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How To Brighten Your Home With A Lightway

Are you building a house, or just planning a new home? Would you like a cosy and bright home? Most people will probably agree, unless they live mostly at night. The rooms should be well illuminated so that the family as well as their plants or pets can fare well.

On the contrary, basement is a space without windows where only artificial light is used, and the space does not serve for all-day stay. Basement is not probably the place where you feel comfortable and seek it often. And yet, many people have deliberately created such a “basement” at home. It is the place where the whole family, including children, moves often – the internal hallway. The owners of bungalows could certainly tell you, what a change it is to go from the sunny rooms full of daylight into the “basement”, i.e. the dark internal hallway.

Even though, you can have a healthy natural daylight even in these parts of the house: in interior corridors, bathrooms, kitchens, offices or workshops, where the classical windows are not sufficient. The solution is a light pipe, Lightway. It is another form of a window, which has however a number of other advantages.


Window Vs Lightway

A window is a fixed installation and cannot be moved subsequently. If needed, Lightway can be moved (i.e. its lower part that diffuses daylight) to illuminate the most necessary space.

The crystal dome is ageless, it does not turn yellowish and it guarantees unchanged luminosity for dozens and dozens of years. The silver tube does not decompose the spectrum of daylight, but brings it in its full richness.

The end section, the diffuser scatters light into a large space, so it can substitute multiple windows. People are accustomed to natural daylight from above, not from a side, and this can be achieved only by Lightway.

The LED lighting fans will certainly argue that the Lightway must be expensive and it is all about return (however, the basic set of the Lightway costs about the same as good quality windows). However, is it worth to skimp on your health and your family?

You have a choice. You can spend your life at ease, health and enjoy living in a beautiful light-filled house, or you can pay visits to a “basement”. It is normal to have daylight everywhere; it is normal to have windows and skylights.

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