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The Kitchen Tools And Utensils


Utensils to Skimp On And Utensils To Spend On

The cooking is a popular hobby nowadays, which is a great opportunity for manufacturers to convince us that we necessarily need tens of different kinds of kitchen utensils. But which utensils are really worth your investment?

Do you also have mortars, bread makers and other gadgets gathered in your pantry and they only gather dust now? Read on to find which utensils are really worth an extra expense.


The Cutting Board

The plastic cutting boards have spread recently, but the wooden classic ones still have their advantages. First of all it is the durability – a well-treated wooden cutting board can last for many years. Unlike the plastic ones, they are more merciful to your knives and the research found out, surprisingly, that they do not hold more bacteria, as many people are afraid.

Choose a hard wooden cutting board and soak it with a mineral oil or with the mixture of a mineral oil and the beeswax (you can use the same mixture for your wooden spoons and other wooden utensils). Wash the cutting board in hot water with the (naturally degradable, if possible) detergent, but never soak it for a long time, otherwise the wood expands and warps.


The Good Frying Pan

The easiest and best dishes can be prepared on a good quality pan. A non-stick Teflon pan is a popular choice now, but a stainless steel pan is more versatile and it is suitable for several different methods of food preparation. Depending on the material of the handle, it can also be used in an oven.


The Chef´s Knife

It is not necessary to buy an expensive model that you could hardly appreciate during the normal home cooking. However, you should not skimp on it. A good cutting board and a good knife make the preparation of most dishes as easy as hardly anything else.

The chef´s knife is a widely applicable model of knife that can handle vegetables, above all, but meat and other ingredients, as well.


A Food Processor

If you often cook, bake or prepare jams at home, a food processor would be handy for you.  You definitely should not skimp on it, as it is an electrical device, which must be reliable and work as long as possible.

Once you buy a good food processor, you will find many different ways of using it. It can blend or chop, it can knead dough, whip cream or shred cheese. You can live without it, but if you find it practical, you can save the money and buy a better type and model.


The Pots And The Saucepans

You do not need a set of luxury pots, you can use much cheaper ones and their price depends mainly on their size. You do not need many of them.

Get one large pot, one medium sized pot and at least two saucepans with handles – they should be sufficient for everyday cooking. Just be careful so that the selected material and the model were suitable for your type of hob.


The Strainer, The Ladles And Other Metal Utensils

These metal utensils and tools do not require a large investment. Of course, you can buy e.g. design colanders for large sums nowadays, but they will do the same job as the standard ones. You should prefer a metal colander to a plastic one, and a stainless steel colander to an enamelled one. If you get a set of pots lined with the pasta strainer inserts, they will make your cooking a little easier.


The Baking Sheets and Trays

If you bake regularly, you will need two large baking sheets and one (deeper and smaller) baking tray. The classic black baking sheets are not ideal, but you can buy the lighter non-stick ones for an affordable price, as well.


The Dough Bowls

We are usually used to prepare the dough in a plastic bowl, but the glass or the ceramic ones have their advantages, too. The main advantage is their stability, which allows you quite vigorous mixing with a spoon or with your hand, depending on the type of the dough.

The deep bowl for rising of dough is a simple and inexpensive container. You can invest more in it only in the case you want to enjoy its nice decor when baking.