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Make Effective Use Of Your Pantry

The pantry is a luxury not everyone can have at home, that is why you should make full use of it. It will ease your kitchen, it will help you to eat healthier and to keep the stable food items in good quality.

Every regular cook certainly appreciates the pantry, wherein he or she stores ingredients for a long time. However, like any storage room during the time, the pantry often turns into a messy space used for storing all sorts of things.


Let´s Start

Things get gathered in the pantry and sometimes they do not get out for a long time, that is why you should start with sorting out and proper cleaning. Take all stored foods and dishes out, clean the shelves, sweep the floor, get rid of any cobwebs and check carefully, whether there is a nest of flour moths anywhere. Before putting the food back again, sort out all stale and evidently bad food.

Tip: Perhaps you will find some treat in your pantry, which you have received as a gift. You do not feel like consuming it, even though it is still in good condition – it is the right time to pass it to somebody else.


The Cans, The Boxes, The Baskets

In the pantry, foods should not be stacked sloppily, as you certainly do not want to rearrange 15 other items to get to you jars of jam. Baskets are perfect for storing things which should be together, but you want to see them from a side, too (e.g. the boxes with different types of tea). The transparent plastic boxes will do the same job, however be careful not to seal something that should be getting fresh air!


Everything Clearly Visible

The food in the pantry should be accessible easily. It is not usually possible to store all items in one row lining the walls, so you have to set your priorities. Evaluate which ingredients you use most frequently and which ingredients you need only few times a year, and organize your pantry in accordance. But even the least used ingredients should not be completely hidden – it is ideal to store them on the top shelves, which are hard to reach, but you can see into them.


The Pantry Is Not A Multipurpose Storage Room

The pantry is a space for daily use, so it should not become a dumping room, wherein things become forgotten. Do not build the shelves up to the ceiling and do not make them too broad. Store a minimum of things in large, enclosed spaces and to not create multiple layers. Everything should be accessible with the least effort.

Tip: Have you ever seen the hanging bunches of garlic or onions in old cottages? Get inspired and equip your pantry with hooks that you can use for hanging of vegetable or fruits, wall spice containers etc..


Nor It Is a Utility Room

The space between the shelf and the wall tempts to do it, but if possible, do not store anything else in your pantry except for food or utensils. The mops, buckets, seasonal shoes and other uninvited neighbours only contribute to the fact that the larder becomes a storage room for anything and it will not be easy to find anything there.

The storage space in your apartment should be solved as a whole.