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Bathroom Renovation Without Building Intervention

By Using Thin Large-Format Tiles

Would you like to reconstruct your bathroom, but you are discouraged by the arduousness, building interventions, mess and length of implementation needed? We have a solution for you: you can do the reconstruction by using the ultra-thin Slim Large-Format Tiles. These can be glued directly to the original material.


Reconstruction Quick and Clean

Thanks to a special technology, Slim Large-Format Tiles are only 3.5 mm thick and their weight is about 1/3 of weight of standard tiles. They are reinforced with glass fibre mesh, which provides them with high mechanical strength and durability. What is why you do not worry using even the largest ones. This type of tiles are available in sizes up to 3×1 m. You can accomplish the reconstruction of your bathrooms really quickly, cleanly and without the need for building intervention and the following disposal of debris.

There is a wide range of designs to choose from: glossy marble tiles, modern matte imitations of wood or monochromatic tiles in warm muted colours. There are more than 70 unique designs available, including originals such as the polished ONIX. Tiles are calibrated, so they can be glued with minimal joints and they look like a single surface, in effect.

The big advantage of these tiles is the possibility of using them in the exterior, as well, e.g. for insulation of facades.