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An aerator, a hose, a vintage or a modern design – it is not easy to select a water tap for your kitchen sink.

All great artists would certainly agree that attention to details is very important for the overall impression of the work and that sheer trifles can make a big difference in the end. If you want your kitchen to be a small work of art, you should pay attention to the details, such as the water taps.

A kitchen tap should be both practical and good looking. Together with the rising demands for the quality and comfort of living, these practical fixtures become important accessories of the whole kitchen interior.


The Water Tap Practical

A practical water tap makes washing of the dishes or ingredients before their further processing easier and you can also fill a big pot with a gallon of water without having to put the pot into the sink. This is the water tap with the spray, which is currently available on the market in a wide choice. How does this sort of water tap work? Normally, water flows through an aerator in a strong current. By pressing a switch on the spray of the water tap, you can switch the water current to the spray mode, in which the water is dispersed into a series of thin streams, just like in a shower.

This improvement is most appreciated when you wash vegetables, such as lettuce. And if you do not have a dishwasher, this kind of water stream is good for rinsing the dishes. The next advantage of the spray is the option to pull it out the tap. According to the length of the hose, it is possible to pull the spray out up to 1 m. It is just enough for the aforementioned large pot to be placed on the worktop next to the sink and to be comfortably filled with water. It is equally easy to fill a vase or a high bottle with water. A lead weight enables easy sliding of the spray back into the body of the water tap.


The Water Tap Good Looking

It means a water tap which is an aesthetic complement of the kitchen, besides its main function. It can be an inconspicuous complement, e.g. when a matt chrome water tap is placed in the middle of a sink, or it can become a dominant of the worktop – it can tower up to the height of about 75 cm above the sink with its metal spiral spring around its hose. However, it is true, that the design water taps are always more expensive then the serial ones.

There is certainly a wide offer of water taps nowadays. There are minimalist water taps with simple shapes and clean design, water taps with a lever, exchangeable parts and various twisted spouts, as well as downright rustic water taps made of brass with the porcelain knobs. There are so many of them, that you will certainly be able to find a tap, which is both practical and pretty, for your kitchen so that it would be either a suitable complement to a new kitchen, or it would revive an old kitchen.

A small Czech design studio has decided that firewood should no longer be stored randomly and unsightly in our homes, but it should become a stylish complement of the interior. That is why they bring an extensive collection of log racks of various shapes and sizes that can embellish a room in an elegant way and that also offer a functional space for drying of the wood.



The studio is created by about 20 people who helped to give life to the brand. Their creative log racks were made from the same reason as many other projects, as they needed to replace unsuitable banana boxes, crates or baskets with something good looking, such as the fireplace or the stove are.

That is why their brand came up with the elegant, stylish and mainly practical racks and stands for firewood in four variants, which, after being filled with wood, become interior decorations themselves.



The most practical piece in the collection is the model Tower and as the name implies, it has a shape of a tower of three different heights, which can be further divided by shelves or even decorated by sidewalls with ornaments. Its effectiveness is supported by additional wheels, which make the cleaning around the Tower easier.


The model Circulus brings a more atypical design and it is manufactured in three sizes. It is a metal circle made (like all other racks) of quality coated steel. The most extravagant piece of the studio is The X stand, which clearly becomes a dominant of an interior. It should not act only as a letter of the alphabet, but also as an hourglass counting down the time to add another wood.

Bez názvu

The X – stand, the most exclusive and expensive piece

The collection of stands “Bench and Stool” is very practical, too. It is composed of a bench and a stool, whose interiors can be filled with wood, and you can also sit down on them, too, as they are covered by a wooden seat.

All variants are produced exclusively in the CR directly by the studio.

If any piece of furniture can be really considered as variable, then it is a dresser, which is usually a cabinet with drawers that can be used almost anywhere in your apartment. We are going give you some inspiration for what can purchase.

What style of a dresser will suit you? Ultimately, any style you wish. The simple shape of the dressers does not pretend anything, the function is primary, however there are also pieces suitable in the style (or themed) interiors or in a cottage. And if you want a truly original piece, you can have the fronts and the doors printed with a photo of a choice, or you can even have a dresser made to measure.


A Dresser Is A Cabinet

“Nowadays, as dressers are generally referred lower cabinets with several drawers, which ideally run across the whole width of the furniture. They can stand solitary by a wall, it is not necessary to fasten them,” an architect says. They tend to have low legs or a base,  they can also be equipped with wheels for easier handling, however you can  see pieces on truly high legs (so you can store various things under them) or conversely, with no legs.


The Modern Transformations

If you regard only the low, wide and deep cabinets (e.g. 80 x 100 x 40 cm) as dressers and you see completely different ones in the stores, do not be surprised. This piece of furniture changes according to the ideas of the manufacturers. They sometimes “stretch” it in width or to height, the drawers do not always run across the whole width or they are supplemented by shelves with doors, the drawers may be even replaced by removable boxes or by open shelves.


Wherever You Need Them

The dressers evolved from the earlier chests of drawers, the low cabinets adapted for storing linen. However, this piece of furniture will find its application also out of a bedroom, nowadays. It can be placed in a kitchen to store the cookware in it, in a nursery (as a changing table combined with a storage for clothes or toys), in a living room (as a storage furniture), in an office, in a bathroom or even in a hallway.

Unlike other furniture, the top surface will also be useful to you for storing items or decorations, or a mirror can be placed on it.


What Are Made Of/Materials

The dressers are mostly manufactured from wood-based materials, although you can find them in metal, plastic or even glass, too.

“The laminated chipboard is marked as LTD. The stronger and better material is the hardboard (MDF). The chipboard (DTD) is also used, it can be laminated or covered by the veneer. Thus if you buy the “veneer furniture”, it means that a thin layer of wood (max. 3 mm) is glued to a carrier substrate, such as the DTD. And the timber is a piece of wood that will delight every nature lover, but this material responds to moisture more significantly, e.g. its colour stability is poorer.


How To Open Them

The drawers are equipped with handles, which complete the look of the dresser, however you do not need to use them in every case. Some pieces of furniture have drawers with holes for the fingers in their fronts, while others use recessed handles which do not protrude.

The handle-less systems, mechanical or electric driven, represent handy and very modern solutions, which originally started in the kitchens, but now they are used in other furniture, as well.


What Else?

You should not focus only on the design, but also on the materials, the furniture implementation including the metal fixtures, as well as on the size, so that it fitted into your home and to your everyday life. Do you find this comment useless?

“I normally see people, who did not estimate the space needed for the dresser correctly. Although they know how much space there is available, they forget to include the space for the drawers being pulled out and for the person who will stand by it…”


The Fashionable High Gloss

The trend of high gloss finishes applied in home interiors reached the dressers, as well. But how about the risk of scratching the surface, e.g. by a ring? Minor damages of the surface made of the glossy T-acrylic can be fixed at home with a “healing kit”; the repair takes about 10 minutes.

You find them in every home in each room: the switches, sockets and extension cords. They are simple interior accessories as well as important helpers in energy savings.

Various wall wirings excel in their perfect modern, stylish or vintage designs and they can be adapted by colour to any interior. You can choose from the plethora of shape and material variations of the frames, e.g. the solid wood ones or the transparent ones look great.

The transparent switches or electrical outlets give you a real freedom to adjust it to the interior. You can insert any picture or photo, a piece of cloth (the same as curtains) or a piece of wallpaper under their transparent cover. In this way, the switch perfectly blends with the background and it is not visible at first glance.

All high quality switches and sockets provide a really high user comfort by their function, the way of operating as well as by safety. You can choose from the simplest functions of simple switching, to the dimmer lights and settings of lighting scenarios, up to the comfortable manipulation with the blinds, heating or multimedia; all these even through the remote access via your smartphones or your tablet.


The Charger At Hand

Do you have many chargers and various cables at home, too? Are you constantly looking for them and cannot find them in place? The new outlets with a built-in USB charger fits into any home and you can use them to charge your cell phone, tablet, laptop, camera etc., without searching anymore!


The Cool Things For The Demanding Ones

There is a digital built-in “radio in the wall” available in the design of ABB switches and sockets. It is a small, convenient, practical and ingeniously tuned solution! Every electrician should be able to install a digital radio with FM tuner and a built-in speaker in it. It is nice to have it in your kitchen or your bathroom without taking up any space, unlike the portable radios. Several other sound sources can be connected to the system, too, e.g. a CD player, DVD player or a HiFi.



Cold, warm, monochromatic, neutral … the colours really differ from each other. If you put them together without thinking, they would counteract and you may wonder what the problem is.

A colour can have either a yellow or a blue undertone. In the first case, it is called a warm colour, and in the second case, it is a cold colour.

It sounds simple, but how can you determine the undertone?  Look at the classic colour range and you can notice the differences between e.g. the shades of green. Those closer to blue are reminiscent of the deep sea, while the ones closer to yellow evoke the fresh spring grass.

Green is not the only colour that can be either worm or cold. The same applies e.g. to brown or purple, so you should not make the common mistake and you should not simply purchase the furnishings in different shades of brown while supposing, they will automatically suit together.


How Do They Affect Us?

In general, the cold colours give the calm feel to the room, while the warm ones stimulate. However, this rule is obviously too simple and does not reflect the inexhaustible range of colours and the complexity of the human psyche, so you cannot take it as the Word of God. You should rather take it as an advice to use at the moments, you are unsure how or where to start choosing from.

The choice also depends on the effect you want to achieve. For example, a kitchen full of warm colours can stimulate the appetite of many people, but the colours of the food itself get lost a bit sometimes. On the contrary, a cold-tuned kitchen lets the food stand out and it creates more sense of purity.

Pay attention to the colours used e.g. in logos of famous brands. The food or restaurant brands often use warm colours, because they should act vigorous and encouraging and they should evoke the atmosphere of a shared experience.


What Does It Mean For Your Apartment?

The rooms that should be calm will probably look better in cold shades. This does not mean, of course, that you bedroom needs to look like a deep forest pool, but the cold shades of brown and beige, or gray or dim blue colour, would be beneficial there.

The same applies to the bathroom, where you often want relax, above all. You should be just careful here not to make it too cold, aw no one likes to feel freezing in the bathtub…

If you like warm colours, reserve them for the living room, the dining room or the children’s room, above all. These rooms should look lively, support the communication among the family members and provide them with energy.

Tip: Are you afraid, that the bedroom in cold colours would not be good for you intimate life? You need not worry, as you can add a few warm accessories in the form of lamps, candles or images, and the seductive atmosphere will be back!


The Black And White Combination Is Not “Silent”

The combination of black and white is usually perceived as the basic, simple and unobtrusive, however it is not quite true. Black and white form the strongest contrast that can be achieved and therefore they attract a lot of attention. They are however treacherous when you are working with a small space or if you want to give it a symmetrical shape.

You should also keep in mind, that in reality, black is never completely black and white will never be a pure white. It all depends on the light reflection and on the colour of the light. A black wall, being viewed almost exclusively from a side, will appear rather gray.


What Is Actually Neutral?

You can often read about the neutral colours and their use. But when we are meticulous, the neutral colours are hard to define. The basic definition says, they should not have a significant warm or cold undertone, but it naturally does not mean, they exist in a supernatural space away from other colours. It means that neither type of undertone is predominant in them.

In practice, it is much trickier to determine if the shade is really neutral. It is best to compare it with an obviously cold and an obviously warm colour and then try to guess, to which of them it suits better, or if it suits to both about the same.

The neutral colours are a great foundation for every interior, where the colourfulness is not desirable. You can enjoy the colours on the accessories, cushions, lampshades or small pieces furniture, but the “canvas” of your room will remain reassuring and stable.

A special kind of neutral foundation is the monochromatic combinations. They are automatically neither cold nor warm, their neutrality stems from the fact that they are the different shades of the same colour. In this case, keep in mind the need to maintain one style of colour: hot, cold, or something exactly on the border.


The sliding doors can be the best solution in many different cases. However, people often do not remember them at all and they look for other more conservative solutions, instead.

Sometimes all you need is just to think a little unconventionally. How do you know that the sliding doors are right for you? Try to follow these rules.


An Optional Boundary

Sometimes you want the kitchen to be connected to the living room and sometimes you need to separate them, both in sound and emotionally. The sliding doors eliminate the need of choosing and enable you the solution, which is suitable at the moment.

In a similar way, you can separate optionally a staircase, a small chamber in the kitchen or any other space, which should be easily accessible, but you do not want to have it in sight all the time.


A New Face Of The Old Closet

Whether you store the clothes in a closet or you are the lucky owner of a cloakroom, the sliding doors were made for this case, as well. There are low demands on the sound insulation, but usually the space is lacking. Additionally, the sliding door can serve as a decoration which does not occupy any extra space.

You can have the sliding doors made to measure and solve them in an interesting spirit of art, or you can simply prefer the Japanese style of minimalism.


The Designer´s Trick

There is a trick of optical enlargement of a small window: you just extend the curtain rod so that the opened curtains do not get in the window opening. You can do a similar “magic” with the sliding doors.

With the sliding door, you can also enrich an ugly little passage to an adjacent room, or to change the look of a small alcove that serves as storage.


The Mobile Walls In An Open Apartment

The trend of open-space living is still in and it will probably continue to be, because the loft apartments have their undeniable charm. A frequent argument against them says they lack privacy; however, you can do something with it.

The sliding doors need not be only the doors, they can simply become a wall. In this case, it is a mobile wall determined to variably change the look of a large continuous space. A system of sliding panels like this will actually create the feel that you have several apartments, each of them with a different layout.


The Decoration

The sliding panel is one of the best options, if you want to combine the use value with the aesthetic value. However, it does not mean, you cannot use it purely for the decorative purposes.

It is also an interesting way of displaying a mural artwork in the room. Even in the past in townhouses, a system of paintings hung on pulleys from the ceiling was used, so that the paintings could be moved as desired. Now you can make something similar with a decorative panel, which was originally intended to be a partition.

A radiator need not be the unsightly tangle of tubes any more. The unique design of radiators brings beauty and elegance even into the places, where you might not expect it.

Nowadays, as a “radiator”, it is not necessary to imagine only the old cast iron radiators with dull colours. The manufacturers offer a wide range of luxurious designs and playful shapes, where even the most demanding customers can choose.

When furnishing the interior, you should not pay attention only to the overall style including the accessories, but also to the equipment which is necessary in the room. Even the radiators can look good and fine-tune your home. The current heaters do not have only their practical use, their task is also to improve every room aesthetically.


The appearance of radiators should not be underestimated. They are an integral part of the interior, which can easily become the dominant that gives elegance and flair to the entire space.

The designer radiators are not only unique in their appearance but also in their shapes. Thanks to it, we can easily accommodate them even in places, where a radiator would not previously fit or suit. In the manufacturer´s offers, there are the radiators extra thin, oblong or in completely asymmetrical shapes. You can easily install them not only in the classic space under the window, but also e.g. on the wall next to the door, where the radiator would look almost like a work of art.

The designs for radiators are usually created by the manufacturers themselves or in cooperation with residential designers. However, if you are interested in a completely unique look, you can order a radiator from certain suppliers, who can stamp your own theme in a form of a picture or a photograph on it. A radiator tuned in this way can upgrade virtually any room then. It is suitable not only in the living areas, but also in a bathroom, a kitchen or a bedroom.



Are you also upset, when you see the furniture or home accessories, you threw away some time ago, on sale somewhere?  Venture into the last century and look at the golden age of design.

We have found the author´s accessories inspired by the 50s, 60s and 70s, as well as originals and repaired pieces adopted for the contemporary living; they have a chance to apply again in a modern interior.


Search In The Past

Nowadays, the interior designers often keep to the combination of vintage design and pure modern, so that the vintage style itself was not too historical. They combine wood and metal, upholstery and simple colours or the 50´s “Brussels” design and the current Nordic style. If you do not find the furniture in the stores, watch e-shop´s offer. You can surely choose something there.

It is not very common to buy furniture online here, but it is certainly worth a try. The main reason is, you will not find the most beautiful pieces from international designers in a normal store, but you can also save money by buying online.


Production And Originals “New From Old”

The design lovers have not fortunately lost hope for the pieces of old furniture and they tried to give a new life to them. The main idea is usually to save the old furniture, the feeling of necessity to return the refinement to the furniture, which has been long forgotten in attics, barns and basements.

“This is our goal. We want to give a new body to the forgotten soul of the furniture, to let it impress again; in a different context, in a modern form,” Robert Dvorak from the designer brand Lukas & Robertson says. They use the traditional work techniques and the classical and modern materials to repair the furniture. They give a colour finish to the wood and complement it with leather, fur and sculptural elements. The result is always an original piece noticeable in every interior.


The Auctions And Bazaars

Whether you need to furnish an apartment in a particular style, or vice versa, you want to get rid of old pieces of furniture or accessories from your ancestors, there are auction houses with interesting auctions for you. One of the auctions took place at Designblok and you could see or buy there the 20th century design classics from the design icons of the early 20th century until the 1960´s and 1970´s.

You can see some of the unique pieces here. And when looking for old design pieces, you should not forget antique shops, junk shops and bazaars, where you can often discover true treasures.


The Czech And Slovak Design

The Czechoslovak 20th century design is a matter of professional interest to some young people, including Maxim Velcovský, Adam Karasek and Jiri Mrazek. They pay attention to the styles of the second half of 20th century, 1960´s, 1970´s and 1980´s above all. They also run a design e-shop.

The vintage furniture is also available in the e-shops retro-style or retroobjects, where the vintage shop Moare offers furniture, lamps, glass and ceramics, among others.

Just remember the era of hippies: the natural materials, vibrant colours, varied patterns and the ever-present atmosphere of freedom and liberty. This is exactly what housing in the distinctive “boho” style is. Do you know how to achieve it?

Forget all the rules of interior design you know, leave the consumerism and the fashionable lifestyle. The bohemian lifestyle does not obey the trends in magazines, the bohemians do not follow the recent style or modern materials when arranging their homes.

The interior in the “boho” style, as its name suggests, is inspired by the disordered lifestyle of a freethinker, so it is certainly not the ideal for a perfectionist. A bohemian does not worry about the fact if all the chairs at the table are the same or if each of them is different, on the contrary, he or she sees freedom in breaking all the conventions in the combining of colours or materials.


Harmony full of contrasts

The vivid and harmonic patterns and colours are dominant in an interior of a bohemian, especially the earthy tones, such as brown and orange, combined with fuchsia colour, a designer says.

The use of natural or recycled materials is a matter of course. The wood, rattan, cotton, bamboo or fur are frequent. The various pieces of furniture are often treated with patina to get a battered, dingy appearance. The incorporation of large comfortable chairs and beds is typical, as well.

The accessories play an important role. The classic elements are the manifestations of religions in the form of statues, masks, various decorative pendants with the symbols of distant cultures. The rugs and blankets of home production, such as patchwork, are also often used. The interior is complemented by the souvenirs from travels and by suitcases.



A Little Bit Bohemianism

Freedom and comfort are almost a necessity for a bohemian. If the “boho” style is close to you, but you do not want to furnish the entire interior in it, you can arrange only your own bohemian corner. It is not complicated. A few plush pillows scattered on the ground and a small table to put a pot of tea will be sufficient.

Small Furniture, Wallpapers And Decorations

The rebuilding of old factory buildings into residential homes transferred the fashionable industrial style into the interior furnishing. It is a dynamic trend, whose elements can be combined perfectly.

Living in a factory with all its technical elements, such as bricks, concrete, wood, pipes, iron stairs, railings and other parts of structures is not suitable for everyone. But some items and details may refresh and improve the appearance even of a normally furnished apartment.


You Do Not Have To Live In A Warehouse

Do you want to create the atmosphere of an authentic loft or an old factory hall in your apartment? You do not need to seek a flat only in original space to get it. You can buy beautiful wallpapers imitating concrete or bricks. The rawness of a factory can be expressed e.g. by a combination of colours, such as green and black for the furniture. These are the colours of heavy industrial machinery, a designer says.


The Success Is Guaranteed By A Mix Of Materials And Colours

Although the combination of materials tempts us to fear that the interior would look too cold, the resulting austere impression can easily be avoided.

You can use flowers or pillows with an interesting structure and let the windows without curtains, so that more natural light could get in. It will produce a pleasant tone of the interior.


How Not To Make A Mistake

If you like the industrial style of housing, look for the Scandinavian design.

It is perfect for modern lofts and industrial spaces or for apartments, you want to furnish in the style.  The stylishly clean rooms can stand then noticeable accessories and modern furniture. The white, black, gray, cream or even dim blue colours prevail in the industrial style.


Where Can You Buy Them?

Where can you buy these products? Search among the Nordic brands, such as Bloomingville, ferm LIVING, House Doctor, Madam Stoltz/Design Letters, Ib Laursen, or at IKEA and other stores.


The lightning

Complete the style with the nowadays very popular factory lamps. Hang two large metal lights above the dining table, preferably a wooden one. The combination of metal and light or natural materials is trendy.