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Although the offers of manufacturers are wide nowadays, there products cannot be compared to the ones made to measure.  You can choose exact dimensions, the layout of individual elements or the finish, and the result will look exactly the way you want it – without a single compromise.


Almost Any Dimensions

Today’s manufacturers of doors and door frames carry out mass production, that is why they have problems with a request for a change of dimensions, finish, of certain metal fittings and other elements that significantly reduce the assortment. As result, the offers of most manufacturers of doors and door frames are quite similar.

However in custom production, the manufacturer is usually focused on quality (instead of quantity).


Matching The Interior To The Door? No problem.

The dimensions of the door are not the only thing that can be tailored to your requirements. The finishing also plays an important role. Manufacturers usually work with a standard range of veneers, foils, laminates and with a basic range of colours. This is sufficient for most customers, however in some cases it may not be. It is possible to make a door with a concrete smear on the surface, or with the imitations of leather or stone. There are also various kinds of finishes available.

There is quite a demand on doors with the same finish as on the furniture or flooring. Thanks to this finish, you can match the door perfectly with your interior.


Even On A Current Door Frame

Owners of old houses and flats often solve the problem of unsightly metal door frames. Although these can be knocked out and replaced with new ones, there is a much more elegant and economical solution: facing the current frame. Every door frame can be faced with a new layer, although sometimes it is a challenge. The new facing frame can be adjusted in such a way, there is no more problem during the installation later. The original frame may even be crooked.


Not Only Doors

Along with the production of doors, some manufacturers also offer flooring, so it an excellent opportunity to match both in your interior. The floors may not be made of wood only, but also made of vinyl or laminate.

When you are looking for a supplier of a new door and flooring the next time, you should not be limited by the clumsy offers of large mass producers. After all, it is your home, and it deserves the best.

Do you know what have the beautiful early 20th century villas and modern houses designed according to current architectural trends in common? It is the timeless forged fence, which can make a residence even from a drab building. A forged fence does not age, it remains beautiful for generations, and is completely maintenance free.

The cost of living in a family house is high, that is why it would be a mistake to ignore the fundamental issue of good fencing. A wrongly chosen fence can visually degrade the resources you have invested in the housing. The forged fences are a safe bet already for centuries. This type of fence is incredibly timeless, it retains its grandeur at any time and with it, you can easily achieve a dignified, airy and beautiful border of your property.


Enjoy The Best

As in other situations, you can choose right or wrong. There are plenty of manufacturers on the market who focus on forged fences. Some guidance may be provided by customer satisfaction, long-term reference or by selection of a manufacturer. It is important for the manufacturer to put emphasis on the traditional craftsmanship and to entrust the production to the hands of experienced blacksmiths and locksmiths. The customer must be always in the first place and there should be an expert available to the customer to give him or her advice.


Do Not Skimp On Quality, It Is Not Worth It

While some manufacturers are trying to reduce the cost and therefore they use substitute materials, such as hollow bars or very narrow profile bars, a good fence must be made of high-quality steel material and full profile bars (14×14 mm). Along with multiple finishing, it ensures to the customer that the fence will serve its purpose without maintenance and for several generations.

Anticorrosive treatment is the next very important characteristic, as the overall durability of the fence depends on it. Galvanizing is a proven method, when zinc forms a solid and impermeable layer on the surface of metal. When galvanizing, the most frequently used temperature range is 440-460 °C. Thanks to it, the fences have a maintenance-free service life for 60 years.


Do you know The Current Trends?

There is a wide portfolio with a wide range of themes and designs. A designer can create a suitable combination of the two exactly according to your requirements and to the appearance of your house. Moreover, you can have a fence made according to your design.

The selection of the theme and design is important for the life of the forged fence, as well. And as it lasts for several decades, the fence will serve several generations.

When choosing a fence for your property, you usually do not think only about a motif and design, but you also need to consider an appropriate system for your entrance gate. It is necessary to realize that this is the most commonly used mechanism in the house, thus its selection requires the best option possible.

Are you building a house, or just planning a new home? Would you like a cosy and bright home? Most people will probably agree, unless they live mostly at night. The rooms should be well illuminated so that the family as well as their plants or pets can fare well.

On the contrary, basement is a space without windows where only artificial light is used, and the space does not serve for all-day stay. Basement is not probably the place where you feel comfortable and seek it often. And yet, many people have deliberately created such a “basement” at home. It is the place where the whole family, including children, moves often – the internal hallway. The owners of bungalows could certainly tell you, what a change it is to go from the sunny rooms full of daylight into the “basement”, i.e. the dark internal hallway.

Even though, you can have a healthy natural daylight even in these parts of the house: in interior corridors, bathrooms, kitchens, offices or workshops, where the classical windows are not sufficient. The solution is a light pipe, Lightway. It is another form of a window, which has however a number of other advantages.


Window Vs Lightway

A window is a fixed installation and cannot be moved subsequently. If needed, Lightway can be moved (i.e. its lower part that diffuses daylight) to illuminate the most necessary space.

The crystal dome is ageless, it does not turn yellowish and it guarantees unchanged luminosity for dozens and dozens of years. The silver tube does not decompose the spectrum of daylight, but brings it in its full richness.

The end section, the diffuser scatters light into a large space, so it can substitute multiple windows. People are accustomed to natural daylight from above, not from a side, and this can be achieved only by Lightway.

The LED lighting fans will certainly argue that the Lightway must be expensive and it is all about return (however, the basic set of the Lightway costs about the same as good quality windows). However, is it worth to skimp on your health and your family?

You have a choice. You can spend your life at ease, health and enjoy living in a beautiful light-filled house, or you can pay visits to a “basement”. It is normal to have daylight everywhere; it is normal to have windows and skylights.

REZ SP12rez

Looking for a perfect shading element for your windows? You can choose the Roman blinds. These are a special type of fabric blinds, on which the fabric is divided horizontally into equal strips by a framework. There are loops sewn on each strip through which woven string is threaded; the string is used for controlling the blinds.


What Makes The Roman Blinds Different From Other Types Of Blinds?

During the production of Roman blinds, strong emphasis is put on the selection of high quality materials and a perfect workmanship. High quality of implementation is characteristic also for the Roman blinds of large sizes.


Wide Range Of Use

Roman blinds are suitable both in a classical and modern interior. They can be recommended not only into a living room, where they will amaze your visitors with their elegant appearance, but also into a kitchen, where you will appreciate their functionality. Roman blinds can be installed in vertical windows as well as in windows of atypical shapes.


No More Rolling

Horizontal folds are typical for the Roman blinds. The surface of the blind is divided into several horizontal stripes that are equally wide. When you pull the blind up, it remains folded in the upper part of the window.


You Can Become The Designers Of Your Home

By selecting a suitable pattern and colour combinations, it is possible to adapt the Roman blinds to the smallest details of your interior. The fabrics are high quality ones, with excellent colour and shape fastness.


Like A New One Even After Years

The main advantage of Roman blinds is their easy maintenance. You can remove and wash the fabric very easily, or you can replace it with another fabric with a different design.

“We believe that the Roman blinds will convince you that beauty is in simplicity,” the producer says.

You certainly know it: you buy a new expensive sofa, but kids, pets and frequent visitors take their toll on it quickly. Originally a luxury sofa looks like an ordinary couch after a few months and you are upset by a bad investment. How can you avoid this kind of problem?


A ‘New’ Sofa In A Few Seconds

If you do not intend to invest sums to reupholstering the sofa regularly, you have only one option: buy a cover/spread. It is relatively cheap, it will prevent damage and contamination of the sofa, and additionally, it will give a new chic look to your sofa – all this in a few seconds. There is still one question remaining: what spread should you choose?


Synthetic Fibres Are Prevail

Even though you can see covers and spreads for sofas made of 100% cotton on the market, they are not entirely appropriate due to their shorter life and higher maintenance requirements. It is much better to get a spread made of synthetic fibres (e.g. fleece of 100% polyester) or made of synthetic fibres blended with natural fibres (e.g. 90% polyester or acrylic and 10% cotton). These spreads are very warm, pleasant to the touch and moreover, easy to launder – you can clean most of them thoroughly by washing at 40 ° C. Unlike the purely natural fibres, they are much more durable.


Choose A Colour And Style According To Your Interior

Once you know the type of material, you need to choose a colour and style of the spread. Follow your aesthetic taste; the spread should not “stand up” against the rest of the interior. It must match to furniture and walls, above all. There is a rule: if you have plain one-colour walls, you can buy a more vivid spread with bold patterns. Contrariwise, if the walls of your living room or bedroom are decorated with pictures and paintings, select a simple pattern spread.

Then all you need to do is to visit the nearest store or a reliable e-commerce and go shopping. Your sofa will change substantially in a moment and most importantly, it will look like a new one much longer.

Bean bags are stylish and practical decorations of an interior, they are very versatile and suitable in almost any type of interior. You can even make the exterior of your home special with an original bean bag, if you place it on a balcony, a terrace or in a garden.

The next and perhaps the most important advantage of this type of furniture is the health effect. During a long sitting on a classic chair or armchair, a back-ache, neck pain or headache may occur. Compared to that, thanks to the unique infill of bean bags, they adhere to each inequality your body and make your muscles pleasantly relaxed.


There Are Various Bean Bags

It is good to think a bit before buying a bean bag, although you cannot make a major mistake by a spontaneous purchase. However, there are several kinds of them on the market and they correspond to different needs and preferences of customers. That is why it is worth paying attention to the following lines, so that you will be able to choose the best one for you which will meet all your requirements.



Purely from the practical point of view, the material from which the bean bag is made is the key characteristic. Individual materials differ significantly in terms of ease of cleaning, pleasantness to the touch as well as overall resilience.

The most common material is eco-leather, i.e. artificial leatherette. Bean bags made of eco-leather are very pleasant to the touch, extremely easy to clean (just wipe them with a damp cloth), but they are suitable in an interior only. The cotton bean bags are also suitable in an interior. They are very pleasant to the touch, their cleaning is however slightly more demanding. Some of the cotton covers can be removed and washed in a machine.

On the other hand, the bean bags made of nylon and polyester are specially designed for outdoor use. Both materials are highly resistant to physical stress and dirt. They are also very easy to maintain, however nylon is not so pleasant to the touch.



Colour is probably the first characteristic which attracts our attention on a bean bag. That is why this kind of furniture is so popular in nursery and primary schools. Bright colours inspire good mood and they are able to make an otherwise dull interior special and to liven it up. However, if you are not furnishing a nursery school, children’s department of a library or a children’s room (where there the rule is: the more colours, the better), try to consider the choice of colour carefully. If you already have a dominant colour in your interior, select a bean bag in the same colour or in a colour that matches to the existing one. However, if you have a monotonous interior in a pale colour (white, gray, black, brown or beige), you can afford to experiment and you can choose a more vivid colour of a bean bag. In this case, an original bean bag can make wonders in your interior.

If you are furnishing children´s room, you can really unleash your imagination. All kids love playful colours, fun motifs and shapes. For example, if you are looking for a bean bag in a shade of green, you can choose from a single colour bags, multicoloured bags, as well as from bags with special themes.


Shape And Size

Now it is time to decide the design, whether it should be a chair shaped or a pillow shaped bag. However, there are also special seat bags available, e.g. in the form of a footstool and with a different level of softness.

The armchair shaped bags work as conventional seating furniture, but they are more convenient and healthier for your back. They are suitable both for work and for pleasant relaxation. You can also choose high armchair shapes which provide you with a backrest for your back, neck and head. On the other hand, lower chair shapes allow deeper seating, and thus more comfortable relaxing or curling up.

The classic pillow shapes are designed mainly for relaxation. Nowadays, pillows equipped with straps are a specific variant and a hot tip; they allow you to shape the bag to any position easily.

In addition to the above mentioned, there are completely original beans bags, which are designed for both small and big sport lovers, and they are in the shape of various sports balls. The most popular are footballs, of course; however, you can please a tennis player, a volleyball player or a basketball player, too.

Long winter and loads of snow take their toll now in the form of wet walls and foundations. How can you effectively prevent it from happening?

The moisture is a problem in almost every house. In the 1st as well as in the 5th floor, you can find “maps”, condensed salts or mould. These are reliable evidence of damp walls with disrupted both the plaster and the masonry itself. Additionally, heat losses occur as the thermal insulation is impaired and in some cases, an unpleasant odour can join.


Causes Of Moisture

Therefore, before you start the fight against the moisture, you have to find out the cause, type and source of moisture, as well as the level of damage and possible salinity. Does water rise from the ground? Does vapour condense in the house? Does water leak from the roof or from a broken pipe? If you are unsure, do not hesitate to hire a professional building remediation company who can perform not only the drying, but also a comprehensive analysis of the causes of moisture.


Remediation Of Wet Walls

The remediation of masonry, performed at the base of walls, at foundations and at pavements, can have several forms. The incorporated insulation is suitable in buildings, where moisture rises from the basements. Undercutting of walls and inserting of waterproofing is quite a common solution, but tight closing of the gap by strength wedges is necessary. Other methods include electroosmosis or magnetokinetic wall drying and chemical injections.


Regular Checks To Avoid Moisture

Often ventilate the rooms to prevent vapour from condensation and mould from formation. Install dehumidifiers and fans in bathrooms and kitchens. When building a house, use such isolation that can drain the moisture out of the house. After every winter and in autumn, check the conditions of the roof, gutters, plaster and masonry. Any cracks may later become a bigger problem and a source of moisture leakage.

From Flannel To Satin

Do you know the pleasant feeling when you are lying down to a freshly covered bed? It is not a matter of course – the first step is choosing the best bedding.

There is a plethora of colours, patterns and materials available. It is mainly the material used what affects the quality of your sleep. Other factors are also very important, such as the ability of removing moisture, maintaining a constant temperature as well as good absorbency. You will be likely interested also in other factors, such as an easy maintenance, specifically what temperature must be used for washing, if the material needs ironing or how fast it dries.


Choice Of The Material

First, you need to choose the right material. The most commonly used material is cotton in various modifications. Its benefits include breathability, good absorption and excellent ability to regulate temperature, thus creating an ideal environment for sleep. Also flannel beddings are made from pure combed cotton with double-sided pile, that is why their use properties are comparable. These linens are recommended especially in cold months, because the material is coarser, it warms you easily and it retain the warmth. In summer season, we recommend you satin beddings made of high quality combed long fibre cotton.

This material is very soft and snug, however its price is higher. You can also choose terry linen which is made from a blend of cotton and polyester, that is why its maintenance is easier. You can also get polyester bedding (made from synthetic fibres). This material dries very quickly, however its absorptive capabilities are not good. Crepe fabric is also a very popular choice; it is soft shaped cotton. These are the most common materials – and their list is far from over.


What Features Are Important?

Generally, when choosing the bed linen, you keep to your preferences above all, but you need to consider the basic differences, as well. Thus artificial materials are considerably less absorbent than natural materials however they are easier to maintain. The colour and design of bed linen should suit to the rest of the interior.

If a member of your family suffers from allergy, you should know that there is anti-mites linen available. It is impregnated with a special substance which remains active for 40 washings at 40 ° C (104 °F). You can get it in various materials and it is often made of crepe or satin.


What Size Do You Need?

After you have chosen the colour, pattern and material, you need to select the right size. There are the classic length (pillow 70 × 90 cm, blanket 135 x 200 cm) and the extended length (blanket 140 × 200/220 cm). The same applies to children’s sizes, which are available in the classic size (pillow 40 x 60 cm, blanket 90 x 130 cm) and the extended size (blanket 100 x 135 cm). You can also see the “French variant” of linen (which can be in the extended version, too). This is a bedding for a double bed with 2 pillows of the classic size and 1 blanket of the classic size (210 x 200 cm) or of the extended size (210 x 220 cm).

Now, you need to combine all your demands on the linen with an affordable price, and we wish you a peaceful and comfortable sleep.

Whether you purchase authentic antique furniture or just replicas, both options have their advantages and disadvantages. In any case, be careful about the quality of material and the purity of stylish design.

Furniture has a crucial role in creating an interior. A stylish interior will stand out especially if you equip it with antique furniture. You can have an original, or you can buy a brand new piece, which is almost indistinguishable from an original.

The essential difference between anoriginal and a replica is the price. Not everyone has such financial options to get a valued original. On the other hand, investing money in antique furniture is a clever step. The commodities, such as antiques, do not lose their value during the time, and their owners can enjoy the fact that while using their beautiful historic pieces, their investment increases its value at the same time.


Ergonomics Of Antique Furniture

The disadvantage of historical originals may be their practical use. Not every piece of historic furniture will suit us the same way, as it serves to our ancestors a few centuries ago. People have changed anthropologically during the last few centuries, and some pieces, even just 100 years old, or older, may not suit to its present owner dimensionally. You can notice this especially on antique chairs, desks, wardrobes, sofas and beds.


Past Of Antique Furniture

The past is another circumstance which co-decides when you hesitate if you purchase an original or a quality historical replica. Many people are discouraged by the idea of surrounding themselves with furniture with a vague, often tragic history. You accept your furniture as your own, as a part of our home and your family, so it is quite natural that the sanitary issues play a role. However, if the furniture has safe history, an authentic piece, which might have even belonged to a notability, can reach absolutely astronomical prices.


Replicas Are Cheaper

If you are looking for a way to bypass the negatives of antique furniture, and yet enjoy furnishing your interior in a historical design, you can get replicas of historic furniture. Especially in the last few decades, the industry of historical replicas is booming. These products combine the perfection of craft and historical accuracy with modern techniques. There are hundreds of renowned producers of quality historical replicas all over the world.


Choose A Century

The most popular and most desired replicas are mainly derived from the Northern Italian Renaissance, European Baroque, English sober styles of the 18th century, from flaring styles of French Kings Louis XIV., XV. and XVI., and from the elegant French Empire Style (18th-19th century). In recent years, there is also a great demand for replicas of antique furniture from U.S. history, such as U.S.-British furniture from the late colonial period (1750 – 1770), furniture from the U.S. Revolutionary period (1776 – 1783), as well as the “Federal Style” from the first decades of the U.S.A. (around 1825).


Quality Products from The Philippines

A large number of replicas are produced in the Philippines. The products show high quality craftsmanship and precision, they are made of high quality wood and primarily, in such price levels, which can hardly be competed with. They supply markets all over the world. Another thriving industry is production of replicas, which are imitations only seemingly. These replicas incorporate several historical styles, so they basically cannot be historically classified. However, their popularity is high, so their sales are going well. Everyone can opt for what he or she likes the most.

Every year, countless useful products come to the market, which make our everyday life easier. Beside them, you can also buy cute useless things. Would you buy one of the following curiosities?

These are things you did not know you need them. Or you do not need them? Consider it yourself.


Shining Ending On A Water Tap

kuriozity (2)_-1x250


Have you ever had the idea, you could wash your hands in the dark, only with a neon light from the water tap, which changes colour according to the water temperature? Then you have a similar imagination as the creator of the gimmick.


Artificial Garden Stone

kuriozity (8)_-1x400

It is not a conventional artificial stone, but a real dummy, aimed to hide something that looks unsightly in your garden. However, it is questionable, what can hide the unsightly dummy…


Saucer On Your Finger

kuriozity (4)_-1x380

The essence of it comes from the English term “finger food” used for canapés. With this saucer, it will be “finger dining” indeed. Distribute the saucer to your guests and you will have a lot of fun.


Shower Step For Shaving

kuriozity (6)_-1x380

A gimmick specially aimed for ladies (although actually, who knows?). It may be difficult to shave your legs comfortably in the shower, unless you have this special step, which can be used to support your leg elegantly.


Mirror In The Shape Of A Water Drop

kuriozity (1)_-1x300

Do you know the annoyance when you cannot keep the bathroom mirror clean and free from water drops? And how about a mirror that looks like one big drop?


Bowl For An Apple And An Apple Core

kuriozity (7)_-1x225

A small piece of cookware designed specially to fit an uneaten apple, as well as an apple core.


Notepad Into The Shower

kuriozity (3)_-1x400

It would be a shame to lose a brilliant idea just because you came up to it in the shower and you did not have a chance to put it down. A waterproof notepad is not built for writing long texts, but it can easily cope with writing down notes.


Pizza Scissors

kuriozity (10)_-1x350

Proper pizza is thin and therefore somewhat difficult to cut up. Many people have already had the idea to cut it with scissors. If you are one of them, you can finally put your kitchen scissors away and take this special tool.


Bathplug With A Toy Boat

kuriozity (5)_-1x256

If a bath itself is not sufficient enough for you to unwind and relax, you can watch a small toy boat floating on the surface (from the bathplug) at the same time. Could there be anything more poetic?


Banana Case

kuriozity (9)_-1x390

No more crumpled bananas! You can pack your morning snack without the fear that you would come to work with a banana puree in your briefcase.