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The Pantry Arrangement

A pantry or a food cabinet is part of every kitchen. It is a place designated for storing stocks you do not store in a refrigerator. You can choose from various solutions of a pantry, depending on the type and arrangement of your kitchen.


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A Brick Or A Furniture Cabinet

A brick pantry is larger than the furniture one, it is usually a small room with a separate door. However, it is more demanding on space due to the width of its walls (about 10 cm) and to the installation of door frame. It can have either a rectangular plan or it can be built into a corner of a larger room (usually a kitchen). We should always keep the dimensions of the room and the future kitchen cabinets in mind, so that the pantry would not be an obstacle in place needed for a desktop or kitchen appliances. A furniture food cabinet can fill its function as efficiently as a brick pantry. Due to the small width of the walls (2 cm), it does not occupy extra space. It is practical to incorporate the pantry into the kitchen cabinets.

The pantry´s size is variable, it can be a narrow case 30 cm wide as well as a more spacious equipment with the dimensions of 60 – 90 cm. Its height is generally adapted according to the height of the kitchen; it can either be aligned with other cabinets or build up to the ceiling, thus making full use of the storage space available. The cabinet´s door should be the same as the other doors in the kitchen. It is always advisable to use ventilation for all the types of food cabinets, which makes the storing conditions in the cabinet better then outside in the room. The grids should be installed on the bottom and on the top part of the cabinet.



The small handy boxes for storing of food are widely used both in small kitchens and as a supplement to other storing options. The narrow pull-out boxes (15-30 cm wide) and the practical wooden “blinds” are popular nowadays. The containers, which are used in nearly every kitchen now, are also suitable for food storing.


The Inner Equipment

The days we used only shelves for the storage are gone. Manufacturers offer a plethora of interior equipment currently, which makes the stored food easily accessible and neatly organized. Although the most of the internal equipment is intended for food cabinets, it can be used in a brick pantry after some adjustment, too. The front runners are among the most popular internal fixtures. They are made of wire and they can have different widths and heights. According to the comfort level required, they can have the subdued closing. The wire systems can be supplemented with an inserted full bottom to prevent loose foodstuffs from falling through. Increasingly popular are the drawers that can be pulled out fully and have a high load capacity. The drawers pull out individually after opening the door. The internal equipment includes also additional equipment for the runners and for the wire systems. You can purchase the sorting grids, box holders and many other accessories.