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Home Appliances – The Space-Saving Slim Versions

Nowadays, household appliances are so effective that it is not difficult to choose one. But how about in case, you need to pay attention to every inch of space in your home? Can you find a quality appliance then?

The answer is – yes, you can. However, the offer of Slim (narrow) appliances is not so wide.



The Options You Can Choose From

The washing machines and the dishwashers are the most common Slim appliances. Broader talking, there are also other kinds of space-efficient appliances that are commonly referred to as “compact appliances”. These include microwave ovens, steam ovens or conventional hot air ovens, as well as two plate cooking hobs, or even Slim coffee machines (espressos). There are also certain types of refrigerators and vacuum cleaners that occupy less space. On the contrary, you cannot find a tumble drier in the category of Slim appliances, and the offer on the washer-dryers combos is limited, as well.


How About Washing Machines

“The Slim washing machines with the front filling have a depth of 33-47 cm, while the standard depth is 50 cm and more. As to their functions and programs, they offer the same user experience as the standard washing machines,” a salesperson says.

“However, you need to expect a more limited capacity, which varies from 4 to 8 kg of laundry, while the standard large appliance can hold up to 11 kg. The only drawback is that a Slim washing machine cannot be stacked with a dryer. A tumble drier is larger and needs to be placed on an appliance with the minimal depth of 50 cm.”


The Top Filling

Another way of saving space is offered by the top filled washing machines, which are 60 cm deep and only 40 cm wide. The Slim appliances are designed especially for apartments, where is not enough space for a standard sized appliance there.

This holds for the refrigerators, too, with a “Slim” width of 50 cm and a standard width of 60 cm and more. Their main, but only advantage is saving the space.


washing machines

The Dishwashers

The narrow dishwashers are 45 cm wide and can hold 9-10 cookware sets, while the standard dishwashers (60 cm wide) can accommodate up to 15 sets. There is a smaller capacity, too, but the narrow dishwasher is functionally comparable to the standard one. And how about the situation, you do not have even the spare 45 cm in your kitchen? On the market, the table dishwashers are also available, and because of their small dimensions, they are reminiscent of a bigger freestanding microwave oven. Anyway, they are sufficient for smaller households, as they can hold about 6 sets of dishes.



The Built-In Appliances Are Also Available

However, you can find this design only on dishwashers. There are refrigerators available with the height of only 85 cm which correspond to the height of a worktop, but they are wider and the foods are kept in the drawers inside.

And how about other appliances? You can purchase them in a compact size, e.g. a two plate cooking hob with the dimensions of about 30 x 51 cm, as well as compact built-in ovens, microwave ovens, wine coolers or coffee machines, all with the height of 45 cm. And if it seems too much to you, you can look for the real “thin” freestanding versions.


Do Not Seek What Does Not Exist

We have already explained that you cannot find any significant functional difference between the traditional large and the Slim space-saving appliance. But how about the power and the water consumption, are they the same? Or can the Slim appliances be noisier or maybe harder to maintain? The experts assert, that there are no other pitfalls, expect for the smaller capacity mentioned above.

And small things are beautiful, aren´t they?