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The Garden Fireplace And Its Size

Have you decided to get a garden fireplace? When choosing the type (or the contractor) of a garden fireplace, a significant factor is its size.

For such a decision, it is necessary to make sure, how much space you have defined for the fireplace, how many people you would like to invite to your barbecues and ultimately, how much are you willing to invest in your fireplace. Consideration must also be taken for the overall complexity and the style of your garden or your patio.


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Garden Fireplaces Can Be Divided Into Several Categories According To Their Sizes

You can get a really small and inexpensive prefabricated fireplace with the furnace width from about 35 cm, which is lightweight and has economical dimensions. This fireplace will certainly be appreciated by those who need to install a grilling fireplace quickly without spending too much and who will do the grilling only with their family and/or a few friends. You can expect neither a superior durability, nor an aesthetic appeal from such a product, as the practicality prevails to the effect. The practicality means, in this case, the effectiveness at basic grilling on the grate without the possibility of using further accessories.

The next category is the modular garden fireplaces, from medium to larger sized, with the furnace width of approx. 50 cm and the overall dimensions you have to take account of in your garden. The breadth of these fireplaces starts at about 1 m and together with additional tables, or in the case of corner sets, it easily occupies the space 2 m wide (2×2 at the corner). With such a fireplace, it is possible, while maintaining a reasonable price, to host a larger group of people without worrying about the lack of space on the grill grate.


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These garden fireplaces will definitely not be a disgrace in your garden, on the contrary, they often become an impressive supplement or even a dominant of the garden seating. Even with all this functions, the outdoor fireplaces are usually dismantable, so they can be dismantled relatively easily, when the conditions change, and you can reassemble them elsewhere. The individual parts can be carried by two people, so you do not need any special equipment, even though the total weight of the assembled fireplace often exceeds 500 kg.

The concrete, modular and the medium sized fireplaces can be recommended to the widest group of users and each of them can find his or her preferred combination. The garden fireplaces of this category usually have a wide range of accessories, a variety of surfaces and types of the roofs, from concrete to steel ones (which are used for the final fine smoking of food).

The last size category of the garden fireplaces can be called the outdoor fireplaces built according to individual projects. This kind of a fireplace is an appropriate solution in the case of a large restricted area and sufficient financial resources, when providing services to a large group of people and when  the standards of comfort are high. This fireplace is often an integrated part of the whole garden kitchen with a refrigerator, a dishwasher, a sink and other necessary amenities. These garden sets and fireplaces are built on a solid foundation and they require an expert design and implementation. The consequent change of dispositions is problematic, if not impossible. The price of these garden fireplaces/outdoor kitchens “made to measure” is the highest.

To sum up, a reasonable choice of a garden fireplace needs to be a subject (among other aspects, e.g. the use value, the price, the aesthetic balance, the ease of getting spare parts or the range of the accessories) to the comparison of the spatial intensity mentioned above.


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