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You certainly know it: you buy a new expensive sofa, but kids, pets and frequent visitors take their toll on it quickly. Originally a luxury sofa looks like an ordinary couch after a few months and you are upset by a bad investment. How can you avoid this kind of problem?


A ‘New’ Sofa In A Few Seconds

If you do not intend to invest sums to reupholstering the sofa regularly, you have only one option: buy a cover/spread. It is relatively cheap, it will prevent damage and contamination of the sofa, and additionally, it will give a new chic look to your sofa – all this in a few seconds. There is still one question remaining: what spread should you choose?


Synthetic Fibres Are Prevail

Even though you can see covers and spreads for sofas made of 100% cotton on the market, they are not entirely appropriate due to their shorter life and higher maintenance requirements. It is much better to get a spread made of synthetic fibres (e.g. fleece of 100% polyester) or made of synthetic fibres blended with natural fibres (e.g. 90% polyester or acrylic and 10% cotton). These spreads are very warm, pleasant to the touch and moreover, easy to launder – you can clean most of them thoroughly by washing at 40 ° C. Unlike the purely natural fibres, they are much more durable.


Choose A Colour And Style According To Your Interior

Once you know the type of material, you need to choose a colour and style of the spread. Follow your aesthetic taste; the spread should not “stand up” against the rest of the interior. It must match to furniture and walls, above all. There is a rule: if you have plain one-colour walls, you can buy a more vivid spread with bold patterns. Contrariwise, if the walls of your living room or bedroom are decorated with pictures and paintings, select a simple pattern spread.

Then all you need to do is to visit the nearest store or a reliable e-commerce and go shopping. Your sofa will change substantially in a moment and most importantly, it will look like a new one much longer.

Are you planning your kitchen and do not know how to organize the space? Are you considering a kitchen bar counter and barstools? It is ideal for quick, casual meals and easy to keep clean.

High barstools with long slender legs, a bar counter with a worktop behind, which is usually equipped with a hob – it is more and more common to see a bar counter and barstools in the kitchens, and they are mostly used for quick breakfasts.

The bar is also ideal for seating of guests, who can make us company, while we are finishing the food preparation. And while sipping an aperitif, the guests can watch from the high stool, what kind of speciality we are preparing for them.

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The Correct Height Of The Bar

The kitchen counter is usually connected with the worktop, so they both should have the same height of about 85-90 cm (35 in). If you want to make it higher, the difference between the bar counter and the worktop should surpass 10 cm (4 in), so that serving was easy and comfortable.

The barstools must have footing and the seats should be about 20 cm (8 in) lower than the bar counter. The barstools must be comfortable because sitting on them is more strenuous than sitting on conventional chairs.


A Fashionable Addition Or A Practical Use?

The bar counters and barstools must match the dimensions and functions of kitchen bars:  the counters are narrower than a usual table and the stools, although used for sitting, should not interfere with the everyday traffic. That is the reason for the high legs: whether you want to sit down at the bar or to leave it, you do not have to push the stool, but only slide down from it.

When considering the bar counter in your kitchen, you should make sure, whether it is the only place to dine or whether it is merely one of several seating options. The dining counters with stools are mostly chosen into the kitchens of single people or families with bigger children. It is also often the only option in very small kitchens, wherein a classic dining table would not fit and a folding table is not suitable.

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The Barstool Characteristics

In general, a kitchen chair and stools should be lightweight, strong and stable. The spread of bar seating in residential interiors requires more interesting design of the stools specifically, as well as a wider variety of colours and materials. A tripod may be practical in this case, too, although it may not seem so at first sight.

The barstool frame is usually made of aluminium or steel profiles or tubing and the seats are made of various kinds of mould plastic; they may be wooden or upholstered and they are mostly fitted with low backrests. The seats made of stained bent plywood, the chairs made of rattan or exotic woods are interesting, too. The extravagant up-to date hit are stools made of acrylic glass which brighten the interior and despite their visual subtlety, they are strong and durable enough.

A chair with an interesting shape or material can become the dominant feature of the interior. But when choosing it, keep in mind, that the chair is primarily used for sitting, so the comfort is first. When you want to buy one, try to sit on it for a while.