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How To Be An Early Bird

Do you think that you must be born with the nature which allows you to wake up early in the morning agile as a fiddle to start a new day? The truth is, you are not born to be an early bird, but you become it later.

The culprit of unpleasant mornings is often a wrong sleep regimen. If you want to get up happier and to start thinking creatively faster, some preparations are necessary.


Getting Enough Sleep

It is a matter of course, however it must be emphasized: if you go to bed at 1.30, you can be an early bird only if using some dangerous and mostly illegal substances.

Therefore, focus on taking enough time to sleep. Do not postpone your work, turn your PC off at a minimum of several hours before bedtime, and instead lie down in bed with a book, which makes you fall asleep better.


Morning Starts In The Evening

In the morning, each of us does a lot of small actions that take some time together. However, you can start most of them the day before. You can try e.g. to prepare things for breakfast, to choose the clothes you will put on in the morning, or to stack the dishes into the dishwasher, which you would otherwise have to do later.


Lists And Lists Again

The lists certainly help and some people cannot do without them, while others find it hard to get used to them. The lists help you to sort out, what is truly important, and to decide, what is urgent and what can wait.

Do not hesitate to make a list, even if you do not have so many tasks. It will be even more satisfying when you tick off all of them successfully.


Do A Little Cleanup At Least

We do not mean you should do a major cleanup before the bedtime. Just align a few things that are the most visible, focusing on a small area or a certain place.

This is especially the case of a bedroom, a kitchen and other places, which form the venue of your morning rituals. Align a little something and you will get up more easily.


How About A Physical Activity?

It is true that you should not exercise or do anything physically strenuous before the bedtime (though there are exceptions, of course). The assertion, that “it is good to get a little weary before the bedtime”, is already somewhat outdated.

A physical activity 2-3 hours before the bedtime is ideal. In this case, it can be really helpful and you can even have a short shower, if necessary.