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How To Choose A Good Quality Bed Linen

Have you ever bought a beautiful bed linen, but it lost its vibrant colours after one wash and its shape after a few weeks of use, so that you were left with nothing but a piece of cloth? Maybe you chose an inappropriate material, or you bought the linen at a wrong location. We are going to advise you how to buy a bed linen that will serve you for years.


The Key To The Proper Selection Of Bedding Is The Choice Of Material

Most of us choose the bedding by its colour and design, but you should decide according to the material, first. Most frequently, you see bed linen made of polyester, which is attractive for its low price. However, try to avoid polyester whenever possible – it is the very material that loses its colour and shape! And additionally, it is neither breathable nor absorbent, which are the main qualities you expect from your linen.

Tip: The ideal material for bedding is clearly cotton. Cotton bedding is breathable, absorbent and comfortable to the touch.


Cotton Has Many Forms

Cotton is a material that can be processed by many different modifications. That is why you can get cotton linen under various names. And each type has different characteristics:

– linen made of smooth cotton is the classic type you cannot be wrong with; it is breathable, absorbent and pleasant to the touch

– crepe linen can be made of cotton, as well as of other materials; crepe indicates the finishing of the cloth, which does not require ironing; a crepe cotton linen maintains all the positive properties of cotton

– flannel is also made of cotton; a flannel bedding is popular mainly in the winter months because of its softness and warmth

– cotton satin is made from 100% cotton and thanks to a special finish, it is smooth, soft and shiny, that is why it looks like satin; the cotton satin linen has excellent thermoregulation properties and it is ideal for year-round use