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Have You Already Started The Grilling Season?

Do you prefer a gas grill, an electric grill, or lava stones? Anyway, grilling of foods is firmly connected with the summer time.

The friendly gatherings with food preparation on direct fire or on a garden grill can be called a way of relaxation or even a lifestyle. Barbecues and grilling are simply trendy nowadays.

People have always done roasting, grilling and some kind of barbecues – it used to be the only way to satisfy their hunger in the wild, while today for the people saturated with civilization, it is fun and relaxation. The scent of grilled meat with smoke flavour creates a romantic sense, as well as a certain belief in human community.


You Can Grill In Many Ways

Manufacturers offer a variety of radiant grills, which prepare meat by the direct effects of thermal radiation from charcoal, briquettes or lava stones. There are also electric heating coils or gas burners. The contact grills are also available – you put the meat on the hot metal or ceramic plate and roast it on both sides simultaneously, or you can turn it. They are especially suitable for grilling of thin slices of meat, steaks, fish and skewers, as well as for preparing a variety of sandwiches and vegetable dishes. According to the opinion of the fans of grilling, the modernization and multifunction has deprived the users of the specific atmosphere and the food of the characteristic smoky flavour.


The Tradition Is Decisive

The fans of grilling recommend portable tourist or garden grills using charcoal, so that the barbecue kept the right atmosphere and the grilled food had the right flavour. Although these grills require more experience, the result is incomparable – despite the fact that there may occur some unhealthy scorching or even burning of your roast.

The boiler grills with a metal lid, where the combustion can be controlled so that the roast was a little “healthier”, are relatively more expensive and somewhat more sophisticated. You can spread the fire to the sides of the grate, the fat drips into a bowl below the centre of the grid and there are no carcinogenic fumes.


Praise The Lava Stones

In this case, you place the food on an enamel or chrome grill and the radiant heat works by reflecting the infrared heat from the walls of the boiler and from the surface of the red-hot lava stones or briquettes. The advantages are the even the distribution of heat on the whole surface of the grates and also the fact that the dripping fat does not burn in the flames, but it is absorbed by the lava bed or it drips into a container.

Grilled vegetables

The Gas Grills

According to the nutritionists, the gas grills allow the cleanest and healthiest way of both direct and indirect grilling. The grilling or roasting can begin only a few minutes after opening the gas supply. The grid is heated evenly by the tubular gas burners with piezo ignition covered by the metal elements called the aroma-grids/flavorizers. A part of the fat evaporates on the red hot surface, so the food does not lose the desired smoky aroma.


The Electric Grills

They offer comfort, cleanliness and easy power control. In the garden design, they usually have a tub with grilling grate, below which heating resistance elements and a container for dripping fat are placed. In the design for the household use, they are single or multifunction contact grills with non-stick hot plates. You can use them directly on your dining table in the kitchen, in a patio, in a balcony or in a garden gazebo. There are also electric grills with infrared heaters designed for special types of grilling and roasting.