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Hints And Tips

It is not easy to arrange a bathroom in an apartment or in a house, so that it met the practical requirements and it also fitted into the given space.

If you have a chance to influence the layout of the components in your bathroom, think twice before you decide where you place each component and how much space you will get around it. A washing machine, a sink and a bathtub require enough space around them. Sufficient space will make easier both your personal hygiene and any later works that will be done in the bathroom.

Manufacturers of bathroom accessories states different dimensions. Unfortunately, many bathrooms in blocks of flats do not even approach these values.

You need at least 75 cm from the edge of the object into free space in front of a bath, a sink and a toilet. The reason is you need to be able to bend, turn around and get up comfortably. At the same time, the distance between the sanitary items should not be less than 25 cm.

“It is 60 cm between the centres of a toilet and a bidet. The same applies to the distance between a toilet and a urinal. The distance between the centre of a toilet, a bidet or a urinal and other stationary object (a corner, a wall) should be 40 cm at least. Ideally, it should be 80 cm around a toilet”, an expert says.

There should be a gap of at least 25 cm between a sink and a side wall. A sink needs to be 65 cm wide, so that you could wash conveniently. A shower enclosure should be at least 90 cm wide. The handling area in front of a washing machine should not be less than 90 cm, especially if you plan a front-loading washing machine (then it is a real necessity).


The depth of the space, in which a toilet is located, should be 120-135 cm at least. However, in many reconstructed block of flats, it is only 80-98 cm. The height of the toilet does not usually cause any difficulties. A toilet seat should be able move as needed, between 40 and 50 cm.

Anyway, when planning a bathroom, consider the body proportions of all the people who are going to use the bathroom. If you do not have enough space for both a bath and a shower, you can prefer a more spacious, at least 90 cm wide, enclosure with disabled access. Not only it looks better, but its recessed tray or a suitable floor surface is more enjoyable both for stepping in and out of the shower.

And if you cannot imagine a bathroom without a bath, choose one that is not only beautiful but comfortable and safe, as well.

4 Reasons To Get A Bidet In Your Bathroom

Not a popular matter in the CR, but a norm in other countries. According to surveys, the Czechs find it “to occupy the space in the bathroom unnecessarily”, while in Japan, it is a standard even in the public toilets.


Would You Like A Pony?

The word “bidet” comes from the French and means a “pony”. The equipment acquired its name from the type of sitting in which it is used. A bidet, which is a low type of basin adapted for washing of the intimate parts, is a cornerstone of home hygiene ever since its invention around 1700 AD. Interestingly, a bidet was a part of a bedroom at first and did not move into a bathroom until two hundred years later. Around 1960, a new technology allowed the incorporation of a bidet nozzle directly into the toilet (controlled by a lever faucet), which significantly saved the space in a bathroom. However, this invention is not much known in this country…

stažený soubor

Health Is First

The regular use of a bidet is helpful to prevent the colon and rectum cancers, and in Europe, these deceases have the most frequent occurrence in the CR. Approximately 8,300 Czechs contract this insidious disease annually and about 4,000 of them die of it. It is no longer possible to intervene in any way in 54% of the cases, because of the advanced stage of the disease. The popularity of fatty foods and the lack of exercise contribute to the development of the disease, as well as excessive drinking of beer; it contains a high proportion of yeast and has adverse affect on the intestinal microflora thus contributing to the development of rectum cancer. A bidet, which supports the blood supply in these body parts by means of a stream of lukewarm water, is beneficial in the case of haemorrhoids, too.


Practicality Second

The bidets are mostly purchased in a united design as an original bathroom furniture piece. If you are short of space, you can use a so called “micro bidet”, which can be subsequently mounted to any type of toilet. It just needs to be connected to the water supply (in the case, cold water is OK for you, there is no need for further assembly), installed under the toilet seat and then you can simply use it (by means of an electric control, in the case of a more sophisticated type).

The micro bidet is economical. Its advantages are easy assembly and maintenance. The device is adjustable according to requirements of the user. The device is concealed, so it does not interfere with the interior design.

It is also an excellent solution for people with reduced mobility or for the elderly ones, who find the hygiene in a classical tub or a shower too demanding physically.


Luxury The Third

You can get a bit of luxury for an extra cost. The more expensive devices offer various functions: adjusting of the water temperature, setting of the water pressure and the position of the water stream and even the massage washing mode. All this can be set by a remote control. There are also preheated seats, an odour filter or a drying function in this luxury series.

A bathtub or a shower – that is the question. If you are planning a reconstruction of your bathroom, it is probably the most frequently asked one. Let us try to solve the dilemma.

There are people who do not need to solve the question mentioned above. They are lucky enough not to be limited by the size of the bathroom and they can get both a bathtub and a shower. But many of you do not have this option and you need to be careful in this case. Do you love to have a bath, and spend a lot of time by them? Or do you prefer a quick and refreshing shower? Or you do not care, while the financial respect is more important for you? First, you need to answer all these questions to yourself.



Even A Shower Can Be Comfortable

Generally, a shower requires less space than a bathtub, so it is suitable mainly into small bathrooms, where enough place must remain for bathroom furniture. Moreover, you do not necessarily have to lose the comfort even in this case. If you are willing to spend more money, you can get a massage box, which can relieve stress and physical pain after a day of hard work or sport. In any case, keep in mind that the minimum dimensions for a shower box should be 80 x 80 cm, or better yet, 90 x 90 cm.


A Bathtub For The Fans Of Long Baths And Relaxation

This option naturally requires more space, 140 x 70 cm with for an oval bathtub or 125 x 125 cm for a bathtub corner (if you want to enjoy a really comfortable bath). Again, you can get a massage version here, which gives a whole new dimension to your bath. And if you need to take a shower only sometimes, you can buy a bath screen, which creates a combination between a bathtub and a shower.

And if you still cannot decide, look at the offers of the construction stores and the decorative goods in a store on online.

Are you planning a reconstruction of your bathroom? Already during building and equipping a bathroom, a maximum security should be considered. The first requirement for a safe movement in a bathroom is, of course, a sufficient free and open space and a non-slip floor.

There is a number of fixed, subsequently built-in and freely usable tools, so that you can use a bath or a shower without the risk of injury.


Prevent Slipping

Slipping can be prevented e.g. by means of non-slip strips, that glued to the installed floor, by mats with a rubber underside or by chemical agents in the form of a paint (so called “wet brakes”). The measures to avoid a fall include a bath with a non-slip bottom, tub handles and stools; a seat in the shower, as well as a low or a partially sunken bathtub, will help those with reduced mobility. The turned on under floor heating dries a wet floor quickly.


Tiles Are Important

When choosing the tiles, you need to consider their finish, as well. You can install large format tiles even a small bathroom and they can enlarge it visually. Choose the calibrated tiles because their calibration enables you to install them with minimal joints, which is very practical for the maintenance of a bathroom. The generally compact surface is also better for laying the textile anti-slip mats.


Hot Water

The hot water means another common type of risk in a bathroom; scalding is unfortunately quite often and it is caused by inappropriate water taps. There are a large number of valves with the control settings for water temperature on the market. These thermostatic valves with safety function enable you to set a stable temperature of e.g. 38 ° C.


Think About The Future

Young people do not mind crossing the high rim of a bathtub. However, you should keep in mind, that both you and your family members will get old and have reduced mobility. With regard to the convenience as well as in terms of safety, it is preferable to equip a bathroom with a shower with no obstacles around it (instead of a bathtub). Additionally, the shower tray can be fitted flush with the floor. Here again, choose the products with good slip resistance.

“When choosing the shower interior, pay attention to its tightness. There is nothing worse than stepping out of the shower onto a wet floor,” an expert highlights the potential risks. “Check the joints between the glass panes carefully, because that is where the water can leak. Some showers miss the sealing completely, while others´ sealing do not fit tightly. Pay attention to sealing on the bottom edge of the door, as it is often distorted.”

Choosing of the “drainage canals” can enable you to create a disabled access bathroom, as well as the possibility to install the under floor heating. These are incorporated directly into the stripped floor, so you do not need a floor tray. This solution allows the installation of a shower of any size.


A Bathroom With A Toilet In One Room

Many bathrooms are equipped with a toilet and a bidet. An unexpectedly sharp fall of the board can cause injury, too. However, you can get a toilet model with an automatic soft folding.


The Electrical Equipment

Do not forget the safe placement of the lights, sockets and switches. (In the CR), a bathroom is divided into the zones No. 0, 1, 2 and 3, and different rules apply for each of them; the rules are indicated by the CSN standards.

The old formica bathroom may not be the worst thing you have to solve during the reconstruction. In this case, a young couple (with the help of a construction company) had to deal with a bathroom in an old brick building.

The original owners were an elderly couple who hardly ever invested in the interior for the whole decades, they had been living here. That is why most of the fixtures were the original ones, including the bathtub, the sink, the gas heater and the tiles.

So the young couple had a simple decision: a complete reconstruction was necessary. Although the original idea of enlarging the space failed, they managed to customize the space so that a shower could be installed.

The next major change meant moving the gas heater, which also supplies the kitchen with hot water, from the bathroom on the toilet. Although the house has a central heating, the original project solved the water heating by a separate gas heater. This solution is, however, present in many apartments in old houses in the CR till today.

There was not enough space for a sufficiently large water boiler so a modern type of gas heater was chosen, which needed, however, a flue exhaust chimney leading up to the roof (the apartment was fortunately on the top floor of the house).

The modern gas heater does not depend on the supply of combustion air from the inner space of the house, so it was not a problem to place it into the small space of the toilet. However, this solution meant a higher purchase price of the appliance and an installation of a new flue.


Solving The Small Space

The third small space obtained by moving a partition wall, which was closed by a door, was equipped with a washing machine and a tumble dryer. This utility room would serve as storage for buckets, vacuum cleaners and other cleaning equipment.

However, the couple really wanted a shower, because they do a lot of sports, as well as a bathtub for their future kids. That is the why they finally decided to extend the bathroom with a shower enclosure. The shower was closed in a niche 120 cm wide by a glass door without a frame, so it looks quite inconspicuous.

The architect modified the project then: the washing machine was moved to the kitchen and the tumble dryer to the closet in the hallway, which was fixed with good ventilation and an electric outlet.

“Unfortunately, compromises cannot be avoided completely during a reconstruction”, an architect says.


The Safety And The Comfort

Even so, the space of the new bathroom and the toilet was quite small. To enlarge it visually, the owners chose glossy white wall tiles, dark anthracite floor tiles complemented by mosaic areas. The white tiles enlarge the space visually and they are a timeless solution, which can easily be completed with colours using towels and other accessories. The interesting mix of mosaics and large pavers proved to be better than the originally planned simple mosaic.

The modern gas heater is only 25 cm deep and it is covered by a made-to-measure door, it is located inside the toilet room. Both the door and the hanging cabinets connected to the sink have a glossy finish.

The owners chose a high type of the doors (210 cm) in the whole apartment, which help to enlarge the space visually. The doors have a special “climate” finish, which protects them from the moisture. The edges of the door in the bathroom are covered by aluminium rails which looks luxurious, when the door is opened. A mechanical damage of the edges is nearly impossible.

For a greater comfort, both a hand shower and a head shower were installed.  In a brick house like this, the owners could afford a gutter instead of a shower tray. It was possible to place the sewer branch so that the outflow was lower, which is rarely possible in the prefabricated houses.

There is neither a heating ladder, nor the original radiator in the bathroom as the owners preferred a floor heating.

The reconstruction of the bathrooms was part of the overall reconstruction. In a case like this, you have to take the new wiring and tile installation in account, which requires some time as good work cannot be done in haste.

In the bathroom, the mirror is indispensable and the glass shelves and screens are also well known and popular. However, there can be also other glass objects in the bathroom. We are going to give you some information, which parts of the bathroom equipment can be made of glass and which of them you can buy for your home.

Do you like glass in the bathroom? It makes the space lighter, it makes some objects subtler while it highlights others, and it is certain to increase the whole design level of the space.

In addition to small accessories (such as soap holder, cups or shelves), the screens around the bathtub and the bathroom mirrors, other parts of the bathroom can be made of glass, as well. The glass wall panels, more or less open screens and mosaics are increasingly popular. Glass is also used for furniture, sometimes even for the sanitary equipment, the lighting andr the door.


You Need Not To Be Afraid

The glass is practical, as it mostly forms a smooth surface that is easy to maintain. The glass used for larger areas is made firmer by hardening, so that it becomes almost unbreakable during normal use. It can be easily combined with other materials. The stained glass does not fade its colour while the clear glass brightens the space. If you solve the problem of the lack of light, a skylight or a glass door will be helpful. And finally, the glass can take over the function of the lighting in part.


The Charming Accessories And The Mirrors

Even by replacing some small elements, your bathroom´s look may improve noticeably.

If you want to choose several accessories, make sure they are not in various designs and implementations.  Do not combine rounded shapes with sharp shapes or clear glass with matte glass, you should also pay attention to the unification of the chrome parts. The mirrors can be replaced easily. If you want to enlarge the room visually, use the mirrors without the frames.


The Furniture

The glass shelves as well as the galleries with storage space are common in the bathrooms. Glass can however be also used for the furniture, usually on its front surface. The glass can carry a graphic motif or a LED diode strip, which is designed for wet conditions, an expert says.

The glass panes are a clever solution, too. Glass and artificial stone are the best materials for the wash basin boards. Other materials get damaged through normal use or they are sensitive to prolonged exposure to water, a designer adds.


The Traditional And The Modern Tiles

You can line the walls with mosaics, however the new trend prefers large glass tiles, which are usually stuck to the wall (you can stick them even on the existing ceramic tiles, provided they are even and technically sound). They have no joints, which could keep dirt or mould in, and they can be decorated with any motif.


The Sanitary Equipment Differently

The basins made of tempered safety glass are the most frequent. The conventional minor bumps do not damage them unless hit heavily, when a crack appears at the point of the impact. However, the basin will not break into pieces and it will always retain its shape.


To The Bath Or To The Shower

The screen can have many forms: it can be fixed, partially fixed or entirely movable. You can combine the solid panel with the hinged one and the shapes are numerous, too. The glass panel can sometimes work as a dividing element, which partially divides the space. Glass can be chosen in many variants: it can be clear, frosty, stained, sandblasted or it can have a decorative motif.

The glass can have different kinds of surfaces, which make its maintenance easier. They include the anti-plaque treatment, which causes the water to flow down in trickles, so it flows faster and does not leave any drops. The sediments from the water still get partially captured on the glass, but they can be cleaned more easily.

The “Anti Calc” treatment prevents the scale and the condensation of water vapour from forming; they both lead to the unsightly drops and “maps” on the glass.

The mirrors can have the anti-fog treatment.


The Benefits Of Clear Glass

The clear glass does not create a visual barrier in the room. For example, a small bathroom with a glass shower screen looks more open than if you used a shower curtain or a brick partition.


The Nanotechnology

The nanotech products can be applied retroactively virtually on every surface which is clean and free of grease, including the surfaces in the bathroom. They contain nanoparticles, which fill every microscopic unevenness of the surface and create a protective film, on that nothing gets stuck. This kind of surface is also antibacterial.


As to remodelling, people often have neither the financial resources, nor enough free time to do a thorough reconstruction. However, it does not mean that you cannot rearrange your home noticeably.  You can start with your bathroom.

Although your bathroom may not need a major facelift, a little embellishment would certainly be beneficial. Here are a few tips that will help you.

Replacing the tiles, a new bath, a completely new lighting or new water taps, all these things cost quite a lot of money. You can put a new face to your bathroom even without similar big investments.


Add A Colour To The Wall

Repainting is a quick way to change virtually any room. If you do not want to start a larger project, you can choose just one wall and make it a so-called accent wall; the other ones should obviously remain in a neutral tone.

Even a little easier solution is to add a colour pattern to one of the walls. You can buy painter´s and decorator´s supplies (templates, large stamps) in a hobby shop, just do not forget to measure the size of the decor and plan it correctly the advance. A nice pattern can be created by a small motif with a proper spacing.


Do Not Be Afraid Of Art

In other words – try out some pictures. They are not only suitable for a living room or a bedroom, they will have a nice effect in a bathroom, too. You can watch them while relaxing in the tub, they will cheer you up in the mornings when you brush your teeth or they can soothe you before you go to bed.

Of course, do not place valuable works of art in a bathroom. Use reproductions or just photographs and put them in colour plastic frames. Do you have a large mirror in your bathroom? You can take some family photos and stick them on along the edges.


A New Curtain

Have you ever noticed what a big change can be made by an ordinary shower curtain? It is perfectly suitable for this, as it forms a large area which is very visible, but not pricey and easily replaceable; you can change the look of the bathroom by simply pushing it.

You do not need to buy the cheapest plastic curtain, as the fabric ones with a waterproof layer are also available. Alternatively, you can buy a few curtains and change them according to your mood every few weeks. How about buying e.g. a curtain in bright colours for the spring and summer time and a warmer fabric one for the autumn and winter time?


Put The Money On The Accessories

Strictly throw all the ugly plastic or cardboard boxes in which you have stored your cosmetics and other needs until now. Your bathroom needs supplements that upgrade it and make it a luxury spa delightful to look at.

Purchase wicker baskets, a porcelain soap dispenser and a toothbrush cup. Turn the old towels with faded colours to cleaning rags and purchase a set of towels and bath towels in a single colour that suits to the bathroom. You will see that the room is more attractive, at once.


Make Patterned Tiles From The White Ones

And finally, we have a tip for those who really love art. If you have the white tiles (either wall or floor ones) in your bathroom, you can decorate them with a pattern similar to what we said above.  Again, it can be a printed decor, a painting with a template or a completely free style painting.

Of course, not everyone is confident enough to take a brush straight on the tiles, but you need not despair, there is another option: the stickers. We talk about the residential stickers, which have been a big hit quite recently, and still can normally bought. Purchase a set of small motifs and stick them on the tiles in your bathroom in a way to form a decorative pattern.

The bathroom is a place we all love (maybe except for small children who hate cleaning their teeth). The bathroom means a rest or contrariwise, a boost. Moreover, it is ideal in the way you can remodel it easily following a few steps.

People living in a rental apartment know it especially: the bathroom often looks plain and unattractive. The best thing would be to remove the tiles completely and to organize the room in a different way – but it is obviously impossible. Anyway, you need not to despair, a small facelift can be acomplished even in an afternoon and a single tile need not to be sacrified.

In the beginning of a mew year, we like to look back and around to consider, what can be changed and improved in our lives. Sometimes it results in imposing life plans and sometimes it just means a need to throw the old faded towels away.


The Textiles Are The Beginning And The End

It is logical indeed, the towels actually contribute to the appearance of the bathroom like hardly anything else. They are constantly lying on the shelves, drying on the pipes or on the heating, hanging next to the sink … They are actually everywhere.

In the new year, let’s make a resolution to get rid of everything that has its best behind, or that´s colour does not suit to your bathroom. Do you have a deep green towel that have moved with you through the three previous apartments? Maybe it is the right time to cut it into cloths or discard it in the textile container.


The Mirror Dominates The Room

If you can replace the bathroom mirror in your apartment, take it a huge advantage. The mirrors can make wonders with the space and the bathroom is the only room wherein they look natural as we are all accustomed to the bathroom mirrors.

The bathroom mirror is determined to be a significant unique feature of the bathroom. It can have an unusual frame or shape or you can invest a little more and experiment with the illumination.



Pull The Curtain

The next easy trick is making use of large surfices which can be quickly changed aesthetically. What does this mean in practice? It means primarily a shower curtain or a shower screen, which are meant to be exposed (to change the whole mood of the bathroom) or hidden as you like.

The bathroom curtains are quite cheap today so you can have a few to change them as needed. For example, one of them can look luxurious (popular are heavy fabric curtains with a water-repellent inner side), while the other funny.


Respect The Base

If for you do not want to start a bathroom renovation for any reason, be careful to work really with colour base you are given. Most of the Czech bathrooms surprisingly do not use the pure white tiles but the colorful ones, mostly in marble decor and warm tones.

Such a base should be ideally completed with neutral accessories in shades of white and cream white because these shades do not contrast with the tiles but complement the atmosphere  of the bathroom  lined with the stone imitation. In the case your bathroom is exceptional and is lined with the white tiles, you can afford colour experiments.