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The Kitchen Appliances That Think For You

We are not perfect and sometimes we are too busy, so we can forget one thing because of another one. These appliances can make your life easier in the kitchen at least, because they can think for you to some extent.


The Hobs

You can find a safety lock on gas hobs, as on the free standing ones and on the hobs incorporated into stoves. The safety lock closes the gas supply off if the flame goes out accidentally. In addition to it, most modern types have an automatic ignition in a button, so you do not need to handle matches or a lighter.

Some ceramic plates offer the function of protection against overflow, which turns the hob off automatically, when a liquid overflows from a pot and gets to the control panel. At the same time, the buzzer lets you know about an accident.

The “residual heat indicator” means another handy help, which informs you about higher temperatures of the cooking zone, when the hob is turned off. You can find it in induction hobs, too.

The induction hobs have many security features, e.g. they work only when they detect the presence of the correct container on the surface. Each zone is activated only if the container has adequate size and if it is magnetically conductive (so it does not start heating when you lay your glasses or a ladle on it by mistake). And finally, the hob is not so hot during cooking to burn you, if you touched it.


The Smart Ovens

From a number of cool things, we can mention the “cold door” function, when the door does not burn you, however clumsy you were (e.g. the temperature of the oven door, with the function of the dual air control, does not exceed 35 ° C).

The function of pyrolysis is also very helpful. It is an automatic cleaning, during which the door is blocked, so that it cannot be opened by mistake.

The telescopic rails are very practical, so you do not need to worry about a roasting pan accidentally slipping out on the floor, or even worse, on you.

And as to the timer, it controls the time needed to prepare a meal.


The Refrigerators and The Freezers

Does it ever happen to you, that you do not close the refrigerator door fully, or even completely? With the acoustic or light warning signal, you will be informed. The appliance will alert you in the same way, if the internal temperature increases, which may occur e.g. during a blackout. These are some of the clever features used in modern refrigerators and freezers.

You can hardly forget the ice build-ups inside it, but you can be too busy or the fridge may be full of food at the moment. This problem will disappear when you purchase an appliance with the “automatic defrost” function. Moreover, it will save your money, as the system prevents energy losses that occur because of the ice build-up.


The Dishwashers Can To The Job For You

Are you afraid to turn the dishwasher on and walk away, because something might happen with it? The dishwashers are, however, equipped with a safety system, which can interrupt the water supply form the mains in case of overfilling with water. Furthermore, there is one more security element: a filling hose with double coating, which cannot crack due to the wear or because of excessive pressure.


The Child Lock

The “child lock” can block the appliance so that no one can turn it on by mistake, or it changes the settings during use; this function is used in hobs, ovens, microwaves and dishwashers. Certain appliances, such as dishwashers, offer a “double child lock”, which does not allow opening the door, as well.


Small Household Appliances

Many small appliances are also equipped with the functions that think for you to some extent. For example, toasters with quartz glass and a temperature sensor regulate the time of toasting, so you do not burn the toast. Electric kettles can have the function of maintaining the water temperature for up to 30 minutes. So when you forget the kettle during the morning rush for a few minutes, you do not have to reheat it.