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Looking for a perfect shading element for your windows? You can choose the Roman blinds. These are a special type of fabric blinds, on which the fabric is divided horizontally into equal strips by a framework. There are loops sewn on each strip through which woven string is threaded; the string is used for controlling the blinds.


What Makes The Roman Blinds Different From Other Types Of Blinds?

During the production of Roman blinds, strong emphasis is put on the selection of high quality materials and a perfect workmanship. High quality of implementation is characteristic also for the Roman blinds of large sizes.


Wide Range Of Use

Roman blinds are suitable both in a classical and modern interior. They can be recommended not only into a living room, where they will amaze your visitors with their elegant appearance, but also into a kitchen, where you will appreciate their functionality. Roman blinds can be installed in vertical windows as well as in windows of atypical shapes.


No More Rolling

Horizontal folds are typical for the Roman blinds. The surface of the blind is divided into several horizontal stripes that are equally wide. When you pull the blind up, it remains folded in the upper part of the window.


You Can Become The Designers Of Your Home

By selecting a suitable pattern and colour combinations, it is possible to adapt the Roman blinds to the smallest details of your interior. The fabrics are high quality ones, with excellent colour and shape fastness.


Like A New One Even After Years

The main advantage of Roman blinds is their easy maintenance. You can remove and wash the fabric very easily, or you can replace it with another fabric with a different design.

“We believe that the Roman blinds will convince you that beauty is in simplicity,” the producer says.

Whether you purchase authentic antique furniture or just replicas, both options have their advantages and disadvantages. In any case, be careful about the quality of material and the purity of stylish design.

Furniture has a crucial role in creating an interior. A stylish interior will stand out especially if you equip it with antique furniture. You can have an original, or you can buy a brand new piece, which is almost indistinguishable from an original.

The essential difference between anoriginal and a replica is the price. Not everyone has such financial options to get a valued original. On the other hand, investing money in antique furniture is a clever step. The commodities, such as antiques, do not lose their value during the time, and their owners can enjoy the fact that while using their beautiful historic pieces, their investment increases its value at the same time.


Ergonomics Of Antique Furniture

The disadvantage of historical originals may be their practical use. Not every piece of historic furniture will suit us the same way, as it serves to our ancestors a few centuries ago. People have changed anthropologically during the last few centuries, and some pieces, even just 100 years old, or older, may not suit to its present owner dimensionally. You can notice this especially on antique chairs, desks, wardrobes, sofas and beds.


Past Of Antique Furniture

The past is another circumstance which co-decides when you hesitate if you purchase an original or a quality historical replica. Many people are discouraged by the idea of surrounding themselves with furniture with a vague, often tragic history. You accept your furniture as your own, as a part of our home and your family, so it is quite natural that the sanitary issues play a role. However, if the furniture has safe history, an authentic piece, which might have even belonged to a notability, can reach absolutely astronomical prices.


Replicas Are Cheaper

If you are looking for a way to bypass the negatives of antique furniture, and yet enjoy furnishing your interior in a historical design, you can get replicas of historic furniture. Especially in the last few decades, the industry of historical replicas is booming. These products combine the perfection of craft and historical accuracy with modern techniques. There are hundreds of renowned producers of quality historical replicas all over the world.


Choose A Century

The most popular and most desired replicas are mainly derived from the Northern Italian Renaissance, European Baroque, English sober styles of the 18th century, from flaring styles of French Kings Louis XIV., XV. and XVI., and from the elegant French Empire Style (18th-19th century). In recent years, there is also a great demand for replicas of antique furniture from U.S. history, such as U.S.-British furniture from the late colonial period (1750 – 1770), furniture from the U.S. Revolutionary period (1776 – 1783), as well as the “Federal Style” from the first decades of the U.S.A. (around 1825).


Quality Products from The Philippines

A large number of replicas are produced in the Philippines. The products show high quality craftsmanship and precision, they are made of high quality wood and primarily, in such price levels, which can hardly be competed with. They supply markets all over the world. Another thriving industry is production of replicas, which are imitations only seemingly. These replicas incorporate several historical styles, so they basically cannot be historically classified. However, their popularity is high, so their sales are going well. Everyone can opt for what he or she likes the most.

Do you need one set of cutlery or do you need a second, more festive one, too? Does it make sense to buy special cutlery? And what style should you prefer?

You do not think above certain utensils until it is time to buy new ones. A spoon is simply a spoon and a fork simply a fork.

A motley collection of silverware gathered during several generations certainly has its charm, however a nice new set looks better. How to choose it?


What Size Of A Set?

Cutlery sets can be usually found in version for the minimum of 6 people, so that a whole family could comfortably eat their dinner. If you are 2 or 3 and you have a cutlery set for 8 people, it is certainly no fault, at any time you do not have to wash the dishes over and over again.

Double the number of people in a household is considered to be the practical minimum. It means that if you are 2, you need a set of cutlery for at least 4 people, so that one lost teaspoon did not cause a problem.


Pay Attention To Good Quality

Can you remember the aluminium cutlery, which was once commonly used at homes and later taken on travels, because it was so lightweight? You can still buy similar or even worse goods today. These are metal stampings that can be bent with the slightest pressure and they can even be cheap imitations of more expensive brands.

So how can the price guide you, when you buy a cutlery? The price range is very wide and it roughly corresponds to the quality of the goods.


Both For Weekdays And For Holidays

You can avoid the need to purchase a special set of cutlery for special occasions, if you buy a set that is stylish enough, for everyday use. In any case, the cutlery should match festive dishes otherwise you lose the desired effect.

And in which case you should really get a set of cutlery for festive occasions? The frequency of use does not matter so much, as the formality of your festive events. There is no sense in buying silver cutlery for Christmas, if you sit at the Christmas table wearing jeans. Contrariwise, a suit and an evening dress look for more expensive cutlery.

When purchasing a festive cutlery, make sure that the number is sufficient enough for all the guests who are going to participate in such an event. It does not look good at festive table, if 4 people use silver forks and the other 2 have to do with stainless steel ones.


Glossy Or Matte?

The pros and cons are clear: a cutlery with a glossy surface looks particularly impressive on a table, but every touch is seen on its surface. On the other hand, you never need to polish a matte cutlery, but it will not shine on your Christmas photos.

We recommend you to buy a matte cutlery set, and to pay more for a good design. The difference is clearly recognized. You should prefer the glossy ones only in the case, you want to use them along with the festive set of dishes. You can simply polish the cutlery few times a year and rest of the time, a dishcloth will be enough.

Cutlery with wooden handles is especially suitable for children or for elderly family members, because they are better hold. They naturally have their aesthetic function, too. Keep in mind, that the combination with wood often looks rustic, which should correspond to the dishes and to other features.


Special Cutlery

You need a soup spoon, a fork, a knife and a teaspoon as the basic utensils. Further decisions depend on the meals you like or the food you would like to try. For instance, do not refuse the snail tongs just because you have never eaten this delicacy. Get a pair of cutlery and then try to incorporate something new into your diet.

Do not forget the details that can otherwise be easily overseen: your cutlery should match e.g. the soup ladle or the serving utensils for meat.


How To Take Care Of Them?

If you use a dishwasher, always put the cutlery in it with its tips facing up, and not in contact with other utensils and dishes. You can wash all the cutlery with a mild dishwashing soap, a thorough cleaning can be done with a product intended for the specific material.

Silver and silver plated cutleries should not be cleaned in a dishwasher and rather be washed by hand, instead. They do not tolerate many other materials, e.g. they should not be washed with aluminium utensils at the same time, and additionally, they can be scratched relatively easily.

When buying wallpapers in a shop, vendors often recommend you the one they like, ideally the most expensive one. But can you be certain, that the pattern will fit into your home?

There are fashion trends even in the area of ​​wallpapers, but it does not mean that you have to follow them at any price. When looking for the best wallpapers, consider both the classical and the trendy options.

Various designs and colours of wallpaper can cause various transformations of the interior space. You can violate the harmonious atmosphere by an improper choice.

That is the reason to go to a special shop. You do not need to buy at once, consult an expert first. And you can do the actual purchase in a cheaper wholesale, a hypermarket or a hobby market.

In general, the individual patterns complement the overall “mood” in different ways, but with a suitable combination of colours, patterns and furniture, you can achieve a better result than if the walls were painted or decorated with other decorative materials.



Wallpapers with stripe patterns always create the illusion of height, therefore they are ideal for areas in which you need to create the seeming of a soaring ceiling. Do not use a wallpaper with stripes on uneven walls, as the clean sharp lines of stripes will highlight even a light ripple.


Patterns Without A Directional Orientation

The latest fashion brings a lot of wallpapers that have a directionally un-accentuated, almost smooth finish, resembling the design of a diluted painting. Be careful as it can be quite difficult to create subtle transitions between the bands of wallpaper with these patterns, as there is no specific pattern that would distract attention from the transitions.


Floral Patterns

Generally, these wallpapers are glued easily because of their dense patterns which obscure the transitions well. Large floral patterns should be used in large rooms only, otherwise the pattern may cause the room to look smaller than it actually is. Small flowers evoke the rural environment and they are ideal for uneven or slightly rough walls. The fragmented pattern distracts the attention from any deficiencies.


Individual Motifs

Wallpapers with one or two repeated themes must be glued with the utmost precision. If the belts are not glued well, any flaws will be very clear. Although the final effect is very nice, handling these wallpapers is not easy for a beginner.


Scenery Wallpapers

Some manufacturers supply wallpapers with images of landscapes. To produce an accurate image, the wallpaper bands must be glued to the wall in the specific order. This unusual effect can effectively complement the decor of a room, if the size of the picture corresponds to the size of the wall.


Returning Patterns

Some classic designs will probably never go out of style, e.g. fleur-de-lis, the iris shape. However, many of these images make a room look quite formal, that is why you should take this factor into account when choosing a wallpaper pattern.

Have you ever bought a beautiful bed linen, but it lost its vibrant colours after one wash and its shape after a few weeks of use, so that you were left with nothing but a piece of cloth? Maybe you chose an inappropriate material, or you bought the linen at a wrong location. We are going to advise you how to buy a bed linen that will serve you for years.


The Key To The Proper Selection Of Bedding Is The Choice Of Material

Most of us choose the bedding by its colour and design, but you should decide according to the material, first. Most frequently, you see bed linen made of polyester, which is attractive for its low price. However, try to avoid polyester whenever possible – it is the very material that loses its colour and shape! And additionally, it is neither breathable nor absorbent, which are the main qualities you expect from your linen.

Tip: The ideal material for bedding is clearly cotton. Cotton bedding is breathable, absorbent and comfortable to the touch.


Cotton Has Many Forms

Cotton is a material that can be processed by many different modifications. That is why you can get cotton linen under various names. And each type has different characteristics:

– linen made of smooth cotton is the classic type you cannot be wrong with; it is breathable, absorbent and pleasant to the touch

– crepe linen can be made of cotton, as well as of other materials; crepe indicates the finishing of the cloth, which does not require ironing; a crepe cotton linen maintains all the positive properties of cotton

– flannel is also made of cotton; a flannel bedding is popular mainly in the winter months because of its softness and warmth

– cotton satin is made from 100% cotton and thanks to a special finish, it is smooth, soft and shiny, that is why it looks like satin; the cotton satin linen has excellent thermoregulation properties and it is ideal for year-round use


Do you think that you must be born with the nature which allows you to wake up early in the morning agile as a fiddle to start a new day? The truth is, you are not born to be an early bird, but you become it later.

The culprit of unpleasant mornings is often a wrong sleep regimen. If you want to get up happier and to start thinking creatively faster, some preparations are necessary.


Getting Enough Sleep

It is a matter of course, however it must be emphasized: if you go to bed at 1.30, you can be an early bird only if using some dangerous and mostly illegal substances.

Therefore, focus on taking enough time to sleep. Do not postpone your work, turn your PC off at a minimum of several hours before bedtime, and instead lie down in bed with a book, which makes you fall asleep better.


Morning Starts In The Evening

In the morning, each of us does a lot of small actions that take some time together. However, you can start most of them the day before. You can try e.g. to prepare things for breakfast, to choose the clothes you will put on in the morning, or to stack the dishes into the dishwasher, which you would otherwise have to do later.


Lists And Lists Again

The lists certainly help and some people cannot do without them, while others find it hard to get used to them. The lists help you to sort out, what is truly important, and to decide, what is urgent and what can wait.

Do not hesitate to make a list, even if you do not have so many tasks. It will be even more satisfying when you tick off all of them successfully.


Do A Little Cleanup At Least

We do not mean you should do a major cleanup before the bedtime. Just align a few things that are the most visible, focusing on a small area or a certain place.

This is especially the case of a bedroom, a kitchen and other places, which form the venue of your morning rituals. Align a little something and you will get up more easily.


How About A Physical Activity?

It is true that you should not exercise or do anything physically strenuous before the bedtime (though there are exceptions, of course). The assertion, that “it is good to get a little weary before the bedtime”, is already somewhat outdated.

A physical activity 2-3 hours before the bedtime is ideal. In this case, it can be really helpful and you can even have a short shower, if necessary.

The cats love comfortable hideaways and elevated safe places where they can lurk. The following products enable this perfectly. And some of them even solve the need for scraper or a toilet.


Library Adapted For Cats


Mini Bedroom For Your Cat


Indiana Jones Style Cat Bridge


Play Table For Cats


Cat Scratch Board Table


Cat Tunnel Couch


Cat Toilets/Bathrooms – All In One



Cat Transit System


Cat House Planter


Cat Hammocks


Cat Bed On A Radiator


Hidden In A Side Table


Grassy Table For Cats


Cat Tee Pee


Bed And Scratching In One


Rocking Chair Both For Humans And For Cats


Playground At The Ceiling


Egg-Shaped Pod


Outdoor Catwalk


“Catissa ” Cat Tree


Cat Burger Bed


Cat Bed “Shark”


Do you love cats? If you have enough creativity and plenty of money, you can get inspired by a man from California, who transformed his house literally a into a cat paradise.

He paid about $ 35,000 for the perfect transformation. The spiral ramps, walkways, scrapers and various rest areas are established for his 18 cats. The loving mister also installed a sophisticated ventilation system that supplies his house with fresh air for his cats.


The house owner created a truly creative living space out of his house. However, would you spend such an amount for a home transformation for your pets?


Housing, like many other things in life, is a matter of compromises. It is especially true, if you are not minimalists and you need to match your home creatively.


It Is Never Done

If you do not have a house or an apartment gotten complete including the interior, you are still at the very beginning of a demanding journey. However, “every cloud has silver lining”.  O course, you have not got rid of the worries connected, but the exciting challenge of furnishing, equipping, choosing and transforming is right ahead of you.


Purity Of The Style

In the very beginning, you should get inspired and create your idea of ​​an interior, which pampers you and wherein you feel fine. You cannot be wrong, as trends are various today, from classical minimalism to earthy rustic style. However, the purity of the style is important and you should stick to the chosen style.

You start to give the individuality to the interior by a few small pieces of exquisite design (chosen according to your taste) which you can combine then as you like. It is worth to see a varied spectrum of options presented on the design shows – you also have the opportunity to purchase entire originals created by young designers, and keenly priced.

A floor lamp of ingenious lines, which price is higher that of you new sofa, will not seem to you and to your guests as an overpriced debauchery in a few years. Contrariwise, it will give an unmistakable face to your living room and it will not get out of style even after years, when the sofa will need replacing.


It Will Not Be Possible Without Some Compromises

It should be noted that there are some pitfalls. You often have to come to an agreement on the interior furnishing with your partner, your spouse or your children. If you are not the rare case and do not have the same taste, negotiation and compromises are necessary. There is no remote control for easy switching of the current style, even the futurologists have not introduced it yet. However, you want to live there together without anyone of you to shiver.

Also be aware of the trap ‘I’ll choose this and you choose that”; you could prepare a mixture of styles which is varied as well as unappealing and uninviting. If you get in a stalemate, it is worth to get a perspective of an expert, or at least to look for inspiration on a websites devoted to housing, architecture and design.

The invested time and money will be definitely worth it, if your apartment and its qualities will be “current” and practical even after years, only needing some minor repairs which you will actually like to do.

In any case, a minimalist interior looks great in photos – but can you really live in it?

Minimalism in architecture, design and art is an undying trend surviving from the 1950´s till today. It found expression in the art (sculpture and painting) first and as a reaction to the previous style – expressionism.

Minimalism was a way to achieve the maximum results with the use of the plainest and simplest means. The philosophy of reduction of all unessentials soon spread to other areas of art, such as music, film, literature, architecture and design.

Many people refer to minimalism, many adore it and many swear by it, yet the minimalist style is rarely applied in the living spaces in its pure form. Although it is significant for minimalism to use as little as possible (of the materials, forms, details and colours), designing an interior in this style is quite costly. The less is the quantity, the more emphasis is placed on the quality. That is why a stylish and functional apartment, whose inhabitants give up the furniture, is not an economical solution of a living space.

A home like this can miss the unnecessary shelves and cabinets, tables and chairs, tablecloths and covers, curtains and ruffles and to be a pleasant place. However, it cannot miss high quality flooring materials, tastefully selected pieces of essential equipment (in a minimalist interior, you do not store books and clothing in boxes on the floor, nor you dine standing) supplemented by plants and by solitary original pieces of art.


The Minimalist Trend And 10 Principles Of Good Design

Anyway, a minimalistic interior is not for everyone. Many people find such a space uncomfortably austere, cold and sterile, while others (and they are not many) are impressed by its purity, elegance and its grace lines. However, minimalism is applied increasingly in the design. According to professional designers, it is clearly the trend of the 3rd millennium, although it has been applied previously. Dieter Rams, a famous designer from the company Braun, who designed many other objects beside the electrical appliances, has been creating in this style since his professional beginnings; he also formulated the famous 10 principles of good design:

Good design is innovative.

Good design makes a useful product.

Good design is aesthetic.

Good design makes a product understandable.

Good design is unobtrusive (modest).

Good design is honest.

Good design is long-lasting.

Good design is thorough down to the last detail.

Good design is environmentally friendly.

Good design is as little design as possible (as little decorative as possible).


Is Minimalism For Everyone?

The current trends dictate to minimize the decoration and overflowing of living spaces. A home should be a space balanced both visually and functionally and the comfort should be achieved with a minimum of elements and objects. Therefore, you do not need to have absolutely minimalistic apartment in glass and metal or in wood and stone and even though this timeless style can apply well. It is often used, e.g. in a bathroom or a cloakroom, where the residents of a traditional apartment try their minimalist experiment.

These are the rooms, whose purpose, usual equipment and layout invites you directly to such a solution. Both in a bathroom and in a hallway you strive for an effective arrangement, order and cleanliness as well as for an effective (and possibly invisible) storage of lots of necessities, and also for an easy maintenance of these highly trafficked parts of the house. That is why you choose the clean austere lines, smooth materials and floor coverings for them intuitively, even without an expert´s advice.


How To Do It?

If you feel like living in a minimalist furnished apartment and enjoy some austerity, you should look for an architect and a professional designer to help you to achieve the true purity of the style and the result. Or at least, read the technical literature and other resources available carefully. The compromises are not a very appropriate way to success in this case. It will also be difficult to fit minimalistic an interior which has previously been fitted expensively with carpets, decorative windows, cornices, wall hangings, wallpapers, accessories and so on. You do not need much for the minimalist look of a living space but you have to stick to good quality.


From The Floor Up

The basis is a good choice of the flooring material. You will definitely do without carpets and linoleum. A floating floor is a more affordable option, however a fine wooden floor or floor tiles will be more spectacular. You should invest in a coherent system of storage spaces; the built-in wardrobes are the preferred option as they can hide everything, you cannot live without but do not want to display. Choose a conventional plaster in neutral tones on the walls and do not even think about wallpapers or tiles. Just to embellish the space, you can opt for slate or other stone cladding in some areas, e.g. around the fireplace or the kitchen stove.


The Important Role Of The Light

Let the windows free without cornices and curtains and the window sills without a display of trifles and flowers. In the rooms which are not guarded by a large garden, use blinds to keep the privacy. The ultimate effect will be created by the light and sunshine then.


The Furniture In The Minimalist Approach

The furniture in a minimalist interior should include only the necessary but not dull things. Although only a few pieces are sufficient in a room, they should be meticulously selected solitaires that are worth attention. For seating in a living room, one aesthetically refined sofa or chair should be enough. A good alternative is to allocate a portion of the room for a slightly elevated “stage” covered by the same flooring as the rest of the floor; you place a few seat cushions on it. There will be an additional storage space under the “stage” and it will be become really useful during a large visit; however, it is suitable only for vast spaces.

If you have a pedestal-ledge (about 50 cm high) built along an entire wall, you will get a multifunctional surface for TV, books, candle holders and other necessities without needing any cabinets that would disturb the minimalist concept.

If minimalism is your style, a nice floor, bare walls, a play of light and shadows, a few design or artistic solitaires and your dear ones will be sufficient to create a happy home.