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Kitchen sinks, which have been overseen for a long time, have come into the limelight recently. During the implementation of kitchens, sinks are increasingly emphasised, not only because of their irreplaceable function, but also because of their design.

The choice of a kitchen sink can accentuate the style of the kitchen cabinets, to make them special or to complement them in an unconventional way. On the other hand, you can do a lot of harm by a wrong choice. The sink is simply a very important part of the kitchen, and it is good to consult its choice with an expert.


Materials, Style, Processing

Kitchen sinks do not have only the practical function of a place, where you wash dishes and where running water is, any more. Modern kitchen sinks are beautiful pieces elaborated to the last details. Long gone are the enamel sinks you can see only in country cottages today. New materials and shapes have emerged and they are inspired by the latest fashion trends.

Anyway, the practical function of the sinks has not receded due to their appearance. Conversely, manufacturers managed to combine the latest technology with quality materials and beautiful treatment. The most frequent materials are stainless steel, ceramics and artificial stone. As to the materials used, the absolute hit in kitchen designs are uniform materials. Kitchen cabinets with a stainless steel worktop are typical. The stainless steel surface of the worktop with a perfectly integrated sink is highly functional and it looks very elegant.


Kitchen Sink Placement

As to the placement of the kitchen sink, there are 3 options to choose from. A kitchen sink can be integrated into a worktop, installed flush with the worktop or installed below the level of the worktop. When installing a sink flush with the worktop, an integrated unit is created, in which all parts are in one level without any disturbing transitions. The sinks installed under the kitchen worktop are probably the most popular nowadays. They are distinguished by their elegance and practicality. The edge of the sink does not diminish the desktop and any dirt on kitchen countertops can be pushed into sink easily. These sinks are best in the combination with the worktops made of natural stone or composite materials.


Washing Facility/Centre

Washing the dishes does not need to be your biggest hobby to purchase a compact washing facility – making your work easier is enough. Washing facilities (centres) offer a practical solution for all kinds of kitchen work, where running water is needed. Washing the dishes, filling containers with water, cleaning vegetables or cutting large quantities of raw materials will be virtually limitless with a washing centre. The core of multifunctional cleaning centres consists of a sophisticated connection of all the necessary components in one location.

The washing centres attached to a sink (often a double one) are directly connected with a drip area. They are complemented by a number of functional accessories, such as a cutting board made to measure to the given sink, drip pans, etc. The sink can be equipped with an eccentric outlet which enables you to drain water by simply turning or pulling the knob. So you do not need to dip your hands into the dirty water any more.

The washing centre can also be directly connected to a system of waste containers. You simply fold the cover in the worktop and sweep the waste conveniently into the shaft and a waste container. No opening of a door or a bin is necessary.


Kitchen Water Taps

The kitchen sink would be hardly of any use without the right kitchen water tap. It is simply a necessary complement of each sink. The taps with clean lines, made of stainless steel with a chrome finish, are the greatest hit nowadays. These water taps are very resistant to mechanical damage. The pleasant surprise, we have seen, are the variants both for the right-handed and for the left-handed users. The water tap should be practical, above all. Ideal is the kitchen water tap with a pull-out shower, which can reach to all corners of the sink and which can be used to fill a large pot, high vase etc. easily.

Do you like to look out of the window, when working in the kitchen, so you wish to have a sink under a window? It is no problem, if you choose a matching kitchen tap. Some companies offer water taps, which can be inserted or pulled up and put in the sink. There is no obstacle preventing you from opening of the window, then.


Choosing A Kitchen Sink

When choosing a kitchen sink, it is a good to consider the size of the dishes you are going to wash in the sink most often. The shape, the depth and the diagonal of the kitchen sink are all important. If you frequently wash large pots or baking sheets, you will surely appreciate a large sink into which all these things fit comfortably. The choice of a kitchen sink depends on your lifestyle, too.

If you often work with fresh vegetables and fruits, you will certainly appreciate drip pans and cutting boards made to measure for your sink. You may not forget the needed space around the kitchen sink, as well. If you manage to choose the right shape, size and material according to your needs, and to complement the sink with compatible accessories and a practical water tap, the time spent in the kitchen will certainly be among the most pleasant ones.

Do you prefer a gas grill, an electric grill, or lava stones? Anyway, grilling of foods is firmly connected with the summer time.

The friendly gatherings with food preparation on direct fire or on a garden grill can be called a way of relaxation or even a lifestyle. Barbecues and grilling are simply trendy nowadays.

People have always done roasting, grilling and some kind of barbecues – it used to be the only way to satisfy their hunger in the wild, while today for the people saturated with civilization, it is fun and relaxation. The scent of grilled meat with smoke flavour creates a romantic sense, as well as a certain belief in human community.


You Can Grill In Many Ways

Manufacturers offer a variety of radiant grills, which prepare meat by the direct effects of thermal radiation from charcoal, briquettes or lava stones. There are also electric heating coils or gas burners. The contact grills are also available – you put the meat on the hot metal or ceramic plate and roast it on both sides simultaneously, or you can turn it. They are especially suitable for grilling of thin slices of meat, steaks, fish and skewers, as well as for preparing a variety of sandwiches and vegetable dishes. According to the opinion of the fans of grilling, the modernization and multifunction has deprived the users of the specific atmosphere and the food of the characteristic smoky flavour.


The Tradition Is Decisive

The fans of grilling recommend portable tourist or garden grills using charcoal, so that the barbecue kept the right atmosphere and the grilled food had the right flavour. Although these grills require more experience, the result is incomparable – despite the fact that there may occur some unhealthy scorching or even burning of your roast.

The boiler grills with a metal lid, where the combustion can be controlled so that the roast was a little “healthier”, are relatively more expensive and somewhat more sophisticated. You can spread the fire to the sides of the grate, the fat drips into a bowl below the centre of the grid and there are no carcinogenic fumes.


Praise The Lava Stones

In this case, you place the food on an enamel or chrome grill and the radiant heat works by reflecting the infrared heat from the walls of the boiler and from the surface of the red-hot lava stones or briquettes. The advantages are the even the distribution of heat on the whole surface of the grates and also the fact that the dripping fat does not burn in the flames, but it is absorbed by the lava bed or it drips into a container.

Grilled vegetables

The Gas Grills

According to the nutritionists, the gas grills allow the cleanest and healthiest way of both direct and indirect grilling. The grilling or roasting can begin only a few minutes after opening the gas supply. The grid is heated evenly by the tubular gas burners with piezo ignition covered by the metal elements called the aroma-grids/flavorizers. A part of the fat evaporates on the red hot surface, so the food does not lose the desired smoky aroma.


The Electric Grills

They offer comfort, cleanliness and easy power control. In the garden design, they usually have a tub with grilling grate, below which heating resistance elements and a container for dripping fat are placed. In the design for the household use, they are single or multifunction contact grills with non-stick hot plates. You can use them directly on your dining table in the kitchen, in a patio, in a balcony or in a garden gazebo. There are also electric grills with infrared heaters designed for special types of grilling and roasting.

A pantry or a food cabinet is part of every kitchen. It is a place designated for storing stocks you do not store in a refrigerator. You can choose from various solutions of a pantry, depending on the type and arrangement of your kitchen.


modern storage solutions


A Brick Or A Furniture Cabinet

A brick pantry is larger than the furniture one, it is usually a small room with a separate door. However, it is more demanding on space due to the width of its walls (about 10 cm) and to the installation of door frame. It can have either a rectangular plan or it can be built into a corner of a larger room (usually a kitchen). We should always keep the dimensions of the room and the future kitchen cabinets in mind, so that the pantry would not be an obstacle in place needed for a desktop or kitchen appliances. A furniture food cabinet can fill its function as efficiently as a brick pantry. Due to the small width of the walls (2 cm), it does not occupy extra space. It is practical to incorporate the pantry into the kitchen cabinets.

The pantry´s size is variable, it can be a narrow case 30 cm wide as well as a more spacious equipment with the dimensions of 60 – 90 cm. Its height is generally adapted according to the height of the kitchen; it can either be aligned with other cabinets or build up to the ceiling, thus making full use of the storage space available. The cabinet´s door should be the same as the other doors in the kitchen. It is always advisable to use ventilation for all the types of food cabinets, which makes the storing conditions in the cabinet better then outside in the room. The grids should be installed on the bottom and on the top part of the cabinet.



The small handy boxes for storing of food are widely used both in small kitchens and as a supplement to other storing options. The narrow pull-out boxes (15-30 cm wide) and the practical wooden “blinds” are popular nowadays. The containers, which are used in nearly every kitchen now, are also suitable for food storing.


The Inner Equipment

The days we used only shelves for the storage are gone. Manufacturers offer a plethora of interior equipment currently, which makes the stored food easily accessible and neatly organized. Although the most of the internal equipment is intended for food cabinets, it can be used in a brick pantry after some adjustment, too. The front runners are among the most popular internal fixtures. They are made of wire and they can have different widths and heights. According to the comfort level required, they can have the subdued closing. The wire systems can be supplemented with an inserted full bottom to prevent loose foodstuffs from falling through. Increasingly popular are the drawers that can be pulled out fully and have a high load capacity. The drawers pull out individually after opening the door. The internal equipment includes also additional equipment for the runners and for the wire systems. You can purchase the sorting grids, box holders and many other accessories.


An aerator, a hose, a vintage or a modern design – it is not easy to select a water tap for your kitchen sink.

All great artists would certainly agree that attention to details is very important for the overall impression of the work and that sheer trifles can make a big difference in the end. If you want your kitchen to be a small work of art, you should pay attention to the details, such as the water taps.

A kitchen tap should be both practical and good looking. Together with the rising demands for the quality and comfort of living, these practical fixtures become important accessories of the whole kitchen interior.


The Water Tap Practical

A practical water tap makes washing of the dishes or ingredients before their further processing easier and you can also fill a big pot with a gallon of water without having to put the pot into the sink. This is the water tap with the spray, which is currently available on the market in a wide choice. How does this sort of water tap work? Normally, water flows through an aerator in a strong current. By pressing a switch on the spray of the water tap, you can switch the water current to the spray mode, in which the water is dispersed into a series of thin streams, just like in a shower.

This improvement is most appreciated when you wash vegetables, such as lettuce. And if you do not have a dishwasher, this kind of water stream is good for rinsing the dishes. The next advantage of the spray is the option to pull it out the tap. According to the length of the hose, it is possible to pull the spray out up to 1 m. It is just enough for the aforementioned large pot to be placed on the worktop next to the sink and to be comfortably filled with water. It is equally easy to fill a vase or a high bottle with water. A lead weight enables easy sliding of the spray back into the body of the water tap.


The Water Tap Good Looking

It means a water tap which is an aesthetic complement of the kitchen, besides its main function. It can be an inconspicuous complement, e.g. when a matt chrome water tap is placed in the middle of a sink, or it can become a dominant of the worktop – it can tower up to the height of about 75 cm above the sink with its metal spiral spring around its hose. However, it is true, that the design water taps are always more expensive then the serial ones.

There is certainly a wide offer of water taps nowadays. There are minimalist water taps with simple shapes and clean design, water taps with a lever, exchangeable parts and various twisted spouts, as well as downright rustic water taps made of brass with the porcelain knobs. There are so many of them, that you will certainly be able to find a tap, which is both practical and pretty, for your kitchen so that it would be either a suitable complement to a new kitchen, or it would revive an old kitchen.

A new collection of furniture and lamps with an integrated wireless charging system for cell phones and tablets was introduced on the mobile technology exhibition in Barcelona. The white and simply shaped tables and lamps are complemented with a separate charging base and a charger, which can be built in to any table.

“From a number of surveys, as well as from our visits to our customers´ homes, we have found out that the people do not like a tangle of cables. They are also worried they will not be able to find the right charger at the moment they need it and thus their cell phone will get discharged. Our innovative solution, when the wireless chargers are directly built-in the furniture, makes the home life much easier,” a manager says.


The collection of furniture, lamps and accessories is constructed according to the International Certified Standard Qi. The complex offer includes a pair of tables, a table lamp, a floor lamp, a work lamp, a cable organizer with a lid, separate freestanding charging pads, a USB charger, a wireless charger to mount into a table and a cell phone case for wireless charging (you need to put the case on the phone, unless the phone itself supports this technology from the production, already).


The products included in the Design Collection were created by several designers. One of them said:

“We have created a smart wireless solution therefore you will not have to look at the unsightly cables any more. You can even charge several devices at once, and your home will look beautiful and wireless at the time.”

In the Czech Republic, the first products from this collection should come up for sale in April 2015.

In recent years, the PVC floors have become very popular due to their long life, high durability and their favourable prices. Additionally, this type of flooring perfectly complements the modern lifestyle, it can make the overall housing more pleasant and it also ensures a healthy and clean environment.

If you are choosing a floor and considering what type you should buy, read on to learn about the features and benefits of PVC flooring.


What Is PVC Flooring Made Of?

The PVC floors are made of polyvinyl chloride, which is the second most widely used synthetic material in the world. As to their layers, the PVC floors can be divided into two types:

  • The heterogeneous PVC floors – these are floors, which are composed of several layers: from the wear layer, design layer, upper PVC layer, the carrier fibres and the lower PVC layer; they defer in their composition or their implementation; the last layer can also be made of PUR, which is easy to maintain; the heterogeneous PVC flooring is suitable for busy areas (e.g. in residential interiors, hospitals, offices, hotels etc.);
  • The homogeneous PVC floor – it is a flooring consisting of one layer; this type is very durable and it is ideal for high-traffic areas; it can be used e.g. in the entrance areas, in varied halls, hospitals, schools etc.; the homogeneous PVC floors are available only monochromatic or streaked.


The Properties Of PVC Flooring

The PVC floors have a lot of great features. Except from being very durable, flexible and stable, they are also resistant to moisture, and unlike other floor coverings, they do not expand nor shrink, they are warm and easy to install or maintain.


Advantages Of PVC Flooring:

  • flexible floor surface
  • dimensional stability and high resilience (e.g. against water, sunlight etc.)
  • good thermal and sound insulation
  • easy maintenance
  • purchase price only
  • suitable for allergy sufferers
  • option to install the underfloor heating


Where Can You Lay A PVC Floor?

The PVC floors are suitable for dry rooms. According to the type of the PVC flooring, it can be used in residential, community or medical rooms, in warehouses, in production halls and in other industrial spaces.


The Flexible (Softened) PVC Flooring

This type of PVC flooring features anti-static and anti-slip surface and it is a lifelike imitation of wood, tiles or stone.


The Rigid (Non-Softened) PVC Flooring

The floors made of rigid PVC are very resilient and they have a high abrasion resistance. They can be used especially in rooms such as kitchens or bathrooms, as well as various commercial spaces.


The PVC Flooring For Allergy Sufferers

The PVC flooring is a very good choice if you are an allergic sufferer. This type of flooring protects the interior perfectly against allergens and dust mites.


Choosing Of The PVC Flooring

If you have decided to buy PVC flooring, always follow the technical data sheets, when buying it. It gives you the characteristics of the specific PVC flooring (e.g. its thickness, durability, maximum load, colour fastness) and where the type should preferably be used. Then it is only up to you, what pattern, finish or colour you choose.


Installation Of A PVC Floor

The PVC floor is installed on a clean and dry surface only that is why it is necessary to remove the old flooring first and leave the PVC flooring in the room for at least 24 hours before the installation, so that it could acclimatize to the conditions in the room. During the actual installation, it is necessary to lay it flat and without folds.

The edges should overlap about 10 cm. After installing the PVC flooring, trim it and leave the expansion joints between the walls and flooring of about 1 mm.

The flooring can be installed in two different ways:

  • free laying, which is suitable for small rooms with dimensions up to 20 m²,
  • full-surface gluing, which is suitable for larger rooms.

When free laying the floor, fix it at the edges and joints with a tape and stick it to the surface. If full-surface gluing the floor, roll the PVC flooring up, apply the glue on the subfloor and align the PVC flooring. Then do the same on the rest of the floor, always working on a strip of about 1 m wide. After finishing the full-surface gluing, press the PVC flooring down well, or flatten it with a roller. Compared to the free laying of the flooring, you may not walk on the freshly installed floor immediately.

Are you planning a reconstruction of your bathroom? Already during building and equipping a bathroom, a maximum security should be considered. The first requirement for a safe movement in a bathroom is, of course, a sufficient free and open space and a non-slip floor.

There is a number of fixed, subsequently built-in and freely usable tools, so that you can use a bath or a shower without the risk of injury.


Prevent Slipping

Slipping can be prevented e.g. by means of non-slip strips, that glued to the installed floor, by mats with a rubber underside or by chemical agents in the form of a paint (so called “wet brakes”). The measures to avoid a fall include a bath with a non-slip bottom, tub handles and stools; a seat in the shower, as well as a low or a partially sunken bathtub, will help those with reduced mobility. The turned on under floor heating dries a wet floor quickly.


Tiles Are Important

When choosing the tiles, you need to consider their finish, as well. You can install large format tiles even a small bathroom and they can enlarge it visually. Choose the calibrated tiles because their calibration enables you to install them with minimal joints, which is very practical for the maintenance of a bathroom. The generally compact surface is also better for laying the textile anti-slip mats.


Hot Water

The hot water means another common type of risk in a bathroom; scalding is unfortunately quite often and it is caused by inappropriate water taps. There are a large number of valves with the control settings for water temperature on the market. These thermostatic valves with safety function enable you to set a stable temperature of e.g. 38 ° C.


Think About The Future

Young people do not mind crossing the high rim of a bathtub. However, you should keep in mind, that both you and your family members will get old and have reduced mobility. With regard to the convenience as well as in terms of safety, it is preferable to equip a bathroom with a shower with no obstacles around it (instead of a bathtub). Additionally, the shower tray can be fitted flush with the floor. Here again, choose the products with good slip resistance.

“When choosing the shower interior, pay attention to its tightness. There is nothing worse than stepping out of the shower onto a wet floor,” an expert highlights the potential risks. “Check the joints between the glass panes carefully, because that is where the water can leak. Some showers miss the sealing completely, while others´ sealing do not fit tightly. Pay attention to sealing on the bottom edge of the door, as it is often distorted.”

Choosing of the “drainage canals” can enable you to create a disabled access bathroom, as well as the possibility to install the under floor heating. These are incorporated directly into the stripped floor, so you do not need a floor tray. This solution allows the installation of a shower of any size.


A Bathroom With A Toilet In One Room

Many bathrooms are equipped with a toilet and a bidet. An unexpectedly sharp fall of the board can cause injury, too. However, you can get a toilet model with an automatic soft folding.


The Electrical Equipment

Do not forget the safe placement of the lights, sockets and switches. (In the CR), a bathroom is divided into the zones No. 0, 1, 2 and 3, and different rules apply for each of them; the rules are indicated by the CSN standards.

We are not perfect and sometimes we are too busy, so we can forget one thing because of another one. These appliances can make your life easier in the kitchen at least, because they can think for you to some extent.


The Hobs

You can find a safety lock on gas hobs, as on the free standing ones and on the hobs incorporated into stoves. The safety lock closes the gas supply off if the flame goes out accidentally. In addition to it, most modern types have an automatic ignition in a button, so you do not need to handle matches or a lighter.

Some ceramic plates offer the function of protection against overflow, which turns the hob off automatically, when a liquid overflows from a pot and gets to the control panel. At the same time, the buzzer lets you know about an accident.

The “residual heat indicator” means another handy help, which informs you about higher temperatures of the cooking zone, when the hob is turned off. You can find it in induction hobs, too.

The induction hobs have many security features, e.g. they work only when they detect the presence of the correct container on the surface. Each zone is activated only if the container has adequate size and if it is magnetically conductive (so it does not start heating when you lay your glasses or a ladle on it by mistake). And finally, the hob is not so hot during cooking to burn you, if you touched it.


The Smart Ovens

From a number of cool things, we can mention the “cold door” function, when the door does not burn you, however clumsy you were (e.g. the temperature of the oven door, with the function of the dual air control, does not exceed 35 ° C).

The function of pyrolysis is also very helpful. It is an automatic cleaning, during which the door is blocked, so that it cannot be opened by mistake.

The telescopic rails are very practical, so you do not need to worry about a roasting pan accidentally slipping out on the floor, or even worse, on you.

And as to the timer, it controls the time needed to prepare a meal.


The Refrigerators and The Freezers

Does it ever happen to you, that you do not close the refrigerator door fully, or even completely? With the acoustic or light warning signal, you will be informed. The appliance will alert you in the same way, if the internal temperature increases, which may occur e.g. during a blackout. These are some of the clever features used in modern refrigerators and freezers.

You can hardly forget the ice build-ups inside it, but you can be too busy or the fridge may be full of food at the moment. This problem will disappear when you purchase an appliance with the “automatic defrost” function. Moreover, it will save your money, as the system prevents energy losses that occur because of the ice build-up.


The Dishwashers Can To The Job For You

Are you afraid to turn the dishwasher on and walk away, because something might happen with it? The dishwashers are, however, equipped with a safety system, which can interrupt the water supply form the mains in case of overfilling with water. Furthermore, there is one more security element: a filling hose with double coating, which cannot crack due to the wear or because of excessive pressure.


The Child Lock

The “child lock” can block the appliance so that no one can turn it on by mistake, or it changes the settings during use; this function is used in hobs, ovens, microwaves and dishwashers. Certain appliances, such as dishwashers, offer a “double child lock”, which does not allow opening the door, as well.


Small Household Appliances

Many small appliances are also equipped with the functions that think for you to some extent. For example, toasters with quartz glass and a temperature sensor regulate the time of toasting, so you do not burn the toast. Electric kettles can have the function of maintaining the water temperature for up to 30 minutes. So when you forget the kettle during the morning rush for a few minutes, you do not have to reheat it.

Nowadays, household appliances are so effective that it is not difficult to choose one. But how about in case, you need to pay attention to every inch of space in your home? Can you find a quality appliance then?

The answer is – yes, you can. However, the offer of Slim (narrow) appliances is not so wide.



The Options You Can Choose From

The washing machines and the dishwashers are the most common Slim appliances. Broader talking, there are also other kinds of space-efficient appliances that are commonly referred to as “compact appliances”. These include microwave ovens, steam ovens or conventional hot air ovens, as well as two plate cooking hobs, or even Slim coffee machines (espressos). There are also certain types of refrigerators and vacuum cleaners that occupy less space. On the contrary, you cannot find a tumble drier in the category of Slim appliances, and the offer on the washer-dryers combos is limited, as well.


How About Washing Machines

“The Slim washing machines with the front filling have a depth of 33-47 cm, while the standard depth is 50 cm and more. As to their functions and programs, they offer the same user experience as the standard washing machines,” a salesperson says.

“However, you need to expect a more limited capacity, which varies from 4 to 8 kg of laundry, while the standard large appliance can hold up to 11 kg. The only drawback is that a Slim washing machine cannot be stacked with a dryer. A tumble drier is larger and needs to be placed on an appliance with the minimal depth of 50 cm.”


The Top Filling

Another way of saving space is offered by the top filled washing machines, which are 60 cm deep and only 40 cm wide. The Slim appliances are designed especially for apartments, where is not enough space for a standard sized appliance there.

This holds for the refrigerators, too, with a “Slim” width of 50 cm and a standard width of 60 cm and more. Their main, but only advantage is saving the space.


washing machines

The Dishwashers

The narrow dishwashers are 45 cm wide and can hold 9-10 cookware sets, while the standard dishwashers (60 cm wide) can accommodate up to 15 sets. There is a smaller capacity, too, but the narrow dishwasher is functionally comparable to the standard one. And how about the situation, you do not have even the spare 45 cm in your kitchen? On the market, the table dishwashers are also available, and because of their small dimensions, they are reminiscent of a bigger freestanding microwave oven. Anyway, they are sufficient for smaller households, as they can hold about 6 sets of dishes.



The Built-In Appliances Are Also Available

However, you can find this design only on dishwashers. There are refrigerators available with the height of only 85 cm which correspond to the height of a worktop, but they are wider and the foods are kept in the drawers inside.

And how about other appliances? You can purchase them in a compact size, e.g. a two plate cooking hob with the dimensions of about 30 x 51 cm, as well as compact built-in ovens, microwave ovens, wine coolers or coffee machines, all with the height of 45 cm. And if it seems too much to you, you can look for the real “thin” freestanding versions.


Do Not Seek What Does Not Exist

We have already explained that you cannot find any significant functional difference between the traditional large and the Slim space-saving appliance. But how about the power and the water consumption, are they the same? Or can the Slim appliances be noisier or maybe harder to maintain? The experts assert, that there are no other pitfalls, expect for the smaller capacity mentioned above.

And small things are beautiful, aren´t they?

Even though your old kitchen cabinets are still serving, you may be already tired of them. Or maybe your requirements have changed over the years, so you would like to upgrade your cabinets. Is it possible without significant problems?

It is crucial, what exactly you want to change, so let’s talk about the individual elements.


A Worktop

The replacement is not complicated. Uninstall the appliances and other elements, remove the old worktop, fasten a new one in place and install all the appliances, sink and taps back. First of all, you have to measure the worktop thoroughly.  When mounting a worktop made of stone, glass or ceramics, any additional adjustments are impossible. You can adjust the laminate or the solid wood ones to a certain extent, however you need the professional equipment and an experienced worker.

What Materials Are In? The selection is large, worktops can be made e.g. of laminate, glass, natural or artificial stone, wood or ceramics.


A New Sink

In this case, you can choose from a wide range of sizes, materials and ways of installation into the countertop. Attention must be paid to the size of the sink which is related to the size of the cabinet underneath it: the cabinet´s width is the maximum width of the sink. And if you want a smaller sink than you have now, you need to replace the worktop, as well.


Changing Of Taps

The taps can be changed virtually anytime, whether they are built into the sink, into the worktop or into the wall. When purchasing the taps, keep in mind the dimensions and try out in rough outline, how comfortable the work at the sink will be (e.g. compare the taps with the short and the long arm).


The Cabinets´ New “Guts” Or A More Comfortable Opening

Is it manageable to replace the old shelves with the modern retractable ones with the storage systems? Theoretically it is, but practically it is not common. You would have to dismantle the entire cabinet, have the necessary components installed in it, assemble it and install it back – provided the material of the cabinet can carry the load. ..

This solution is not recommended, not only for economic reasons, as a quality assembly e.g. of the running gear is implemented and guaranteed by the manufacturer of the cabinets. However, it is possible to replace a cabinet with another cabinet or to add additional storage space.

Likewise, the way of opening is solved during the assembly of the cabinets (not later): if you want the flaps or a more comfortable opening of the drawers, i.e. by simple touching or tapping.


There Is Never Too Much Light

Maybe you have not considered yet, if your work area is lighted well or if you can navigate in the cabinets easily. You can fix this issue later by installing an additional lighting, which may be placed on the rail above the worktop, below the bottom of the upper cabinets or by means of the LED strips. Some kinds of lights can be cut into the bottom of the cabinet, without having to remove the cabinet first.

However, you cannot update anything; this applies to the lights which have been mounted into the cabinets directly in the production (however, the glass bottom lights are practical).


The Backboard Between The Upper And The Lower Cabinets

Similar to replacing a worktop, a new backboard is one of the most widely implemented enhancements to an existing kitchen, which promises functionality and a significant visual change. If the base is flat and in good condition, you can stick the new material on the old one. Again, it is necessary to measure everything thoroughly, including the locations of the electrical outlets etc., since many materials cannot be adapted later.

The Glass Tiling – You can install new tiling made of tempered glass directly on the old one. It is advisable to degrease the old tiling with the soap water or technical alcohol before applying any special adhesives with high adhesion to various construction materials.


Replacing The Doors Or The Face Boards Only

Undoubtedly, you can revive an old kitchen with new cabinet doors, if they match the dimensions, hinges and their spacing. However keep in mind, that the doors generally mean the most expensive part of the kitchen cabinets.


The Built-In Appliances

The replacement seems to be easy, if you find the appliance, which corresponds to the measures of the old one. If the new dishwasher is lower than the old one, you can simply add the missing inches by a base. In addition to the measure, the structure of the appliance, the size of the doors and the type of hinges are important, too. It also holds for a fridge: the cabinet door can be hinged to the cabinet body or permanently attached to the door of the fridge.

And if your kitchen’s dimensions allow it, you can get a new cooking island additionally. It is especially suitable, if it will serve for preparing as well as for serving food, and it may be possibly equipped with a bar.