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The sun begins to show its strength again, and although you may greet it enthusiastically, there are moments when you want to hide from the light. In this case, you need a kind of shielding system. Do you know which one you should choose?

There are several different types of shading systems. In addition to their primary function, they satisfy additional demands placed on them, too. That is why it is necessary to choose the right system.


Horizontal Blinds

They are definitely the most common type of interior shielding. The slats are usually made of lightweight and highly durable aluminium. The material allows virtually unlimited adjustment of length according to the individual needs. These blinds are often installed between window panes and together with curtains, they provide complementary shielding. There is a wide range of colours to match the interior.


Vertical Blinds

You will definitely notice them in an interior. Their advantages are their versatility, their perfect capability to control the light and their noise reduction. They can be made of virtually all modern materials: cotton, polyester, fibreglass, PVC, and also the exclusive wooden fabric. Their advantage is the ability to shield even a very large area, which may be angled, rounded, or even inclined.


Slightly Different Blinds

The blinds are experiencing their renaissance nowadays. They require less maintenance than the traditional curtains, they easily tame the dangerous sun rays while protecting your privacy from unwanted eyes from the outside. The large surface of the blinds allows using of creative designs. There is an interesting combination of blinds and shutters; you can regulate the light transmittance by lifting or lowering them.


Attractive Pleating

The pleated fabric blinds with various level of light transmittance are a perfect, variable and mainly functional supplement in a flat, an office or even in a conservatory. The intensity of shading can be set by lowering or lifting the upper or lower profile. This creates shielding exactly on locations where you need it.


Sliding Panels

Modern interior is characterized by the use of light and by large glazed surfaces. To avoid large windows from losing their charm, complement them with a corresponding shading technique, such as the Japanese fabric walls made of curtain-type fabric, which transmits a large amount of light, while still providing enough privacy.


The Touch Of Nature

The wooden shutters are an elegant addition to a classical or a modern interior. The natural material allows matching with the furnishing as well as with the floor. The practical characteristics of wooden shutters are also advantageous: they are relatively highly moisture resistant and, thanks to the surface treatment, resistant to the UV radiation. The slats are made of soft wood of linden tree, bamboo or exotic ramin wood. The daylight passing through the wooden slats brings soft golden tones into the interior.


Indulge In Comfort

You can enjoy the advantages of interior shielding every day only if it is motorized and if it uses a remote control. It’s simple – just press a button and any type of interior shading will do what you want. Thanks to the motorization, you can control the natural light and the intensity of sunlight quickly and easily. Likewise, you can effectively protect your privacy. The motorization thus brings comfort and saves time which you can spend e.g. with your family.


Children And Shielding

You do not need to be afraid of using obvious children’s motives on the pleats – they look nice and fresh in children rooms and moreover, kids tend to love them. However, caution should be exercised when choosing several striking materials, so that the room did not look fussy (with a combination of multiple bold patterns and colours).

sliding panels



Each type of shielding technology has its own specifics – the use, shading, control etc. That is why you cannot get a universal guide for all types of shielding. It is recommended to follow the instructions for use and maintenance, which is provided by the manufacturer of each specific type.

In general, the textile systems are made of a fabric which can be washed by hand at 30 °C only, and the slat blinds, which can be cleaned mechanically by wiping with a damp cloth.


Looking for a perfect shading element for your windows? You can choose the Roman blinds. These are a special type of fabric blinds, on which the fabric is divided horizontally into equal strips by a framework. There are loops sewn on each strip through which woven string is threaded; the string is used for controlling the blinds.


What Makes The Roman Blinds Different From Other Types Of Blinds?

During the production of Roman blinds, strong emphasis is put on the selection of high quality materials and a perfect workmanship. High quality of implementation is characteristic also for the Roman blinds of large sizes.


Wide Range Of Use

Roman blinds are suitable both in a classical and modern interior. They can be recommended not only into a living room, where they will amaze your visitors with their elegant appearance, but also into a kitchen, where you will appreciate their functionality. Roman blinds can be installed in vertical windows as well as in windows of atypical shapes.


No More Rolling

Horizontal folds are typical for the Roman blinds. The surface of the blind is divided into several horizontal stripes that are equally wide. When you pull the blind up, it remains folded in the upper part of the window.


You Can Become The Designers Of Your Home

By selecting a suitable pattern and colour combinations, it is possible to adapt the Roman blinds to the smallest details of your interior. The fabrics are high quality ones, with excellent colour and shape fastness.


Like A New One Even After Years

The main advantage of Roman blinds is their easy maintenance. You can remove and wash the fabric very easily, or you can replace it with another fabric with a different design.

“We believe that the Roman blinds will convince you that beauty is in simplicity,” the producer says.