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The Chippers, The Shredders And Their Use In The Garden

A large garden means joy as well as worries. That is why people buy modern machinery which makes their garden work easier, and enables them e.g. to make compost out of the plant waste; it is later used in the garden.

The old branches, the crop residues after the harvest of vegetables or other plants, the branches after the winter cut in an orchard or a vineyard, all these bring a huge pile of material every year. The chipper will help you to process all the material to be used e.g. in compost or mulch. However, you can use the wood chips for heating, too.


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The Chippers And The Shredders

There are the machines that can process a diverse material to a desired size, depending on the further use. Would you like to grind twigs after the winter cut of fruit trees? If you have access to the sufficient quantities of the material, you can use the result chips to heat a house. However, you can also process leaves, grass, vegetable residues and residues from the flower beds. All these materials get processed to a fine homogenized mixture, which serves well and quickly in your compost.


What Should The Chipper Be Capable Of Doing?

A newly purchased chipper must be able to handle dry residues as well as damp materials, and it should not get clogged frequently. Any foreign objects, such as stones or wires, should not damage the machine in any way. However, they are not suitable for the machine and you should pay attention so that they do not get inside.


The Advantages Of The Starting Material

The crushed material has a much smaller volume and a finer structure, so it saves the space in the compost and it faster becomes a subject of microbial degradation. It is ideal for use in the composters. The next advantage is the fact that you can mix materials in the optimal ratio for your compost.


The Division Of The Machines

As to the ways in which the chippers and shredders work, they can be divided in two groups: the slow-speed and the high-speed ones. The first type is very quiet and some of the crushers can pull the branches in automatically. The high-speed shredders have the speed set according to their performance from 2700 RPM up (while the slow-speed ones have 40 RPM). The differences are also in their shredding mechanisms which are related to the speed of grinding.


chippers shredders



How To Choose On The Market

There are many brands on the market, which offers these machines. You certainly would not buy a professional wood chipper for a small garden; it is suitable in large orchards, vineyards and in forestry. The small crushers fit in small gardens, the cheapest ones can handle the branches up to 4 cm in diameter.


The Final Advice

You should think twice before buying any garden machinery: how often and what are you going to process? It is certainly better to pay more to get a more powerful machine made of quality materials, which will not get stuck on every large, hard or crooked branch. It is not a machine for one season of course, and the investment should return in the form of well-cut material, a cleaner garden and a better quality of compost, which is always useful.