Home Interior How To Get Rid Of Cats And Dogs Hair

How To Get Rid Of Cats And Dogs Hair

We keep the pets at home because they make us happy. Despite it, there are some troubles related to them, and the dog´s and cat´s owners are usually aware of them.

The pet s´ hair tends to get caught almost everywhere: on a sofa, on chairs, carpets and even on wooden furniture. But what can you do to avoid it? Try out the following tips.


Start From The Pet

The rule No 1 is: Take good care of your pet´s hair so that it does not lose it unnecessarily all over your apartment. In practice, it means to brush it twice a week, at least (but it naturally depends on the type of your pet´s hair and how often the pet moults). Regular bathing or trimming the hair also helps, if it appropriate for the breed.


The Furniture

If you have upholstered furniture and pieces with fabric coverings in you home, is recommended to use the double-sided tape or the rollers you use to remove the dust and hair from your clothes. But there is a drawback, however: the furniture´s surface is much larger then you clothes, so you will have to use plenty of the adhesive tape, especially if you have to get your chairs or couch rid of the hair continuously every day.

The alternative is a rubber glove; you moisten it and go lightly over the surface of the furniture. The hairs stick to it and you can rinse them away easily in a sink with a strainer. You can also spray the furniture with the mixture of water and fabric softener and wipe it gently away.

Use an anti-static spray and a soft cloth on any wooden furniture. The static is a major problem when removing your pet´s hair, because it causes its adhesion to places you want to remove it from. The spray for wooden furniture prevents the phenomenon.


The Floors

The carpets are obviously the most likely items to capture the pet´s hair. If you want to have both pets and carpets at home, you will have to get accustomed to more frequent vacuuming. Still there may be some troubles, anyway.

To get the hair hidden inside the fibres out of the carpet, run it over against the direction of the texture with the bath pumice. The carpet fibres get straightened and you will have a better access to the dirt inside. When vacuum cleaning, do it against the direction of the texture first and then in other directions, to remove as much hair as possible.

On a smooth floor, do not sweep the hair, as it would only fly around the room or get caught in the broom; nor remove it with a wet cloth or a wet mop, because it would be difficult to get it out later. A dry electrostatic mop it is the best solution.


The Clothes

The classic sticky rollers are more useful on clothes than on the textile coated furniture. Keep one ready right in your hall, so it is always at hand when you are leaving your home.

Next method requires using a tumble dryer, if you have one at home. Even after a short tumble drying, the hairs fall off and gather in the filter, so you can remove them much more easily; the filter is intended for capturing of dry dirt, after all.