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In every household, things get accumulated quickly. We plan to sort them out “once”, but usually do not find the time to do it.

Do you want to ease your household? We will advise you now, which things you can get rid of instantly without missing them. And you might be surprised how many of them.


The Cosmetics

Of course we know that each of the deo sprays has a different fragrance. And that you bought the shower gel on a business trip, when you forgot yours at home, and that you carry this one with you to do sports, because it does not get opened in the bag. But seriously, would not one shower gel be enough?

If you do not know what to do with them, and you do not want to throw nearly full bottles away without a reason, you can use the shower gel as a foam bath, you can use the conditioner for shaving your legs and the shampoo to do the hand washing.


The Books and The Magazines

We do not take books as garbage, of course, and we do not advise you throw away valuable reading. Just sorting out the titles that you e.g. bought as a relaxing paperback reading on your vacation is often enough. Give these titles to somebody else, take them to a bazaar or simply leave them in a café, where someone takes them for sure.

You can do the same with old magazines, but do not forgot, bring only a few issues to a café. You cannot bring a whole bundle of magazines, as if it were a scrap yard!


The Plastic Food Containers

You certainly look at them in supermarkets and home improvement stores – they look so practical! You can imagine yourself cooking great meals every day and the members of your family always having something good to eat; or alternatively, they could take the containers with them to their school or work.

The reality is obviously much less attractive. Once you buy the plastic containers, they begin to mix at home, get lost and you almost never find the right lid; and if you do to so, the food in the refrigerator gets forgotten and you will find it much later and spoiled. Do not worry about them much – throw the containers away and keep only the ones you use currently.


The Old Medication

We all know it, but hardly anyone does it: there is an expiration date on each package of medication and the warning you should return the expired medication back to the pharmacy. Even though we sometimes have an aspirin in our first aid kits, which is a many years old.

Check your medication supplies and sort strictly out all expired drugs. The only exception may be the medication stored after consultation with a physician and under special conditions, when the chemical changes are not so fast.


The Candles

What do you give to your friends, when you cannot find anything in particular? One of the common solutions are candles: the coloured or white ones, the scented or the fragrance-free. And because sometimes we buy a candle ourselves, we soon have many of them at home.

Even if you start to use them, the burned glass cups with a little wax on the bottom and a blackened wick get accumulated. Do not throw them straight into the household waste; dip them into a bowl of hot water first, pour the melted wax out, wipe the glass and put in a glass container.

The freezer is a great help to us but not all foods can stand refreezing. Keep it in mind and protect your health.

The shelf life and freshness of foods increases with freezing significantly. We are going to explain, what actually happens during freezing and thawing process and the reason you should not refreeze certain kinds of food.


Frozen Is Not The Same As Fresh

Although frozen food retailers often do not admit, the quality of fresh foods cannot be substituted completely by anything else. Freezing always partially disrupts the structure of mass and the taste of the food changes. In case we do not want do the shopping again and again, or we need to feed the whole family, we can apparently tolerate some taste loss.


Put It Back Into The Freezer Or Eat It?

The disadvantage mentioned above grows with each refreezing. Once you take the food out, let thaw partially and then put it back into freezer, its taste gets a little poorer, when you use it next time.

But it is not all. The bacteria that start to grow in foods after thawing are much more dangerous. That is why restaurants and other kitchens and canteens must follow the hygienic rules for food freezing; but we should follow them for the benefit of our health, too.

So which foods can be refrozen and which should not?


The Ingredients Vs Ready Meals

The practical rule No 1 says, anything containing fresh proteins should be put to freezer only once, than thawed and consumed completely. This is primarily the case of meat.

If possible, let the meat to thaw slowly in the fridge at the temperature of about 5 °C. It should be sufficient to prevent bacteria from forming, and you can return the uneaten meat back to the freezer. But never refreeze raw meat that thawed at room temperature!

The rule can be bypassed in only one way, and that is the heat processing. When you prepare a meal from the thawed meat, you can put it back to the freezer, but you obviously cannot repeat the process more times.


Certain foods get frozen to the supermarket, but later when in display, they get partially or completely thawed. Therefore you should inquire the way the retailer handles the food and either freeze it or eat it.


Fruit Juices, Pulps And Ice Creams

After once being melted, none of these foods should be refrozen. So when you want take some ice cream from a tub, do not hesitate and take as many servings as you need and put it back. If the ice cream is too melted, let it thaw completely and use it e.g. for a milkshake.

The same holds for fruit juice or fruit pulp. They are not a matter of a serious health risk like meat, but both water and cream ice products lose their pleasant taste significantly after being thawed and refrozen.

Tip: When buying an ice cream stick, ice cream cone etc. in a store, feel it with a gentle palpation to know, whether it has a non-standard shape. If it does, it means that it melted partially and then refroze, so it will not taste so good.


Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables contain much water that is why their structure deteriorates easily when refrozen. If possible, freeze them lying side by side e.g. on a smaller baking sheet wrapped in a plastic bag, and then pour them together – you will prevent it from becoming one big piece of ice.

When taking a few pieces from the package, be quick and close the packaging thoroughly.

Tip: Do you like smoothies or other fruit milkshakes made in a blender? You can use the frozen fruit instead of ice cubes.  It will cool you beverage as well and the blender will be less strained than with pure ice, which can damage the blade.


The pantry is a luxury not everyone can have at home, that is why you should make full use of it. It will ease your kitchen, it will help you to eat healthier and to keep the stable food items in good quality.

Every regular cook certainly appreciates the pantry, wherein he or she stores ingredients for a long time. However, like any storage room during the time, the pantry often turns into a messy space used for storing all sorts of things.


Let´s Start

Things get gathered in the pantry and sometimes they do not get out for a long time, that is why you should start with sorting out and proper cleaning. Take all stored foods and dishes out, clean the shelves, sweep the floor, get rid of any cobwebs and check carefully, whether there is a nest of flour moths anywhere. Before putting the food back again, sort out all stale and evidently bad food.

Tip: Perhaps you will find some treat in your pantry, which you have received as a gift. You do not feel like consuming it, even though it is still in good condition – it is the right time to pass it to somebody else.


The Cans, The Boxes, The Baskets

In the pantry, foods should not be stacked sloppily, as you certainly do not want to rearrange 15 other items to get to you jars of jam. Baskets are perfect for storing things which should be together, but you want to see them from a side, too (e.g. the boxes with different types of tea). The transparent plastic boxes will do the same job, however be careful not to seal something that should be getting fresh air!


Everything Clearly Visible

The food in the pantry should be accessible easily. It is not usually possible to store all items in one row lining the walls, so you have to set your priorities. Evaluate which ingredients you use most frequently and which ingredients you need only few times a year, and organize your pantry in accordance. But even the least used ingredients should not be completely hidden – it is ideal to store them on the top shelves, which are hard to reach, but you can see into them.


The Pantry Is Not A Multipurpose Storage Room

The pantry is a space for daily use, so it should not become a dumping room, wherein things become forgotten. Do not build the shelves up to the ceiling and do not make them too broad. Store a minimum of things in large, enclosed spaces and to not create multiple layers. Everything should be accessible with the least effort.

Tip: Have you ever seen the hanging bunches of garlic or onions in old cottages? Get inspired and equip your pantry with hooks that you can use for hanging of vegetable or fruits, wall spice containers etc..


Nor It Is a Utility Room

The space between the shelf and the wall tempts to do it, but if possible, do not store anything else in your pantry except for food or utensils. The mops, buckets, seasonal shoes and other uninvited neighbours only contribute to the fact that the larder becomes a storage room for anything and it will not be easy to find anything there.

The storage space in your apartment should be solved as a whole.



What should you prepare for when getting a larger dog into your apartment?

Are you a fan of big dogs, but you hesitate, if the chosen breed is appropriate for an apartment? In that case, you can be sure that even a big dog can live a happy life as a “home” dog.

This mainly depends on the responsibility of his master, who takes a considerable responsibility when acquiring a dog. The most important thing your dog needs is your presence. A dog “locked” in the apartment all day, but in the presence of his master, will undoubtedly be happier than a dog alone in his kennel or even in a garden.


We Have Brought A Puppy

The purchase of a puppy is usually a big event in the family. We tend to pamper the puppy, stroke it whenever it whimpers, we take it to our beds. But be careful – we should set clear rules from the very beginning. A dog´s memory is excellent especially for things comfortable to him. As soon as we bring the puppy home, we must show it its place. It should be a place where the puppy is not disturbed and feels safe. Ordering a heavy hairy creature out of your bed every night or waking up all sore beside it in the morning is not always funny.


The Puppy Grows Big

When the puppy grows, it often has too much energy – this can be a big problem particularly by a dog kept in an apartment. Chewed carpets, slippers and pillows or scratched doors can be the evidence. If we cannot spend the time with the dog yourself and let it run outside, we should buy him some toys. Every pet shop will be happy to give you advice.


Have Enough Fresh Air

The owner soon learns, the more time he or she spends outside with the dog, the better. According to the dog’s behaviour you can see very easily, when he start to be restless because of “doing nothing”, and he when makes his master to take him out for a walk. We should walk the dog three times a day, at least.  Only frequent walks teach the dog good habits not to “do his business” in the apartment but only outside.

There is one more positive aspect of going out with the dog – he gets tired enough and is not “misbehaving” at home later. If possible, let the dog run enough, e.g. fetching is ideal (if you are lucky and your dog accepts this activity). If he does not, there is an option to run with the dog yourself. If you do not have such a physical condition, a bike would help you, but in some cases masters walk their dogs even from their cars.  It is a bit non-standard approach, but if both the dog and his master like it, why not.


The Dog – A Loyal And Unselfish Friend

All the dog lovers will certainly confirm, that there is no better welcome after returning home than your dog can give to you. A dog can wait all day patiently to give us all his love. The Classics say, that “he wants nothing except your attention but he gives you everything in return”. Many of us cannot imagine living without a dog, as he is a family member, one of us, the indispensable part of our homes.


During their lives, more and more people move and begin to live in a new place. Whether you move for work, for study or for love, it always takes some time to settle in a new home.

It is never easy to leave your background and to settle in a new town or city. You hardly know anyone, you are disoriented, you miss your favourite pub or grocery and you cannot distinguish a neighbour from the caretaker in the hallway. But do not despair, you can deal with every change!


Wait For A Year

Be prepared for the fact, that your acclimatization in a new city will take more than a month. You will have to be very patient and must not give up, whenever a crisis appears. Especially if you move alone, the feeling of loneliness may be nearly unbearable sometimes – but you can do something with it!

A crisis is certain to appear during the first year, when would you despair, why you, on earth decided to move?! Be sure, it is not your providence, but only your fear and frustration, who talk to you. If you follow these steps, you will get accustomed to a new home more quickly and conveniently.


Do Not Forget Your Family And Friends

In the early days, a contact with your loved ones will be crucial. Fortunately, there are many ways to communicate remotely and in real time today – you can phone, use Skype, Email or text to them. As to social networks, be careful: following your old friends e.g. on Facebook can intensify your regret and sorrow, as you cannot go out to have a drink with them, or so.

Try to find a regular rhythm and to communicate with your friends and your family e.g. in two determined days of the week. The frequency depends on you, of course. When you plan the rough schedule, you will not only have something to look forward to, but also you will avoid chatting with people in a different city all the time, instead of making new friendships.


Do Not Suffer In A Wrong Environment

You may not have money to waste, but it does not mean you have to live in conditions that will cause a clinical depression to you. Ease the transition by choosing your new dwelling so that it was comfortable for you. It means not being alone and finding a roommate for someone, buying a pet for the other, and investing at least temporarily in better housing (and being more modest elsewhere) for the next one.

In any case it is not time to get more sources of stress now. Be kind to yourself.


Meet Your Resolutions

Have you planned to start a sport for years? Or have you considered signing up for cooking lessons? Would like to learn to dance, finally? Whatever it is, moving to a new place is a great opportunity to start it now; it is always something like starting a new life, anyway.

The more sociable activity is, the better, of course. Do not rely on finding new friends at work or at school. You may not succeed, and in some cases, it is not ideal to meet the colleagues in your leisure time, because you would continue to be in the “work mode” in a way.


Do Not Refuse Help

It is likely that you, or your family, already have someone you or they know in the new city. Try to meet him or her even in the case you have never seen them in person before. You already have something in common now, which is definitely a promising start – and you will have something to talk about.

When making new friends, be open and welcoming. Respond to your neighbours, if they say “hallo” to you and if they look friendly, do not be afraid to start small talk. Introduce yourself to any new people you come in contact with, tell them you are new here, and have their favourite places recommended.

It is only a few steps of space between a wall and the opposite one, you can hardly turn yourself in the hall, the cloakroom is unrealistic – even though living in a small apartment can be good.

There is nothing to teach you saving better than a small living space. You cannot pack in a luxury leather sofa in any way and a huge coffee machine would not suit into the little kitchen. Take it as a practical lesson in planning.


The Small Storage Helpers
In a small apartment, do not try to align all the smaller items and to put it back in place each time – you will never succeed entirely.  Take all the storage components into account instead: boxes, bags, hangers, small chests of drawers on castors etc.. Better yet, if you can fold them when not using them, so that they do not take up too much space. It is always better to have a designated place for the small items.


More Functions, More Space

In a small apartment, you cannot afford to waste space or design the space too generously. You should not expect you will go through a narrow path around a dining table for six people every day; you should better get, for example, a folding table that works as a shelf when folded. The hidden storage spaces in furniture, cabinets with slide-out work surfaces etc. are helpful, too.


Up To The Ceiling

Of course it is not ideal to build furniture on all walls of the apartment, but definitely you should use the vertical space for storage. In furniture stores, look for kits including stackable and extension parts to create a high cabinet system. Of course, you must pay great attention to the stability of the structures to avoid you cabinet from tipping. If you have sufficient resources, the built-in cabinets are ideal. Vertical storage has a huge effect in a small apartment and clears a lot of space.


No Dead Space

If you lack storage space, stick to the rule, that there must not to be any blank zone in the apartment, which is not necessary because of aesthetics or comfort. Lots of free space under the bed? Unacceptable. The upper surfaces of cabinets storing only dust? Impractical.


Keep Things In Motion

Whenever buying a new object, a piece of furniture, decoration or kitchen appliance, look around and sort out an older one. There is always something you have not used for a long time or something that no longer works as intended. The same rule applies for clothes and shoes so that your wardrobe will not grow too large and occupy the precious place.


Put Things Away

This advice is not very amusing, but it´s necessary. In a small apartment, even a dirty plate on the table looks like a big mess. When you have bigger home, you can afford your home to be a little untidy in a bohemian way, a small flat should be, however, kept in order. Otherwise, you will not feel there quite well yourself.


Think Thrice, Buy Once

Do not give out money on things you do not need indeed, on things too big for your household or on cheap, unsightly or poorly durable goods. Your space is precious, that is why it should not be occupied by scrap.

Not everyone is a true dog person or a true cat person. Some people simply thing about getting a pet and consider both options. Read on to find out, if a cat or a dog fits to you.

The cute kitties and playful pupies appeal to the children just like living teddy bears. Who could resist them?

“Mom, I want a puppy/a kitten, please …” the kids beg using the asertive and effective method of a worn gramophone record, so they repeat their wish again and again. Eventually we solve the question, whether a cat or a dog and what kind of them.


A Dog – A Loyal Friend

If you live in an apartment, you mostly want a small dog. It is a matter for consideration, as smaller dogs are often noisier, more restless and even more aggressive than bigger dogs. A dog means a big commitment for the family. It brings you much joy, but extra duty, as well. Purchasing dogs food and regular deworming and vaccination by the vet is actually the least thing. The dog wants to go out every day, wants to be trained, wants to play or “work”.

Will the dog travel with the family on the vacation or should you get someone to take care of it? And who? It is good to pass at least the basic training in the dog´s training center with the dog to learn him to respond to the basic instructions and commands. Later you should exercise the acquired skills during the regular walks. The dogs get well socialized in a training centre, they get accustomed to other dogs there and are not aggressive to them any more. When deciding which four-legged friend you choose, you also have to consider whether a female or male dog. Both have their pros and cons: a female dog has her heat period twice a year and you will have to drive potential “grooms” away, while a dog gets lost easily because of a female dog in heat.

A dog rewards his owners for a good care. He is a living alarm who arouses the whole family when he smells a foreign person outside and he joyfully welcomes all of the family, who are the members of his pack, and tolerates them many things.


What Breed Fits Us?

The Labradors and the Retrievers are popular especially in families with children because of their friendly nature. The Yorkshire Terrier is a „pocket dog“, very decorative, but in an unguarded moment, he can serve as a catch for big dogs who take him as a prey. The Cocker Spaniels and the Dachshunds are sought for their attractive appearance but they are nervous. Their bite to the calf is not fatal but definitely painful. It is said that dogs resemble their masters. When going out, check out the walking dog owners, maybe there is some truth in the saying.


A Cat – A Proud Individuality

Cats can be kept in an apartment without access to a garden, but in this case it is better to get a kitten that is not accustomed to going out yet. The kittens learn to use the litter box very soon, they are tidy, and that is why you have to clean the toilet regulary, so that they did not choose other location. You cannot train a cat, she is an independent creature. She can show her love and affection to those who take good care of her.

A cat does not tolerate much from her owners. What a dog stands, a cat does not stand. She has sharp claws and teeth and growls menacingly at an enemy. Otherwise, she is a quiet companion, who sleeps during the day in a decorative position, preferably on your newspapers or in your favorite armchair. Male cats roam much more than female cats, but if they are neutered, they remain at home or nearby.


The Shorthaired, The Longhaired

The most common type of a cat is the European Shorthair. It is undemanding, modest and nice. It does not require much care unlike longhaired cats, such as Persian cats, whose fur needs a regular care. The Burmese cats are popular for their exotic appearance, they are lively, bold and athletic; Siamese cats are noisy, blue-eyed and distinctly individualistic.  The cats, who have long been kept for hunting for mice, are today nice though headstrong companions for their breeders.


Like Master Like Pet

The lifestyle of the future breeders is crucial for choosing a pet. A quiet independent cat will rather suit to busy people, while sporty families or lonely older people will certainly be able to take care of a dog. After all, the selection is a heart matter and a question of tendency towards canine or feline, anyway. A dog and a cat in the same household usually stand each well. And sometimes you can even catch them having a nap together in one bed.