection of furniture, lamps and accessories is constructed according to the International Certified Standard Qi. The complex offer includes a pair of tables, a table lamp, a floor lamp, a work lamp, a cable organizer with a lid, separate freestanding charging pads, a USB charger, a wireless charger to mount into a table and a cell phone case for wireless charging (you need to put the case on the phone, unless the phone itself supports this technology from the production, already).


The products included in the Design Collection were created by several designers. One of them said:

“We have created a smart wireless solution therefore you will not have to look at the unsightly cables any more. You can even charge several devices at once, and your home will look beautiful and wireless at the time.”

In the Czech Republic, the first products from this collection should come up for sale in April 2015.