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Stylish Log Racks

A small Czech design studio has decided that firewood should no longer be stored randomly and unsightly in our homes, but it should become a stylish complement of the interior. That is why they bring an extensive collection of log racks of various shapes and sizes that can embellish a room in an elegant way and that also offer a functional space for drying of the wood.



The studio is created by about 20 people who helped to give life to the brand. Their creative log racks were made from the same reason as many other projects, as they needed to replace unsuitable banana boxes, crates or baskets with something good looking, such as the fireplace or the stove are.

That is why their brand came up with the elegant, stylish and mainly practical racks and stands for firewood in four variants, which, after being filled with wood, become interior decorations themselves.



The most practical piece in the collection is the model Tower and as the name implies, it has a shape of a tower of three different heights, which can be further divided by shelves or even decorated by sidewalls with ornaments. Its effectiveness is supported by additional wheels, which make the cleaning around the Tower easier.


The model Circulus brings a more atypical design and it is manufactured in three sizes. It is a metal circle made (like all other racks) of quality coated steel. The most extravagant piece of the studio is The X stand, which clearly becomes a dominant of an interior. It should not act only as a letter of the alphabet, but also as an hourglass counting down the time to add another wood.

Bez názvu

The X – stand, the most exclusive and expensive piece

The collection of stands “Bench and Stool” is very practical, too. It is composed of a bench and a stool, whose interiors can be filled with wood, and you can also sit down on them, too, as they are covered by a wooden seat.

All variants are produced exclusively in the CR directly by the studio.