Home Exterior A Puppy Lives With Us

A Puppy Lives With Us

Have you succumbed to the children´s pressure on the Christmas and got a dog? Read on to see our advice, how to make the common beginnings easier both for it and for you.

What can you expect and what should you avoid when sharing your home with a new canine friend?

Like all young, the dog´s pups are curious and they like exploring their surroundings. There is nothing wrong on the puppy´s curiosity, however it is good to protect it from the things, that might come to harm or that can injure the puppy.


Chewing Forbidden

Well, the things not intended for it, at least. We all know that puppies love the rubber chew toys. But it is hard to explain them the difference between a toy and e.g. a remote control for the TV.

The rule No 1 is, remove everything tempting and forbidden from the dog’s reach. Keep in mind, when a puppy gets to something valuable to you, it’s not its fault, but just your carelessness!


The Dangers of The Electronics

The same rule naturally applies to any cables or other components of electronic devices that could tempt the dog to bite. You can buy a storage system, in which the cables can easily be hidden, in most electronics or household goods stores.

Anyway, it does not mean you have to deny all the benefits of electronic devices to your puppy. When you leave it home alone for a while, try to e.g. let the music on, that you usually listen to. The familiar sounds soothe the dogs.


Not To Get Injured

A dog differs from a cat and cannot crawl in every hole, still you should better check whether there are any cracks or gaps in your apartment, wherein the puppy could get trapped or injured. If you find any, cover them with a piece of plywood or other suitable material.


A Doormat For The Dog

In each household, it is ideal to have a rough mat at the door and a softer one inside. But the dog, you have walk regularly, is in a different situation. Although it is often muddy after the walks, its paws cannot stand the harsh grid of a rubber mat, especially if it is a puppy.

Keep it in mind and prepare a piece of old fabric or straw mat at the door. The puppy can run over it, if it finds your doormat too uncomfortable. An alternative is a coarse cloth stored in your shoe cabinet.