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We will not stay only in the kitchen, even though you can use most of the following  tricks there.


  1. Storing Of Lemons

Lemons always come in handy at home, whether you use them for your tea or for making homemade lemonade, so it is not unusual to buy many pieces at one time. To keep them good as long as possible, put them in a sealable bag and squeeze out as much air as possible. Then place the bag on the bottom of a fridge. While the lemons stored out of a fridge would dry out, those stored in a fridge will be great for several weeks.


  1. Garlic Peeled Quickly

When you are preparing potato pancakes or pork with garlic next time, remember the following method of fast peeling of garlic. Divide the garlic into cloves, squeeze them gently with a cutting board or a platter and put them in a sealable container. Shake the container vigorously for a few minutes, so that the cloves will rub and peel themselves clean.


  1. Silicone Will Help You To Fill Salt Or Pepper

How to pour ground pepper in a pepper shaker or how to fill a small salt shaker with salt without spilling it all over? A silicone muffin mould can be a great help for you so that you can accomplish the task easily.


  1. The Muffins Without Cups

Have you ever made muffin dough and found out, you do not have enough cups for baking? You do not need to despair, as the cups can be easily replaced by the squares of the normal baking paper. Use a glass with the same diameter as the holes in the baking sheet, press the paper in and shape it inside.


  1. A Cutting Board Not Slipping

Do you need to affix the cutting board, so that it did not move on the worktop while you are cutting? All you need to do is to spread a wet towel or a dishcloth below the cutting board and it will cling.


  1. Storing Of Flip Flops

The flip-flops or sandals will survive the winter without pressing down the bends when you hang them on a hanger e.g. at the bottom of a cabinet. You can adjust a normal wire hanger by bending it to create a hanger for the flip flops.


  1. Non Slippery Slippers

Do you know the uncomfortable feeling when your slippers slide on the floor? You can avoid it easily by applying a little matter with a melting gun on the soles, ideally into the recesses of the pattern, so that it did not protrude and pinch.


  1. Peeling Of Ginger

You should always have some ginger at home in winter to use it as first aid for colds. We are going to advise you how to peel it easily without struggling with a knife on the surface unevenness or without cutting off too much pulp. Just take an ordinary spoon and try to peel the ginger with it.


  1. The Quick And Healthy Ice Cream

In winter, you usually do not have plentiful supplies of ice cream in your fridge. However, we have a tip for you how to meet you kids´ tastes quickly and healthily. Put an ordinary cheese dessert or yogurt in the freezer and stick wooden or plastic sticks from popsicles in it.


  1. The Lemon Shine

Do you need to polish a water tap or other kind of chrome finish? You do not need to despair if you do not have a special agent at hand. Just use a half of a lemon that you have squeezed into your tea before. The lemon juice will create a beautiful lustre on the surface.


In addition to its basic function to cool or freeze the stored food, modern refrigerators offer something more.  You can choose which of the other features or the technical solutions can come handy to you.

The purpose the technological enhancements is to create the very best environment for your stored food, although the saving of energy and time is practical too, in the case your appliance does not require to be defrosted.


Which Motor Is Energy-Saving?

There are various types of motors. For example, an inverter motor is better than the classic one. The classic motor transmits electricity to the rotor by the carbon brushes, which wear out and must be replaced. Contrariwise, the inverter motor is controlled directly electronically and it does not use the brushes, which proved to be a more practical solution for several reasons: the refrigerator works well but with the minimal power consumption and it is virtually silent.


Is Defrosting The Past?

The standard refrigerators have the direct cooling. In practice it means, they need to be defrosted after some time, otherwise the ice sheet would increase the consumption of energy. Conversely, an appliance equipped with “No Frost” technology maintains a constant temperature, so the refrigerator or the freezer does not need to be defrosted. You can compare it to the “Low Frost” technology that promises to lower the frequency of defrosting; the frost forms, but to a lesser extent, so it does not need to be defrosted so often.


The Food Fresh All The Time

Manufacturers use various technologies to keep the stored food fresh as long as possible.  For example, the “BioFresh” function guarantees an exact temperature just above 0 ° C, so that the food does not get damaged by the frost.

In turn, the “Active Oxygen” technology regularly releases ozone into the interior of the fridge, which helps to reduce the spread of bacteria, microorganisms and the unpleasant odour significantly. The “IonAir” technology also helps to kill bacteria and to maintain the ideal humidity.


What Is the Circulating Air Good For?

You certainly know, that the air is warmer at the top of the fridge than it is at the bottom. That is why some manufacturers equip their appliances with inside fans. The fan distributes the cold air throughout the refrigerator so that the temperature is constant everywhere. Another solution relies on air channels, which distribute the air inside, too. As a result, the food stored in the upper compartments will remain in perfect condition longer.


Quickness Above All

If you often put a larger quantity of fresh food in your refrigerator, the function that cools or freezes them quickly could come handy to you. With it, the temperature inside the appliance does not unnecessarily, though temporarily, increase and the previously stored food do not warm up. The function has various names, such as “Coolmatic /Frostmatic” or “Super Cool/Super Freezing”.


The Practical Drawers

Typically, there is the temperature of about 5 ° C in a refrigerator and e.g. the meat needs a storage temperature of around 0 ° C, or the vegetable need a slightly higher temperature (according to its type) from 2 ° C to 10 ° C. That is why the interior of the refrigerator is designed with the “zero zone” at the bottom, where the low-temperature drawer designated for meat and meat products is placed. The box for vegetables is placed above it and the rest of the foods should be stored in the higher compartments. Lower temperatures are maintained in the lower part of the refrigerator.

If the fridge is equipped with the special drawer, the function may have various names for different brands, such as BioFresh, VitaFresh or PerfectFresh.


The Healthy Ones Are Good Ones

Some manufacturers offer an antibacterial surface of the fridge or a gasket to prevent the bacteria and microorganisms from growing. The purpose is to keep the food in a perfectly clean environment.


Frequent Opening Of The Door is Bad

To work well, the fridge needs to maintain the optimum conditions both of the temperature and the humidity. But you disturb them by the normal operation, i.e. by opening and closing the door. However, if the appliance is equipped with the function “Multiflow/MultiAirFlow”, the fridge responds immediately and recovers its internal environment as desired.


The Things You Should Know

The standard white fridge typically includes a classic motor, an adjustable thermostat, glass shelves and a classic light. The “No Frost” stainless steel fridge is more expensive. The extras generally include the special antibacterial surfaces, an inverter motor, the “Active Oxygen” technology as well as other enhancements mentioned above. The prices vary, but the rule is, you always pay more for the extras.

How to remove dust from the TV screen, computer monitor and form other electronic devices? If you do not want to damage them, do not grip the tissue and the window cleaner any more. We are going to tell about the correct procedures.

With most home electronics, it is not worth experimenting or using products with a different purpose, e.g. a window cleaner.  If you do not want to make more harm than good, you should follow these recommendations.


The Monitors And The TV Screens

You definitely should not use anything else then pure water and special detergents on the monitors and the TV screens. The market offers various kinds of sprays and kits for cleaning of the “black electronics” including the TVs, LCD displays and the PCs. There are also the special wipes or a very good “Swedish Cloth” with microfibers.

  1. First of all, remove the dust from the screen. Brushing or blowing with a cool air stream are the gentlest methods. You should not blow on it with your mouth, as you could splutter on the surface.
  2. If you want to use water (ideally distilled one, as the experts say), use only a very small amount and not directly on the screen (which also holds for the special cleaning liquids). Dampen a cloth with water and do not apply pressure when wiping the screen.
  3. Use a very soft microfiber cloth dampened with lukewarm, ideally distilled water. Never substitute the microfiber cloth with a paper towel, toilet paper or a normal cloth.
  4. Start the cleaning only when the TV is turned off and cool completely, as streaks always remain on a heated screen. It is best to unplug it before cleaning.

If you want to clean a screen or a monitor, special cleaners as well as an antistatic cloth are necessary, as the antistatic cloth helps to prevent dust from accumulating. When you buy a TV from a higher model series, an anti-static cloth is included. It is made of non-woven material, which prevents the adhesion of fibres to the screen.



The Plastics Of The Home Electronics

Cleaning the plastic parts of the appliances, i.e. their “boxes” is easier; you just need a soft damp cloth with a very thin solution of dishwashing liquid. However, it only applies to hard gray plastics. The shiner the plastic is, the more care it needs to avoid visible streaks from forming.

The products designated for shiny plastics are available on the market, you can get them e.g. in the motoring equipment stores because they are often found in the car interiors. On plastics, particularly on the shiny kinds, do not use any abrasive products which might scratch them. Whenever you use the wet treatment, you need to polish the surface dry completely.


The CD And The DVD Players

In addition to surface cleaning, the CD and DVD players also need an occasional cleaning of the mechanics, which get clogged with dust. It can cause skipping of the CD and a poor playback. To clean the mechanics, you can buy and use a cleaning CD. If it does not help, you should better have it cleaned by a specialist technician.

Speaking of players – it is good to clean even the discs occasionally, which means simply wiping them with a microfiber cloth. Avoid polishing them with your sweatshirt or our trousers as you could scratch them. You can also use a cleaning spray or other detergents to clean the discs.


How To Clean A Keyboard

First, disconnect the keyboard from the PC or turn the laptop off before attempting to clean it. Then turn it upside down and blow the dirt with a stream of air out. Rinse the individual keys with a cloth or a tissue with a drop of dishwashing liquid, but the cloth must never be dripping wet. The special cleaning products are available as well, such as a special “modelling clay”, which you press between the keys thus removing the dirt. You can also use a small brush.

The sliding doors can be the best solution in many different cases. However, people often do not remember them at all and they look for other more conservative solutions, instead.

Sometimes all you need is just to think a little unconventionally. How do you know that the sliding doors are right for you? Try to follow these rules.


An Optional Boundary

Sometimes you want the kitchen to be connected to the living room and sometimes you need to separate them, both in sound and emotionally. The sliding doors eliminate the need of choosing and enable you the solution, which is suitable at the moment.

In a similar way, you can separate optionally a staircase, a small chamber in the kitchen or any other space, which should be easily accessible, but you do not want to have it in sight all the time.


A New Face Of The Old Closet

Whether you store the clothes in a closet or you are the lucky owner of a cloakroom, the sliding doors were made for this case, as well. There are low demands on the sound insulation, but usually the space is lacking. Additionally, the sliding door can serve as a decoration which does not occupy any extra space.

You can have the sliding doors made to measure and solve them in an interesting spirit of art, or you can simply prefer the Japanese style of minimalism.


The Designer´s Trick

There is a trick of optical enlargement of a small window: you just extend the curtain rod so that the opened curtains do not get in the window opening. You can do a similar “magic” with the sliding doors.

With the sliding door, you can also enrich an ugly little passage to an adjacent room, or to change the look of a small alcove that serves as storage.


The Mobile Walls In An Open Apartment

The trend of open-space living is still in and it will probably continue to be, because the loft apartments have their undeniable charm. A frequent argument against them says they lack privacy; however, you can do something with it.

The sliding doors need not be only the doors, they can simply become a wall. In this case, it is a mobile wall determined to variably change the look of a large continuous space. A system of sliding panels like this will actually create the feel that you have several apartments, each of them with a different layout.


The Decoration

The sliding panel is one of the best options, if you want to combine the use value with the aesthetic value. However, it does not mean, you cannot use it purely for the decorative purposes.

It is also an interesting way of displaying a mural artwork in the room. Even in the past in townhouses, a system of paintings hung on pulleys from the ceiling was used, so that the paintings could be moved as desired. Now you can make something similar with a decorative panel, which was originally intended to be a partition.

Although the conventional ceramic tiles are the bathroom stable, the glass tiles have their advantages, too. The glass impresses at first glance by its ability to reflect and refract light and it is unique due to the colour range and the fresh surface.

The glass was used for lining already in the ancient times. Today’s modern technology allows creating the material of unique physical and optical properties at a reasonable price.


glass tiles


The Surface Treatment Of Glass

The Sandblasted Glass

The process of sandblasting consists of disrupting the surface of the glass with a stream of sand sprayed under pressure. The surface looks matte after the treatment. In fact, a large amount of sharp, shiny fractures are created in the glass surface. The disadvantage of the treatment is the fact that it is relatively hard to maintain, and dirt, grease and fingerprints easily adhere in the folds.


The Etched Glass

If you treat the glass surface with acid, you achieve the matte effect, again. Unfortunately, the acid creates unevenness in the surface so it easily keeps the dirt in.


The Frosted Glass

We can achieve the frosted glass effect by applying a layer of hardened materials to the clear surface. This treatment is the most inexpensive.



The “smalti” material is coloured through and opaque. It is made by adding metal oxides in the hot melted glass. The “smalti” is then poured into irregular flat cakes and, after cooling, it is split into small cubes, so each piece is an original. They are used as small tiles and often in mosaics.


The Cast Glass

The glass sheets are melted at a high temperature and paint is melted to their back sides. If you look at the tile from a side, you will see the paint. Overall, this method produces an effect of a significant depth of the tile.


Shaping In A Mould

We can shape the glass tiles by means of a mould. The mixture of glass dust and paint is melted at high temperatures and then allowed to harden in the mould.



“Terrazzo” is a special kind of glass mixed with concrete or other connective mixtures.


Be In And Let The Glass In

The current trend is the combination of large and small formats, e.g. a glass mosaic and large-size glass tiles.


We do not want to frighten you – not really. But if you do pay attention to the cleanliness, you should also look at places where normally the sun (or the bulb) does not get.

Is there an evil disease lurking in hidden corners of your apartment? Most likely, it is not. But when cleaning, it is good to remember the places you would normally ignore.

The bacteria are living with us, and they are good – it would be much worse without them. But they are not always helpful. Those living on a few forgotten and hardly ever cleaned places of your apartment can unnecessarily cause an infection (or just to be a mysterious source of unpleasant smells).


A Cup Of Coffee?

Most of us enjoy a cup of coffee or tea every day. While the standard and electric kettles are relatively easy to clean (because we are aware of their uncleanness), we tend to forget the coffee machines. That is way you should always keep your kitchen in the same condition in which you would like to see your favourite restaurant´s kitchen.

Although we do not realize it much, the coffee contains oils, which are very apt to deposit in coffee machines of all types. Although manufacturers recommend the standard procedures for cleaning of the filters, you should also clean all the parts that come in contact with coffee by means of vinegar about once every six months.


The Enemy Lurks In The Bathroom

The bacteria like dark and damp places, which are numerous in a bathroom. You have one of them literary at your hand: when did you last look into your toothbrush cup? If it is more than a month, the toothbrush is now probably partially dipped in something you would not like to touch with your bare hand.

A bath mat is another treacherous place, as it soaks not only water but also the sweat from your feet. The best solution is to get a few bath mats and wash frequently – basically whenever you put the towels in the washing machine. You do not need to worry, unless your mat is soiled heavily, it will not do anything to the towels and the hot water with the washing powder remove the bacteria.


The TV Addiction Is Harmful

Not only mentally harmful. Long sitting impairs your digestion, weakens your muscles and bring you about back problems – and you also touch ugly critters every day. Do not believe?

Try to get a close look at your remote control then. It is very likely, you will find greasy deposits around the buttons formed by your sweat combined with other particles, tiny crumbs of food, dust particles etc. Not to mention what a surprise you would find if you disassembled the remote control.

A similar problem appears on computer keyboards and mice or on mobile phones. Hardly anyone washes his or her hands before using them and that is how they look in a few months.


Are you tired of arduous peeling of potatoes or grating cheese? You need not to be. The modern kitchen equipment will do these jobs for you in a flash. Pamper yourself with the new kitchen helpers!

A day spent in the kitchen preparing a great food can be romantic, but you do not always have so much time. Even the ordinary opening of a tin or grounding fresh spices can seem stressful and lengthy for you. So why not to make the work easier, sometimes? The kitchen gadgets can “save” you, when you are in a hurry.

mlynek na bylinky

The Spices Always Freshly Ground

Do you prefer freshly ground spices, or do you rather buy them? If you want to really enjoy your food, nothing compares to the freshly ground spices. Their aroma and flavour are the most intense immediately after the grinding and so they last for a few following minutes.

The hand spice grinder has its charm, however the electrical one can handle much more. You simply tilt it to one side and it grounds the very amount of spices you need. So adding spice to your meals will be even faster than reaching for the bag, you have bought.


The Grater For Cheese, Chocolate And Nuts

Would you like an automatic or an electric grater? Anyway, with these devices you need not to exert any strain and handling them is safe. Both have powerful motors and solid removable graters, which can cope with both soft cheese and hard nuts. They shred the foods in a moment and some of their parts are dishwasher safe. The electric grater has also a cordless operation and it is powered by a rechargeable battery. The automatic grater works only with AA batteries. And if you want to make homemade breadcrumbs, you can use any of the two graters.


The Citrus Press

The vitamins found in the fresh fruit cannot be replaced by any other form, however effective they may seem. Nor can the necessary amount of vitamins be found in citrus juices, though there are reportedly full of them. But in citrus fruits, they are plentiful and, moreover, there are no preservatives or artificial sweeteners. But who is willing to squeeze quantities of oranges only because of vitamins every morning?

The electric citrus press can squeeze citruses quickly and without effort, so it is suitable to every home with kids. It is not completely silent, but it squeezes the oranges to the last drop. It is designed for squeezing of halved citruses and it turns on automatically, when you press the citrus to the surface.


The Potatoes Peeled In a Few Minutes

Can you peel 1 kg of potatoes in 2 minutes without getting your hands dirty? The electronic vegetable peeler can do it. In addition to potatoes it can peel other root vegetables in the same short time.

Just put 1 kg of raw material and a cup of water into the container and it will be peeled in just 2 minutes. The peeler can handle every size of produce, but sometimes it is necessary to finish cleaning the vegetables by hand. This device is appropriate for larger families.


The Electric Knife Can Cut Anything

The electric knife is capable to cut raw, frozen, boiled or roasted meat, cheese, bread, vegetables and many other foods in a few seconds. It can cope with fresh and old baked goods alike as well as with hard pie bases. The vibrating blade of the knife moves fast enough not to crease the sliced bread, so a single crumb will not be wasted. The blades are very sharp, so they should never get into kids´ hands. You can purchase a stand for the electric knife, too.

There are also wireless electric knives on the market, whose batteries are recharged via the stand.


Prepare A Homemade Yoghurt

If you have had the opportunity to taste yogurt on a farm, you know that it cannot be compared to regular yogurt from a department store. The homemade yoghurt is authentic and genuine, it has an inimitable taste and typically it does not contain any synthetic flavours or preservatives. However, you do not have to go to a farm to taste yogurt like this, as you can make it right in your kitchen.

A simple yoghurt maker prepares more than 1 l of yogurt in just 6 hours.


As Sharp As A Razor

A knife sharpener is suitable into every kitchen. Whether you use knives often or hardly at all, every knife becomes dull during the time and the sharpening steel is not be sufficient to sharpen it. The knife sharpeners can sharpen knives with smooth and wavy blades alike by means of diamond discs. Some types of sharpeners also polish knives thus increasing their lives. For a normal household, the cheapest sharpener is sufficient.


The research shows that the older a person gets, the more light he or she needs for their everyday activities. However, in order the children’s eyesight developed properly and the children did not spoil their eyes when playing, it is important to ensure an appropriate lighting for them.

A child’s vision is very adaptable and children usually do not complain about the lack of light. It is up to the parents to care about the proper lighting.


Enough Light For The Children´s Eyes

When illuminating the nursery, you should put the greatest emphasis on the practicality and the safety. The lighting of the room should not be formed only by the central light, as the local lights are important, too. Even the intimate light plays its practical role. We are going to tell you more about the three types now.


The Children, The Light and The Health

Most mistakes are made when people arrange the lighting in the children’s rooms. If the child has an inappropriate lighting for its activities, he or she subjectively tries to change their position or leans to improve their vision. The improper lighting can result in spine deformations, headaches, conjunctivitis or irritability.


The Overall Central Lighting

The overall ceiling light should illuminate the entire room without forming dark corners and shadows anywhere. This light serves to the children and their games, which usually take place all over the floor. The light will also help the parent to a perfect cleaning of the room. The fashion of spotlights often replaces the central lighting now, however it is not appropriate. Even though you can direct the spotlights wherever you need, you lack the overall diffused light.


The Lighting Control

The central lighting should be supplemented with a dimmer.

The main advantages of the light regulation include:

– achieving the optimal illumination with respect to the activities performed,

– adjusting the light to the requirements of the user,

– achieving the optimum lighting depending on the level of daylight,

– reducing the operating costs for the lighting,

– improving the quality of the illumination for a pleasant stay in the room.


The Local Functional Light

The local light is a separate light used for illumination of a specific small area. It is particularly necessary on your desk. You can choose from a wide range of table lamps, whether standing or mounted to the table, preferably with an adjustable arm.


Advices And Tips:

* The light should come from the direction appropriate for the specific activity; if your kid is right-handed, the light should come from the left, so that it did not cast a shadow.

* The light should be positioned neither to dazzle, nor to create reflections on the desktop.

* A higher light intensity of about 500 lux is recommended. To achieve a light intensity of 100 lux, you need e.g. a 25 W bulb or a 8 W fluorescent tube per m  over the worktop.

It is also advisable to place a local light beside the bed, which is the popular spot for reading. The source of light should not be placed in front of the eyes of the kid. The light should fall on a book or a magazine from behind or from a side. Since the time you spend reading is relatively short, the sufficient lighting is 150-200 lux. The light should create neither shadows, nor specular (mirror) reflections on the illuminated surface.


The Dim Decorative Lighting

The intimate lighting of the nursery is very important for the kids, too. As children are often afraid of the dark, it is advisable to place a lamp on the wall to emit the dim light.

You can find a wide range of the lamps in stores and they are made with fancy children’s themes. Manufacturers take care about the energy savings and often use LEDs inside, which have the minimum energy consumption. So you do not have to be afraid to let the child´s light on throughout the night.


The Use Of Natural Light

Before you planning the artificial lighting, you should think about the natural light, which should be used as first. That is why you should place the table so that the light comes from the left for a right-handed kid or from the right for a left-handed kid. This applies equally to the artificial light.


The Colour Of The Room

The light is closely related to the colour. Each colour has a different effect on human organism. The perception of colours even changes throughout the life, it is the strongest in the childhood and the adolescence. To ensure the best possible environment, you should change colours in the room from time to time.

Small kids love the pastel colours, while for young schoolchildren, the orange colour is suitable, which activates thinking and stimulates the nervous system.

For bigger kids, the green colour is suitable as it causes relaxation and reduces stress. Teenagers appreciate cooler colours and tones, such as blue. It has an optimistic effect on the human organism and it can soothe emotions.

Is the installation of a disposer in your kitchen worth the investment? These devices are already available on the market.

We can easily end the storage of food waste in the kitchen, which is improper from the health aspect, by buying a kitchen waste disposer.

Thanks to the disposer, the kitchen will remain a clean and odourless part of your apartment. The stored food scraps can be a hatchery of various bacteria and the unremoved garbage can attract insects or rodents.


The Material Is Important

The modern types of waste disposers are characterized by high performance, which allows an easily handling of things such as egg shells, nut shells and small bones. We also have to mention its easy maintenance and long lifespan. When choosing the disposer, you should not follow only the price but the type of the material, too. The experts recommend the solid lightweight materials, in particular. An anticorrosive coating is important, because the corroded material is a common cause of failure of older disposer types.


Crush It And Flush It

A really good garbage disposer easily disposes food waste, such as fruit and vegetable peels, bone fragments, nutshells, crumbs, even fish scales and remnants of paper napkins. All the waste is crushed to particles as small as grains of rice which are then easily flushed down the pipelines into the sewerage. Thanks to the fine milling, the waste does not attract rodents in sewers and it decomposes very quickly in a sewage treatment plant. Therefore, the crushing of food waste is hygienic and environmentally friendly, at the same time.


How To Choose A Disposer

When buying a disposal we must also consider the amount of waste it will be used for. In a usual household, a device with optimum cost and minimum dimensions will be appropriate; its performance will not be limited. The standard is 2,500 RPM, 475 W and a partial noise isolation.

For larger families, a higher category disposer will be suitable; it features a stainless steel grinding chamber and the increased sound insulation. The speed is around 2500 RPM, but the contents of the grinding chamber is about ½ l larger (i.e. 2 l); the power is usually 490 W. Their price is slightly higher.

The industrial disposers, i.e. those with the highest engine power, are useful in catering establishments mainly, but their application may be found in large households, as well. They are suitable for disposal of large volumes of waste and they can crush it very quickly. The long lifespan is a matter of course. These devices are the most expensive.


The Fuses And Certificates

All appliances should have a certificate from national authorities. The product includes the information about thermal fuse of the appliance, which protects it and ensures its durability. There is one more advantage in a removable protective sleeve, which allows quick and easy cleaning of the disposer.

The offers on various kinds of disposers are very diverse. They give you an easy way to get rid of the odours in the kitchen and to dispose waste in environmentally friendly way at the same time.


Utensils to Skimp On And Utensils To Spend On

The cooking is a popular hobby nowadays, which is a great opportunity for manufacturers to convince us that we necessarily need tens of different kinds of kitchen utensils. But which utensils are really worth your investment?

Do you also have mortars, bread makers and other gadgets gathered in your pantry and they only gather dust now? Read on to find which utensils are really worth an extra expense.


The Cutting Board

The plastic cutting boards have spread recently, but the wooden classic ones still have their advantages. First of all it is the durability – a well-treated wooden cutting board can last for many years. Unlike the plastic ones, they are more merciful to your knives and the research found out, surprisingly, that they do not hold more bacteria, as many people are afraid.

Choose a hard wooden cutting board and soak it with a mineral oil or with the mixture of a mineral oil and the beeswax (you can use the same mixture for your wooden spoons and other wooden utensils). Wash the cutting board in hot water with the (naturally degradable, if possible) detergent, but never soak it for a long time, otherwise the wood expands and warps.


The Good Frying Pan

The easiest and best dishes can be prepared on a good quality pan. A non-stick Teflon pan is a popular choice now, but a stainless steel pan is more versatile and it is suitable for several different methods of food preparation. Depending on the material of the handle, it can also be used in an oven.


The Chef´s Knife

It is not necessary to buy an expensive model that you could hardly appreciate during the normal home cooking. However, you should not skimp on it. A good cutting board and a good knife make the preparation of most dishes as easy as hardly anything else.

The chef´s knife is a widely applicable model of knife that can handle vegetables, above all, but meat and other ingredients, as well.


A Food Processor

If you often cook, bake or prepare jams at home, a food processor would be handy for you.  You definitely should not skimp on it, as it is an electrical device, which must be reliable and work as long as possible.

Once you buy a good food processor, you will find many different ways of using it. It can blend or chop, it can knead dough, whip cream or shred cheese. You can live without it, but if you find it practical, you can save the money and buy a better type and model.


The Pots And The Saucepans

You do not need a set of luxury pots, you can use much cheaper ones and their price depends mainly on their size. You do not need many of them.

Get one large pot, one medium sized pot and at least two saucepans with handles – they should be sufficient for everyday cooking. Just be careful so that the selected material and the model were suitable for your type of hob.


The Strainer, The Ladles And Other Metal Utensils

These metal utensils and tools do not require a large investment. Of course, you can buy e.g. design colanders for large sums nowadays, but they will do the same job as the standard ones. You should prefer a metal colander to a plastic one, and a stainless steel colander to an enamelled one. If you get a set of pots lined with the pasta strainer inserts, they will make your cooking a little easier.


The Baking Sheets and Trays

If you bake regularly, you will need two large baking sheets and one (deeper and smaller) baking tray. The classic black baking sheets are not ideal, but you can buy the lighter non-stick ones for an affordable price, as well.


The Dough Bowls

We are usually used to prepare the dough in a plastic bowl, but the glass or the ceramic ones have their advantages, too. The main advantage is their stability, which allows you quite vigorous mixing with a spoon or with your hand, depending on the type of the dough.

The deep bowl for rising of dough is a simple and inexpensive container. You can invest more in it only in the case you want to enjoy its nice decor when baking.