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Food Containers Are Never Enough!

Whether it is fresh or cooked, food needs to be stored properly. Good quality containers will help you to increase its shelf life significantly. You can prevent an unnecessary wastage by proper storing of foods. Thanks to various sophisticated ventilation systems and seals, this kind of container retains optimal atmosphere for a specific ingredient. Choose the containers according to your needs and you will be satisfied.


Reliable Vacuum

It is not new that removing of air extends the shelf life of foodstuffs significantly. You can appreciate vacuum containers not only at home but also when you are travelling. If you prepare an airtight snack with ham and cheese in the morning, it will be still edible and tasty in the evening.

In vacuum, foods do not get dry, odours are not transferred between them and they do not lose their colour, nor taste. The vacuum also avoids the loss of nutrients and vitamins, and especially it prevents fungal infestation and propagation of other microorganisms in the food. This kind of protection of food is worthy not only in the summer months.


Ventilation For Freshness

Certain foods, such as herbs, do well when they get fresh air. That is why some food containers have valves in their lids. However, similar openings are fitted on containers you use for microwaving food. You always need to check the use, because some plastics do not stand high, or vice versa low temperatures.


Colours And Organization

A variety of colour options of lids and containers does not serve only the aesthetics of the product, but it also helps to distinguish them quickly. If you decide e.g. that a box with a white lid is used for dairy products, with red lid for meats and with green lid for herbs and vegetables, you will always be sure to reach for the right one. The transparent containers serve for quick orientation, too. Visual inspection is the easiest and fastest method. That is why even some tin boxes have a “window”, which allows you to check the content, as well as the quantity remaining inside quickly.


Glss Containers

The indisputable advantage of plastics is their lightweight, however glass has different advantages. For example, a glass bowl (made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass) can be put in the oven for baking. Glass is inert, it does not transmit odours and does not get discoloured and a glass container looks like a new one after thorough washing. Advanced systems of closing with seals enhance the comfort of glass containers further. Glass also impress the fans of traditions and it is especially suitable e.g. for kitchens in the traditional or vintage designs, where plastic would not look inappropriate.


Tin Containers

Metal, and particularly stainless steel, is a frequently used material. Large metal containers are great for storing, e.g. bread and pastries. Tin containers can easily be decorated with high quality powder, health and environmentally friendly, paints. You can choose from countless colours and patterns. Everyone will certainly find the best one according to his or her taste. Additionally, beautiful boxes and jars for food may brighten the kitchen up in an interesting way.


Save Food

Nearly 60 percent of Czech households discard unused food at least once a month, and 20 per cent of them do this every week. However, according to the surveys, there is a new positive trend meaning that 83 percent of Czechs currently pay attention to the proper storage of food in their refrigerators.