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The Glass Tiles: Bathroom And Decoration

Although the conventional ceramic tiles are the bathroom stable, the glass tiles have their advantages, too. The glass impresses at first glance by its ability to reflect and refract light and it is unique due to the colour range and the fresh surface.

The glass was used for lining already in the ancient times. Today’s modern technology allows creating the material of unique physical and optical properties at a reasonable price.


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The Surface Treatment Of Glass

The Sandblasted Glass

The process of sandblasting consists of disrupting the surface of the glass with a stream of sand sprayed under pressure. The surface looks matte after the treatment. In fact, a large amount of sharp, shiny fractures are created in the glass surface. The disadvantage of the treatment is the fact that it is relatively hard to maintain, and dirt, grease and fingerprints easily adhere in the folds.


The Etched Glass

If you treat the glass surface with acid, you achieve the matte effect, again. Unfortunately, the acid creates unevenness in the surface so it easily keeps the dirt in.


The Frosted Glass

We can achieve the frosted glass effect by applying a layer of hardened materials to the clear surface. This treatment is the most inexpensive.



The “smalti” material is coloured through and opaque. It is made by adding metal oxides in the hot melted glass. The “smalti” is then poured into irregular flat cakes and, after cooling, it is split into small cubes, so each piece is an original. They are used as small tiles and often in mosaics.


The Cast Glass

The glass sheets are melted at a high temperature and paint is melted to their back sides. If you look at the tile from a side, you will see the paint. Overall, this method produces an effect of a significant depth of the tile.


Shaping In A Mould

We can shape the glass tiles by means of a mould. The mixture of glass dust and paint is melted at high temperatures and then allowed to harden in the mould.



“Terrazzo” is a special kind of glass mixed with concrete or other connective mixtures.


Be In And Let The Glass In

The current trend is the combination of large and small formats, e.g. a glass mosaic and large-size glass tiles.