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Breadmakers Are Still In

The biggest fashion of bread makers is gone, it however does not mean that their utility value has dropped. The option to make your own bread at home, according to your taste and your needs, is still welcome by many families.

Imagine the smell of freshly baked bread that embraces you in the morning when you enter the kitchen. And it may be every day – you do not have to get up early and to go to the nearest bakery. You can enjoy this pleasure with the help of an ordinary household appliance – the bread maker.

Bread is a staple food for humans for centuries already, and the process of its production has not changed much during the time. In this respect, the bread makers represent a certain revolution, how to obtain a sweet-smelling soft loaf of bread, without much effort baking skill or mess, at home and in about 2 hours. No wonder that their global sales are increasing every year. However, the bread makers first appeared on the market in Japan in 1986, and 10 years later, consumers in Britain and in the United States began to buy the machines.


How To Choose One

The offer on bread machines is really wide. How to choose the right one, then? Search on the Internet, compare the parameters as well as the prices. You can find interesting discussions there with people who already have experience with bread machines; their insights can be interesting and valuable guide for you.

Definitely ask yourself the basic question: why do you actually want a bread machine? Have you seen it in your neighbours´ home? Or do you love the smell of freshly baked bread? Alternatively, do you want to have control over the ingredients that come into the dough?

Also, keep in mind the fact, that even though it is a small appliance, it will require some space in the kitchen. Anyway, the most important thing is to choosing an appliance that will suit to the size and consumption of a particular family. However, the current consumption of bread is not necessarily determinative – when you have the warm and fragrant bread, its consumption will certainly increase substantially. So, it depends on whether a loaf of less than 2 pounds will be enough for you, or whether you will need something bigger.


Bread Or Jam

Most bread machines work on the same principle. A bread machine consists of a baking tray with powerful kneading beaters or whisks that mix and combine the dough; it is followed by a process of fermentation and baking. At all stages, the appropriate temperature is automatically set. The only thing the consumer is expected to do, is inserting the ingredients in the required order. However, you can make your work easier even here by using some of the dry bread mixes which can be purchased commonly in stores. Just add water then.

The cheapest bread makers are sufficient for an ordinary household operation, but a guaranteed quality and a proven brand are more expensive. So it depends on how often the appliance will be in operation and what you expect from it. The more expensive types offer a number of additional features, such as the option of preservation fruit and vegetables and production of jams and preserves.


Baking As Easy As a Breeze

Interesting features include the delayed start function and the acoustic signal. In the first case, the appliance allows you to choose the cooking time, even though you put all ingredients in advance. Specifically, it can be in the evening, while the process of bread making will take place early in the morning, so that the bread will be ready just for your breakfast. The acoustic signal is appropriate in the cases when raisins, dried fruit or nuts are added.

Generally, bread makers offer about 13 baking programs. Among others, it is a program for baking only (provided that rising is not necessary), a program for toast bread, programs for classic bread, whole wheat bread or multigrain bread, or a program for rising itself, if you want to make dough for buns, French bread or pizza  in the machine. You can also set the degree of browning of the upper crust.

If you are a beginner in baking, let yourself be guided by the advice of the manufacturer, who usually attaches some recipes to the appliance. Once you gain some confidence, you can find inspiration elsewhere. It may be on the Internet or in a bookstore, where you can currently get a wide selection of literature with recipes and tips for bread maker users.