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Elegant Interior With A Romantic Touch


When you think about the romantic style, you certainly imagine lots of flowers, ruffles and lace. However, romantic mood can be created easily even in an otherwise modern apartment.

Forget the rich ornamentation and piles of elaborately decorated cushions and dolls. In fact, the romantic style has its specified locations and it decidedly belongs in a certain environment.

But many of us live in modern buildings, where an exaggerated romanticism would feel inappropriate. How can you satisfy your desires in this case?

We have chosen several examples, how to induce the romantic mood relatively easily and quickly in your home. The colours and motifs are basic. They include mainly fine halftones and soft pastel colours. These are associated with decoration and decorativeness drawing from the original motifs.

Keep in mind, that the cosiness and romantic mood are created mainly by the textiles and the illumination. Put stylish coats on decorative pillows and cushions on your sofa, and then do the same with your beds. Of course, use dim lighting and candles – you will never go wrong with them. And while you are in the right mood, drink a cup of tea from a stylish porcelain cup.



Discover Secrets Of Romantic Style

White colour – you will never go wrong with it anywhere; along with ornaments, it creates the impression of lace and embroidery

Choice of colours – avoid full and rich tones, use pastel tones only

Textiles – they will do no harm in any amount: curtains on the windows, as well as bedspreads, cushions, carpets

Materials – wood and metal rule, crystal is beautiful, too; plastics are inappropriate in any form

Details – they are the most important part, you create magic with just a few small elements

Memories – display your pictures and trifles, mementos of people and events, you want to keep reminded