Home Interior A Cosy Living Room In A Big And A Small Apartment

A Cosy Living Room In A Big And A Small Apartment

A cosy home does not necessarily mean a small home or a home full of furniture. We can feel pleasant even in a living room, which is furnished in a minimalist way.

The living room is the place you spend most of your free time, including the time of you spend with your family or your friends. Therefore it is important it was cosy and comfortable.


The Spaciousness

We need plenty of light and space as well as a suitably combination of the pieces of furniture. It does not matter, if our living room is in a small apartment or in a big house; it is possible to use some tricks to organize its space, so that it looks airy and spacious.

If you are not lucky to live in a big house, now we are going to give you some tips, how to make the room seem larger visually. The basic requirements are bright colours and airy materials. You can enlarge the room visually by means of the appropriate layout of the furniture, which should complement the room tastefully. It means it must not obstruct in the middle of the room or hinder the light from getting in.


The Sofas, The Armchairs, The Couches

The spaciousness is related to the choice of the seating: its kind, colour, material and alignment. Nowadays, the smaller pieces of furniture (chairs, footstools etc.) and their combinations are trendy, instead of large sofas. If you have a modular sofa, you have an advantage to be able to buy a piece or more, as needed. It also enables easier handling during alignment as well as during the practical use. As to the design, the monochromatic bright fabrics, especially red, blue and yellow, apparently prevail now.

The seating furniture should match other equipment of the room, but you should also follow your own taste, when choosing it. The interior of your living room does not mean your comfort only, but it is also the representation of your family.


Other Equipment

The lightness, airiness and bright colours are the trends which should be followed when choosing the cabinets and the individual pieces of furniture, too.

As to the tables, it is very practical to buy a mobile table or a system of several stackable tables, since they are more efficient and easier to handle. As to the materials, the combination of wood, metal and glass prevails. The TV set, the hi-fi set, the DVD player etc. are other essential parts of a modern living room. It is good to place the electronics together, so they do not disrupt the overall looks of the room. The TV set needs a proper distance, so it is recommended to place it on a table with castors, so that you can change its position as needed.

When arranging the furniture, you must consider the functional layout. We can also divide the space visually: for this purpose, we use combinations of floorings, e.g. the wood and the carpets. It is also possible to use screens, partition walls or shelves to divide the space.

The next aspect you should not neglect is the light. The room should be (except for the central light) illuminated by appropriately matched lamps, which are used e.g. for reading or for intimate illumination.

The final addition is some flowers or plants. We have to maintain an overall balance in this respect, too, which means, you should not place many plants in one place. Keep a couple of significant plant and distribute them all over the room. There should also be some fresh cut flowers, which are representative for the hostess.