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The Industrial Style In Your Home

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The rebuilding of old factory buildings into residential homes transferred the fashionable industrial style into the interior furnishing. It is a dynamic trend, whose elements can be combined perfectly.

Living in a factory with all its technical elements, such as bricks, concrete, wood, pipes, iron stairs, railings and other parts of structures is not suitable for everyone. But some items and details may refresh and improve the appearance even of a normally furnished apartment.


You Do Not Have To Live In A Warehouse

Do you want to create the atmosphere of an authentic loft or an old factory hall in your apartment? You do not need to seek a flat only in original space to get it. You can buy beautiful wallpapers imitating concrete or bricks. The rawness of a factory can be expressed e.g. by a combination of colours, such as green and black for the furniture. These are the colours of heavy industrial machinery, a designer says.


The Success Is Guaranteed By A Mix Of Materials And Colours

Although the combination of materials tempts us to fear that the interior would look too cold, the resulting austere impression can easily be avoided.

You can use flowers or pillows with an interesting structure and let the windows without curtains, so that more natural light could get in. It will produce a pleasant tone of the interior.


How Not To Make A Mistake

If you like the industrial style of housing, look for the Scandinavian design.

It is perfect for modern lofts and industrial spaces or for apartments, you want to furnish in the style.  The stylishly clean rooms can stand then noticeable accessories and modern furniture. The white, black, gray, cream or even dim blue colours prevail in the industrial style.


Where Can You Buy Them?

Where can you buy these products? Search among the Nordic brands, such as Bloomingville, ferm LIVING, House Doctor, Madam Stoltz/Design Letters, Ib Laursen, or at IKEA and other stores.


The lightning

Complete the style with the nowadays very popular factory lamps. Hang two large metal lights above the dining table, preferably a wooden one. The combination of metal and light or natural materials is trendy.