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How To Choose A Wallpaper Pattern

When buying wallpapers in a shop, vendors often recommend you the one they like, ideally the most expensive one. But can you be certain, that the pattern will fit into your home?

There are fashion trends even in the area of ​​wallpapers, but it does not mean that you have to follow them at any price. When looking for the best wallpapers, consider both the classical and the trendy options.

Various designs and colours of wallpaper can cause various transformations of the interior space. You can violate the harmonious atmosphere by an improper choice.

That is the reason to go to a special shop. You do not need to buy at once, consult an expert first. And you can do the actual purchase in a cheaper wholesale, a hypermarket or a hobby market.

In general, the individual patterns complement the overall “mood” in different ways, but with a suitable combination of colours, patterns and furniture, you can achieve a better result than if the walls were painted or decorated with other decorative materials.



Wallpapers with stripe patterns always create the illusion of height, therefore they are ideal for areas in which you need to create the seeming of a soaring ceiling. Do not use a wallpaper with stripes on uneven walls, as the clean sharp lines of stripes will highlight even a light ripple.


Patterns Without A Directional Orientation

The latest fashion brings a lot of wallpapers that have a directionally un-accentuated, almost smooth finish, resembling the design of a diluted painting. Be careful as it can be quite difficult to create subtle transitions between the bands of wallpaper with these patterns, as there is no specific pattern that would distract attention from the transitions.


Floral Patterns

Generally, these wallpapers are glued easily because of their dense patterns which obscure the transitions well. Large floral patterns should be used in large rooms only, otherwise the pattern may cause the room to look smaller than it actually is. Small flowers evoke the rural environment and they are ideal for uneven or slightly rough walls. The fragmented pattern distracts the attention from any deficiencies.


Individual Motifs

Wallpapers with one or two repeated themes must be glued with the utmost precision. If the belts are not glued well, any flaws will be very clear. Although the final effect is very nice, handling these wallpapers is not easy for a beginner.


Scenery Wallpapers

Some manufacturers supply wallpapers with images of landscapes. To produce an accurate image, the wallpaper bands must be glued to the wall in the specific order. This unusual effect can effectively complement the decor of a room, if the size of the picture corresponds to the size of the wall.


Returning Patterns

Some classic designs will probably never go out of style, e.g. fleur-de-lis, the iris shape. However, many of these images make a room look quite formal, that is why you should take this factor into account when choosing a wallpaper pattern.