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Refrigerators – Which Are The Best

In addition to its basic function to cool or freeze the stored food, modern refrigerators offer something more.  You can choose which of the other features or the technical solutions can come handy to you.

The purpose the technological enhancements is to create the very best environment for your stored food, although the saving of energy and time is practical too, in the case your appliance does not require to be defrosted.


Which Motor Is Energy-Saving?

There are various types of motors. For example, an inverter motor is better than the classic one. The classic motor transmits electricity to the rotor by the carbon brushes, which wear out and must be replaced. Contrariwise, the inverter motor is controlled directly electronically and it does not use the brushes, which proved to be a more practical solution for several reasons: the refrigerator works well but with the minimal power consumption and it is virtually silent.


Is Defrosting The Past?

The standard refrigerators have the direct cooling. In practice it means, they need to be defrosted after some time, otherwise the ice sheet would increase the consumption of energy. Conversely, an appliance equipped with “No Frost” technology maintains a constant temperature, so the refrigerator or the freezer does not need to be defrosted. You can compare it to the “Low Frost” technology that promises to lower the frequency of defrosting; the frost forms, but to a lesser extent, so it does not need to be defrosted so often.


The Food Fresh All The Time

Manufacturers use various technologies to keep the stored food fresh as long as possible.  For example, the “BioFresh” function guarantees an exact temperature just above 0 ° C, so that the food does not get damaged by the frost.

In turn, the “Active Oxygen” technology regularly releases ozone into the interior of the fridge, which helps to reduce the spread of bacteria, microorganisms and the unpleasant odour significantly. The “IonAir” technology also helps to kill bacteria and to maintain the ideal humidity.


What Is the Circulating Air Good For?

You certainly know, that the air is warmer at the top of the fridge than it is at the bottom. That is why some manufacturers equip their appliances with inside fans. The fan distributes the cold air throughout the refrigerator so that the temperature is constant everywhere. Another solution relies on air channels, which distribute the air inside, too. As a result, the food stored in the upper compartments will remain in perfect condition longer.


Quickness Above All

If you often put a larger quantity of fresh food in your refrigerator, the function that cools or freezes them quickly could come handy to you. With it, the temperature inside the appliance does not unnecessarily, though temporarily, increase and the previously stored food do not warm up. The function has various names, such as “Coolmatic /Frostmatic” or “Super Cool/Super Freezing”.


The Practical Drawers

Typically, there is the temperature of about 5 ° C in a refrigerator and e.g. the meat needs a storage temperature of around 0 ° C, or the vegetable need a slightly higher temperature (according to its type) from 2 ° C to 10 ° C. That is why the interior of the refrigerator is designed with the “zero zone” at the bottom, where the low-temperature drawer designated for meat and meat products is placed. The box for vegetables is placed above it and the rest of the foods should be stored in the higher compartments. Lower temperatures are maintained in the lower part of the refrigerator.

If the fridge is equipped with the special drawer, the function may have various names for different brands, such as BioFresh, VitaFresh or PerfectFresh.


The Healthy Ones Are Good Ones

Some manufacturers offer an antibacterial surface of the fridge or a gasket to prevent the bacteria and microorganisms from growing. The purpose is to keep the food in a perfectly clean environment.


Frequent Opening Of The Door is Bad

To work well, the fridge needs to maintain the optimum conditions both of the temperature and the humidity. But you disturb them by the normal operation, i.e. by opening and closing the door. However, if the appliance is equipped with the function “Multiflow/MultiAirFlow”, the fridge responds immediately and recovers its internal environment as desired.


The Things You Should Know

The standard white fridge typically includes a classic motor, an adjustable thermostat, glass shelves and a classic light. The “No Frost” stainless steel fridge is more expensive. The extras generally include the special antibacterial surfaces, an inverter motor, the “Active Oxygen” technology as well as other enhancements mentioned above. The prices vary, but the rule is, you always pay more for the extras.