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Choosing A Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sinks, which have been overseen for a long time, have come into the limelight recently. During the implementation of kitchens, sinks are increasingly emphasised, not only because of their irreplaceable function, but also because of their design.

The choice of a kitchen sink can accentuate the style of the kitchen cabinets, to make them special or to complement them in an unconventional way. On the other hand, you can do a lot of harm by a wrong choice. The sink is simply a very important part of the kitchen, and it is good to consult its choice with an expert.


Materials, Style, Processing

Kitchen sinks do not have only the practical function of a place, where you wash dishes and where running water is, any more. Modern kitchen sinks are beautiful pieces elaborated to the last details. Long gone are the enamel sinks you can see only in country cottages today. New materials and shapes have emerged and they are inspired by the latest fashion trends.

Anyway, the practical function of the sinks has not receded due to their appearance. Conversely, manufacturers managed to combine the latest technology with quality materials and beautiful treatment. The most frequent materials are stainless steel, ceramics and artificial stone. As to the materials used, the absolute hit in kitchen designs are uniform materials. Kitchen cabinets with a stainless steel worktop are typical. The stainless steel surface of the worktop with a perfectly integrated sink is highly functional and it looks very elegant.


Kitchen Sink Placement

As to the placement of the kitchen sink, there are 3 options to choose from. A kitchen sink can be integrated into a worktop, installed flush with the worktop or installed below the level of the worktop. When installing a sink flush with the worktop, an integrated unit is created, in which all parts are in one level without any disturbing transitions. The sinks installed under the kitchen worktop are probably the most popular nowadays. They are distinguished by their elegance and practicality. The edge of the sink does not diminish the desktop and any dirt on kitchen countertops can be pushed into sink easily. These sinks are best in the combination with the worktops made of natural stone or composite materials.


Washing Facility/Centre

Washing the dishes does not need to be your biggest hobby to purchase a compact washing facility – making your work easier is enough. Washing facilities (centres) offer a practical solution for all kinds of kitchen work, where running water is needed. Washing the dishes, filling containers with water, cleaning vegetables or cutting large quantities of raw materials will be virtually limitless with a washing centre. The core of multifunctional cleaning centres consists of a sophisticated connection of all the necessary components in one location.

The washing centres attached to a sink (often a double one) are directly connected with a drip area. They are complemented by a number of functional accessories, such as a cutting board made to measure to the given sink, drip pans, etc. The sink can be equipped with an eccentric outlet which enables you to drain water by simply turning or pulling the knob. So you do not need to dip your hands into the dirty water any more.

The washing centre can also be directly connected to a system of waste containers. You simply fold the cover in the worktop and sweep the waste conveniently into the shaft and a waste container. No opening of a door or a bin is necessary.


Kitchen Water Taps

The kitchen sink would be hardly of any use without the right kitchen water tap. It is simply a necessary complement of each sink. The taps with clean lines, made of stainless steel with a chrome finish, are the greatest hit nowadays. These water taps are very resistant to mechanical damage. The pleasant surprise, we have seen, are the variants both for the right-handed and for the left-handed users. The water tap should be practical, above all. Ideal is the kitchen water tap with a pull-out shower, which can reach to all corners of the sink and which can be used to fill a large pot, high vase etc. easily.

Do you like to look out of the window, when working in the kitchen, so you wish to have a sink under a window? It is no problem, if you choose a matching kitchen tap. Some companies offer water taps, which can be inserted or pulled up and put in the sink. There is no obstacle preventing you from opening of the window, then.


Choosing A Kitchen Sink

When choosing a kitchen sink, it is a good to consider the size of the dishes you are going to wash in the sink most often. The shape, the depth and the diagonal of the kitchen sink are all important. If you frequently wash large pots or baking sheets, you will surely appreciate a large sink into which all these things fit comfortably. The choice of a kitchen sink depends on your lifestyle, too.

If you often work with fresh vegetables and fruits, you will certainly appreciate drip pans and cutting boards made to measure for your sink. You may not forget the needed space around the kitchen sink, as well. If you manage to choose the right shape, size and material according to your needs, and to complement the sink with compatible accessories and a practical water tap, the time spent in the kitchen will certainly be among the most pleasant ones.