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10 Things You Do/Not Need At Home

Every year, countless useful products come to the market, which make our everyday life easier. Beside them, you can also buy cute useless things. Would you buy one of the following curiosities?

These are things you did not know you need them. Or you do not need them? Consider it yourself.


Shining Ending On A Water Tap

kuriozity (2)_-1x250


Have you ever had the idea, you could wash your hands in the dark, only with a neon light from the water tap, which changes colour according to the water temperature? Then you have a similar imagination as the creator of the gimmick.


Artificial Garden Stone

kuriozity (8)_-1x400

It is not a conventional artificial stone, but a real dummy, aimed to hide something that looks unsightly in your garden. However, it is questionable, what can hide the unsightly dummy…


Saucer On Your Finger

kuriozity (4)_-1x380

The essence of it comes from the English term “finger food” used for canapés. With this saucer, it will be “finger dining” indeed. Distribute the saucer to your guests and you will have a lot of fun.


Shower Step For Shaving

kuriozity (6)_-1x380

A gimmick specially aimed for ladies (although actually, who knows?). It may be difficult to shave your legs comfortably in the shower, unless you have this special step, which can be used to support your leg elegantly.


Mirror In The Shape Of A Water Drop

kuriozity (1)_-1x300

Do you know the annoyance when you cannot keep the bathroom mirror clean and free from water drops? And how about a mirror that looks like one big drop?


Bowl For An Apple And An Apple Core

kuriozity (7)_-1x225

A small piece of cookware designed specially to fit an uneaten apple, as well as an apple core.


Notepad Into The Shower

kuriozity (3)_-1x400

It would be a shame to lose a brilliant idea just because you came up to it in the shower and you did not have a chance to put it down. A waterproof notepad is not built for writing long texts, but it can easily cope with writing down notes.


Pizza Scissors

kuriozity (10)_-1x350

Proper pizza is thin and therefore somewhat difficult to cut up. Many people have already had the idea to cut it with scissors. If you are one of them, you can finally put your kitchen scissors away and take this special tool.


Bathplug With A Toy Boat

kuriozity (5)_-1x256

If a bath itself is not sufficient enough for you to unwind and relax, you can watch a small toy boat floating on the surface (from the bathplug) at the same time. Could there be anything more poetic?


Banana Case

kuriozity (9)_-1x390

No more crumpled bananas! You can pack your morning snack without the fear that you would come to work with a banana puree in your briefcase.