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How To Choose A Kitchen Thrash Can?

A trash can is often the last thing we think about when furnishing the kitchen. But it is wrong, because we use it every day and if it is practical, it will be very helpful to us.

The thrash container must be in every home. It fits neither to the living room, nor to the bedroom. It is usually in the home office and the childrenĀ“s room, too. And it must not be absent in the kitchen. In general, it can be either built-in or a freestanding one. It consists of one or more containers.

In most kitchens, a plastic or a stainless steel container is typically used for discarding the waste. Whether it stands in the corner, by the sink or next to the wall, it occupies too much space, not mentioning the overall aesthetic impact, which often is not good. In case you are furnishing your new kitchen, you should consider all the pros and cons of both the freestanding and the built-in trash cans.


A Built-In Kitchen Thrash Can

As to new kitchens, designers nearly ever try to find a place for the can in advance, and the place is usually inside a cabinet. Of course it depends on the size of the kitchen, wherein the thrash can would be placed, so that it did not occupy too much space at the expense of the storage for dishes and kitchen utensils. Therefore it is advisable to place the can in a sink cabinet, which is the already “impaired” by the water seal or the hose from the water tap. However, it mostly does not fit next to the garbage disposal.


Near The Sink And The Work Surface

The trash container should be placed as close to the sink as possible, because the sink is the place where food is cleaned before further cutting and dividing. During the process, many cuttings are produced and they should be discarded immediately and easily. The built-it can has many advantages. For example, when you open the cabinet, you open the can as well, so you have a free hand to sweep the cuttings away. The built-in thrash cans always have a top cover inside the cabinet, so you need not worry about the smells.

There are some specialties, too. One of them is the ability to open the built-in can by pressing a pedal under the cabinet door – both your hands are free then. And the second speciality works only, if you have a non-laminate worktop; it means the use of special cans fitted directly into the worktop. You just pick up a small cover and sweep everything unnecessary from the worktop directly into the waste container.


A Floor Thrash Can

A typical thrash can in our homes has with a lid and a plastic bag flatters from it, so it is no decoration for the kitchen. If there is no more space left for a built-in can in your kitchen, or your kitchen is an older one, where the rebuilt would be complicated, try to buy an interesting and distinctive thrash can. The manufacturers offer stainless, chrome and plastic waste containers in all imaginable designs. If you have a rustic kitchen, the container can be concealed e.g. by means of a suitable fabric screen.