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What Makes Sitting In The Living Room Perfect?

There is no need to limit your living room by only buying some sofas. We will talk now a little more about what makes the communal sittig perfect.

We get used to solve the living room space by simply buying a sofa that can fits in and has a roughly suitable colour. But these are a bit low standards, aren´t they?


Different Types Of Sitting

The first argument against sofas is the fact that different people appreciate different types of sitting.  Someone wants to have more back support and someone prefers soft armchairs in which he or she can sit half lying. But a settee usually does not allow such variations. That is why it is best to choose one or two armchairs to your sofa – they will allow a slightly different seating positions. If you are expecting a bigger visit, larger padded stools will also help; otherwise they can be used as handy tables.


An  Easy Access

Comfortable things should be easy, as well. The sitting in your living room should always be easily accessible without going around half of the room or tripping over the feet off sitting people.

In practice, unnecessarily large sofas and chairs in small living rooms often go against this rule. Not only they do not allow different placement and dictate how you arrange them, but also the solution can not sufficiently respect the the convenience of your guests.



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The Correct Light

What has the light to do with the sitting area of your living room? In short, everything. Too often we rely on a central chandelier not realizing the atmosphere it creates in the room – is too high and too intense, illuminating  people’s heads and casting shadows in their faces.

Without realizing it, the usage of a central chandelier can often contribute to a worse atmosphere, wherein people cannot relax sufficiently. The combined light of floor, wall and table lamps is much better. The main principle is that the light should be closer to the level of heads of the sitting people and that no single source should be too strong.


The Connecting Element

Even thought your sitting will not be formed a single compact sitting  set, it obviously should “stick together” aesthetically. One of the ways to achieve it is by means of the colors – but do not make the mistake of seeking an armchair in the same shade as your sofa. How about, for example, buying an armchair in a contrast but matching colour and repeating the colour in the pattern of the cushions you on your sofa?

The next good solution is a carpet that matches the sofa and the chair optically. Remember that the sitting area is not only created by the furniture for sitting but also by the tables, lamps, a nearby bookcase etc.. All these elements must contribute to the overall impression of the room.